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Welcome to the Unofficial Capital One® consumer complaint site. It is strongly urged that you not use this company to help you rebuild your credit. If you have a current account with Capital One®, you should give strong consideration to paying it off and closing the account. I have read countless horror stories on the web regarding Capital One® and how they treat their customers (there used to be a time when customer satisfaction and service were #1). Being a former customer of Capital One®, I can certainly find it easy to believe the stories I have read.

In the coming weeks, as word gets out, I suspect that this site will be inundated with stories from people who feel that they were treated poorly by this company. I also believe we'll hear from some of their current and former employees. In the mean time, while I am trying to get this site off the ground, please read the articles below (we're not the only ones who feel this way)...and watch for changes, because they are coming. One other thing I have been considering is purchasing bumper stickers (they would be distributed freely to anyone who asks) to both promote this web site and to help deter others from using this company. Let me know what you think of that idea in the forums.

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