Tighten Up Jam

performed by The Grateful Dead (not the Dead's official title to the jam, but my attribute to describe it)

Here are some examples and comments about what I call the Tighten Up Jam, (Hypnotize Jam?). A good friend pointed them out to me some time ago. Some may call this jam by other names or may not think it's an individual jam entity at all, but it'll be Tighten Up Jam to me. 

I'm sure you will find them when listening to any of these tapes. Some occur in Dark Star sequences and some are in Dancin's. If you don't know TUJ by now, you'll easily come to recognize it.  Thanks to Jerry, Bobby, Pigpen, Bill K., Mickey, and the rest of the Grateful Dead with their various incarnations for giving us these beautiful pieces of music. 

Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA, 10/25/69

Seemingly a birth by intent back in 1969.  More or less from 12:45 into the CD (thanks Robert Jagla) Dark Star takes a detour into this Jam.  Listen at about 15:00 to Jerry and the riff by Phil that follows.  The change back into a solid Dark Star pretty much begins at about 19:00 into the CD.

Fox Theatre, St. Louis MO, 02/02/70 

Here is a bit of a different one, kind of like a Feelin' Groovy Jam but it falls right into these Jams. From the start of Dark Star, it begins at about 14:50 into the Dark Star and ends at roughly 16:40.  It's a noteworthy Jam because it's cool, maybe marginal as far as the TUJ goes on the other tapes, but it's a nice chord riff and has got that chiller aura related to the others mentioned on this page. Yep, it belongs here. 

Field House, OH, 04/03/70 

This Dancin' TUJ is probably a bit more subtle than others that are mentioned here, but it is there and there is no mistaking the chords and rythym. No wonder a lot of shows were called Dance Concerts!  This TUJ starts at app. 5:50 into Dancin', remains subtle through parts of it, grows strong, and winds up at nearly 3 glorious minutes later and ending at app. 8:40 into Dancin'. 

San Francisco, CA, 04/12/70 (Fallout From The Phil Zone) 

Thank you Phil! This Dancin' certainly has the aura of a Tighten Up Jam in it. This is a very good Dancin'. The TUJ is most present at about 3:20 and 5:00 minutes into the song. The riffs and chord progression are sprinkled throughout the Jam, which ends at about 10:00 into the song.  It's arguably a TUJ but it is a beauty of a Dancin' In the Street 

No trades or spins. This is available on Fallout From The Phil Zone, a 2-CD package that is filled with rare goodies. 

Mammoth Gardens, CO, 04/24/70

This seems to be a hard tape to find. The quality I've seen on two lists is a B- AUD but the tape is worth having. The Dark Star moments just preceding Tighten Up Jam seem at times violent and unassociated. When the Tighten Up Jam starts, it's great as the music falls back into cohesion. This one is a Dark Star associated jam.  Tighten Up Jam starts at about 13:00min into Dark Star and ends at about 17:45min 

Binghamton, 05/02/70 (Dicks Pick 8)

First, Listen for a moment or two of this in Good Lovin' in that wonderful Jam after Drums, although up tempo, there are Tighten Up Jam Components. 

This beautiful and maybe the longest TUJ occurs in Dancin', from about 5:30min into Dancin' until about 11:30min this TUJ shows it's beauty. This is available on Dick's Picks 8 now. Head off to the  Official Grateful Dead Site and pick this one up, you'll enjoy it.

No trades or spins of the official release.

Kresge Plaza, 05/06/70 

This gem is a Dancin' associated one. The sequence on my tape is ...Dancin', China->Rider, etc., with ...Dancin' starting at the beginning of the tape. There may be more complete tapes out there so this reference is based on the delayed start of Dancin'.  Tighten Up Jam starts at about 13:30min into Dancin' and ends at 15:30min. 

Newcastle-Under-Lyme, 5-24-70 

A Dark Star TUJ, starts about 3:30 into Dark Star and more or less ends at 8:30 with some beautiful Dancin' riffs. If you love Jerry striking those chops on his guitar...well, you'll love this one! 

Capitol Theater, 06/24/70 

This one is a great Tighten Up Jam and very easily to identify. Seems only an AUD exists. This one is Dark Star associated.  The location where TUJ stars is Dark Star->Attics->Dark Star->TUJ, just before Sugar Magnolia. From the start of Dark Star, TUJ begins at 20:20min and ends at 23:30min. 

Fillmore East, 09/17/70 

Another TUJ associated with Dark Star, in between Dark Star and St. Stephen.  TUJ starts after Dark Star has been going for 18:00min, and ends at 22:40min. 

Fillmore East, 09/18/70 

This is another TUJ associated with Dancin'. It may be one of the weaker ones but it is there.  After Dancin' has been going for 9:00min, TUJ starts and lasts until 11:00min into Dancin' 

Stony Brook, 10/30/70 

Yet another Dancin' TUJ and a real good one. Starts about 5:00min into Dancin' and ends about 7:00min into Dancin'. 

Port Chester, 11/08/70 

This is a Dancin' TUJ. An intense Jam that starts at about 4:00min into Dancin' and ends 4 minutes later. The best Dancin' I know and the whole show is great, one of my favorites.

Port Chester, 02/18/71 (this jam is on the So Many Roads Arista box set)

Dark Star associated TUJ and incredibly beautiful.  This gem starts after Wharf Rat on the 2-18-71 tape and you can't miss it. 

(This is called "Beautiful Jam" on the box set and is the only excerpt from the 2-18-71 show on the box set)

Columbus, 10/31/71 (Dicks Picks 2) 

This one is also a Dark Star associated jam. It's one of the better ones. If you don't have it you should get it, the whole CD is great. Go to the Official Grateful Dead Site and select the merchandising section from the page. Lot's of other good music there also! TUJ  is called Jam on  this one.  From the start of this CD, TUJ starts at about 13:15min and ends at about 19:00min. 

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