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Package: autoinstall 1.0

Progeny Debian auto-installation system

This package contains the Progeny Debian auto-installation system. This system makes it possible to install a complete Debian system with no user interaction from a set of configuration files.

The basic model is that of cloning an existing system; after installing and configuring a Debian system to taste, the configuration is "dumped" to the configuration files, along with some extra information.

It currently supports flexible constraints for partitioning differently-sized disks in a logical fashion, hardware auto-configuration with discover (including configuration of X, if appropriate), network configuration via DHCP or a database based on MAC addresses, and a cross-platform design making it possible for install media for any platform to be created on any other platform.

Platform-specific files are not included in this package; install the "autoinstall-" packages to install support for .

Other packages related to autoinstall:

[req]= depends [rec]= recommended [sug]= suggested
[depends] python
An interactive object-oriented scripting language (default version)
[depends] fdutils
Linux floppy utilities
[depends] mtools
Tools for manipulating MSDOS files
[depends] debconf
Debian configuration management system
[depends] autoinstall-i386
Progeny Debian auto-installation system - arm-specific files

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Source Code: [dsc] [autoinstall_1.0.tar.gz]

Jeff Licquia is responsible for this Debian package. See the developer information for autoinstall.

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