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Here is a brief description of how we prepare our cuisine, and also a list of our featured entree's. All of our entree's are made to order, using delicious, fresh, certified organic ingredients, right down to the table condiments!

You will also notice, we do not deep fry our foods. We only bake, broil, or sauté, and only sauté  using 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not butter or vegetable oil.

All of our pasta's are 100% Stone Ground Wheat, as well as our breads.

We cater to all types of dietary needs. Low sugar, No Sugar. Low Carb, No Carb. Low Fat, No Fat. And of course, ALL ORGANIC.

We are not a health food restaurant. We are restaurant that cooks HEALTHY! We've spared no expense to bring you only the best, and prove that healthy eating doesn't have to taste like it came from a cradboard box!

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