Gundam Timeline


UC 0079.01.03

- The One Week War starts
- In a speech by Degwin Zabi the Duchy of Zeon declares a war of independence against the Earth Federal Government. Three seconds later the Duchy launches massive attacks against Sides 1,2 and 4 where the federal forces are stationed using Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons. This incident kills 2.8 billion people.
06:31 - At Side 2's 13th Bunch Colony security chief Rosenberg receives a coded message saying the Zeon forces are mobilizing but the line is cut before he receives the attack code.
07:00 - Zeon forces begin the attack on Side 2.
07:45 - The Earth Federal Space Forces receives word of a Zeon attack.
08:02 - Side 2's 13th Bunch colony is completely destroyed. Duchy of Zeon mobile suit pilot Roy Greenwood loses his left eye. Earth Federal Forces pilot Thomas Kurtz defects to the Duchy of Zeon.


UC 0079.01.04

- Start of Operation British. Zeon forces attach Nuclear Pulse engines to Side 2's 8 Bunch Island Iffish colony and slingshot it around the moon in order to destroy the Federal Forces headquarters in Jaburo.

UC 0079.01.05

- The Earth Federal Space Forces concentrates it's remaining forces in a counterattack against the Zeon space forces.

UC 0079.01.08

- The Earth Federal Space Forces 4th fleet commanded by Admiral Tianem engages the Zeon Colony Escort fleets and the Tianem Fleet suffers a 70% loss.

UC 0079.01.10

08:00 -
The front end of Island Iffish enters the earth atmosphere.
08:35 - Over the Persian Gulf, Island Iffish breaks up into four pieces.
08:41 - The three smaller pieces of Island Iffish hit unpopulated areas of North America.
09:00 - The largest piece lands in Sydney, Australia. The impact is equal to a 60,000-megaton blast. The impact destroys 1/6th of the Australian continent and kills 200 million people. It destroys 16% of the Australian Continent and creates a 500 kilometre crater that creates a nuclear winter.


UC 0079.01.11

- Side 6 declares itself neutral.
- Christina MacKenzie is assigned to Earth Federal Space Forces Unified Technical Research HQ Test Corps.

UC 0079.01.12

- The top Earth Federation staff officers meet with an emergency session of the Federation Assembly. Surveillance by the GEO satellite network is intensified in preparation for the next Zeon attack.

UC 0079.01.13

09:00 -
The Duchy of Zeon's Combined First Fleet launches towards Side 5.
20:00 - The Earth Federal Space Forces detects the Duchy of Zeon's Combined First Fleet movements.

UC 0079.01.14

The Earth Federal Space Forces Combined First Fleet, which is built around the Earth Federal Space Forces Third Fleet departs Luna II headed by General Revil.

UC 0079.01.15

- The start of the battle of Loum at Side 5. The Earth Federal Forces Space fleet is wiped out. All the colonies in Side 5 except the Texas Colony which is severely damaged. Side 5's two and a half billion inhabitants are killed. The debris field around the remains of Side 5 becomes the "Shoal Zone". Half a million are killed in action.
11:20 - After failing Operation British Zeon Forces give it a second attempt using the combined First Fleet. The Zeon Forces attach a nuclear pulse engine to Side 5's 11 Bunch colony.
22:14 - The Earth Federal Forces Combined Fleet, three times the size of Zeon's combined First Fleet engages Zeon's Combined First Fleet.
22:40 - Zeon abandons the colony drop plans and launches a full scaled attack against the Earth Federal Space Forces combined First Fleet. The two sides launch nuclear missiles back and forth at each other.
-Zeon mobile suits prove to be excellent in combat situations and a lone Zaku piloted by Char Aznable manages to destroy five Federation battleships. Johnny Ridden nicknamed Crimson Lightning after destroying 3 Magellan battleships. Shin Matsunaga destroys a Magellan battleship and 5 Salamis-class cruisers. Ramba Ral nicknamed Blue Giant. General Sakai receives a field commission and is assigned to Granada.

UC 0079.01.16

01:00 -
The Earth Federal Space Forces combined First Fleet suffers a loss of 50%.
03:10 - The Earth Federal Space Forces flagship Ananke, is crippled by the Black Trinary and their Jet Stream attack. General Revil is captured.
04:24 - The remainder of the Earth Federal Space Force combined First Fleet retreats.
06:00 - Duchy of Zeon's first Combined Fleet breaks up and heads to either Side 3 or Solomon.


UC 0079.01.28

- The Duchy of Zeon and the Earth Federation sign a temporarily peace treaty with the aid of neutral Side 6.
- The Duchy of Zeon holds a private memorial headed by Dozul Zabi for everyone killed in battle.

UC 0079.01.29

- With the aid of Zeon traitors General Revil escapes Zeon captivity.

UC 0079.01.31

- Since many space colonies have been destroyed and the Earth ravaged by colonial drops. The Duchy of Zeon and the Earth Federation meet for negotiations in Antarctica. During the negotiations the Federations almost surrender but the timely arrival of General Revil giving his "Zeon is Exhausted speech"  saying that most of Zeon's best pilots were dead, their resources exhausted, and that they are bluffing. The Federation decides not to surrender but the Antarctic Treaty is signed. It prevent colony drops, nuclear and chemical weapons, place that declare themselves neutral are to be left neutral like Side 6 and the moon, prisoners are to be treated fairly and attacks on the energy fleets are to be stopped.


UC 0079.02.01

- The Duchy declares the formation of the Earth Attack force.

UC 0079.02.07

- The Duchy military begins its Earth invasion operation, within the next two months Zeon will capture 2/3 of the Earth.

UC 0079.02.13

- The Earth Federal Space Forces begins planning Operation V for development of mobile suits and carrier space craft.

UC 0079.03.01

- The Duchy stages its first drop operation. The 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division lands at Lake Balchas, the Aral Sea to the North of the Tien Shan mountains. They capture the Federation's Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan. And decide to head around to west shore of the Caspian Sea into Europe and around the east shore of the Middle East.


UC 0079.03.02

- The 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division captures the Earth Federal Space Forces Odessa Base.

UC 0079.03.04

- A Duchy Military mining team led by Colonel M'quve takes over mining operations at Katral northeast of the Caspian Sea where it begins extracting mineral's for the Duchy.


UC 0079.03.05

- Giren Zabi proclaims victory in a speech throughout the Duchy of Zeon.

UC 0079.03.11

- The Duchy stages it second drop operation dropping the 2nd and 3rd Terrestrial Mobile Division on the East and West coast of North America and start moving inward.
- Ian Greydon is assigned to the 2nd Terrestrial Mobile Division.

UC 0079.03.13

- The Duchy of Zeon's 2nd Terrestrial Mobile Division captures the Federation's California Base, which becomes the Duchy main terrestrial stronghold. A detachment is then sent to the Earth Federal Space Forces Hawaii Base. They also capture New York City.
- The Duchy of Zeon's 3rd Terrestrial Mobile Division captures the Earth Federal Space Forces bases of Mayport PA, Norfolk VA and Cape Canaveral FL.
UC 0079.03.18

- The Duchy stages it's third drop operation dropping the 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division at three points, the Gulf of Carpentaria in North Australia, the Celebes Sea between Borneo and the Philippines and the Gulf of Thailand. From there they head into China. Base are established at Subic Bay in the Philippines and Brunei, Malaysia (on Borneo Island).

UC 0079.04

- With all the captured federation resources Duchy of Zeon forces builds up their military power.

UC 0079.04.01

- The Federation Launches "Operation V' which is Mobile Suit and battleship research and development and "Vinsor Plan" which is mass production of V-Weapons and fleet replacement.. Mobile Suit factories and facilities are under development; they also start training mobile suit pilots.

UC 0079.04.04

- The Duchy drops it's 5th Terrestrial Mobile Division at the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. From there they head too North Africa and the Middle East, establishing bases at Alexandria and Suez, Egypt.
- Roy Greenwood is assigned to the 1st MS Battalion A Platoon “Karakul” Unit in Alexandria.
- Thomas Kurtz is assigned to “Afrika Korps” Guerrilla Unit G-27.

UC 0079.05

- The space fortress Solomon near Side 1 is completed.
- Shin Matsunaga gains the nickname "White Wolf of Solomon" by the Space Attack Forces.

UC 0079.05.21

- The Duchy of Zeon starts Operation Trident/Javelin.

UC 0079.05.22

- The Earth Federal Forces start Operation Hellion which is an attack on the Duchy of Zeon's orbital fleet. The attempt fails.

UC 0079.06

- The Duchy completes in line of defence including Solomon, A Bao A Qu, and the lunar base Granada.
- The Flanagan Agency for newtypes is established in the Baldur Bay colony of Side 6, funded by the Duchy of Zeon.
- The Duchy of Zeon establishes a headquarters for their submarine battle fleet at Hokkaido University West and launches the “Red” offensive, a sweep toward SE Asia.

UC 0079.06.12

- The Earth Federal Space Forces launch a surprise counterattack against the Duchy of Zeon fleet outside of Side 6.

UC 0079.07

- The Federal Forces successfully make miniature beam weapons using capacitor (e-cap) technology.
- The Pegasus Class ship White Base is completed.
- The RX-78-1 Gundam is rolled out.
- Upon completion of the RX-78 plan the RX-79 plan begins. Which is development of various weapons for mobile suit support begins. Pre-production of Gundam type mobile suits begin starting with the larger bases these is used as tests.
- The Duchy of Zeon's submarine battle fleet is activated with 10 Jukon Class submarines stationed at Atlantic, Indian and Arctic Oceans. The plan is to disrupt commercial shipping and destroy any Earth Federal Space Forces Navy remains.
- An Earth Federal Space Forces, Reconnaissance in Force fleet attacks a Duchy of Zeon Strategic Planning & Operations Group convoy at the A Bao A Qu perimeter. The Black Trinary with their new MS-06R-1A High Mobility Zaku II destroys the Reconnaissance in Force fleet including a Magellan Class battleship and the entire FF-S3 Saberfish escort fighter formation.


UC 0079.07.17

- Duchy of Zeon's 1182nd ambushes an EFSF Armored Corps heading to the Gaza Strip.

UC 0079.08

- The Earth Federation begin final testing of the RX-78-2 Gundam at Side 7.
- Development of the RX-78 NT-1 Gundam G-4 Alex at the Augusta base in Maine.
- Christina MacKenzie assigned to G-4 Test Unit, headed by Lt. Commander Stuart.
- Duchy of Zeon's North America Commander Garma Zabi and the daughter of New York's mayor Icelina Eschonbach announces their in love.
- The Battle of Midway. With the Earth Federal Space Forces remaining naval force they attempt to recapture the Hawaii Base from the Duchy of Zeon but fails.


UC 0079.08.15

- The 10th anniversary of the founding of the Duchy of Zeon is heard all throughout the Earth Sphere.

UC 0079.09

- Side 3's, 38 Bunch Colony Mahal is evacuated in order to convert it to the Solar Ray System.
- The Duchy of Zeon begin an attempt to destroy the remainder of the Earth Federal Space Forces naval forces in the Atlantic Ocean.
- The Earth Federal Forces Luna 2 Attached Patrol Fleet engages the Duchy of Zeon Granada Space Defence Unit. The Salamis-class cruisers Schleihof and Botani are destroyed. The Black Trinary commando team cripples the Magellan-class battleship Hormuz.
- Luna 2 base commander Amundsen resigns and Hyatt becomes the new base commander.

UC 0079.09.02

- Dozul Zabi's wife gives birth to Mineva Lao Zabi at Side 3.

UC 0079.09.15

- White Base is launched from Jaburo and heads towards Side 7 to pick up the RX series.

UC 0079.09.17

- White Base arrives at Lagrange Point 3 in between Side 7 and Luna 2.

                                                                                        Start of Mobile Suit Gundam


UC 0079.09.18

08:00 - Three MS-06F Zaku II's enter Side 7's, 1 Bunch Colony, Green Noah.
08:15 - White Base docks at Green Noah.
09:00 - The Zaku II's attack the space colony including the RX-78-2 Gundam. Amuro Ray the son of Tem Ray an engineer working on the Gundam pilots the Gundam and destroys two of the Zaku II's with the third one fleeing in the first ever mobile suit battle inside a colony. A breech is formed because of the fighting and Tem Ray is thrown out as with many other civilians and workers.
16:00 - A Mussai Class ship commanded by Char Aznable begins firing at Green Noah. Most of the crew of the White Base is killed and the captain Paolo Cassius is mortally wounded.
16:50 - After a short space fight against the Red Comet Char Aznable White Base and the over 100 refugees flee's Side 7 and heads towards Jaburo.

UC 0079.09.20

- White Base docks at Luna II for resupply and repair. Immediately Wakkien throws everyone in jail and locks up the Gundam.

UC 0079.09.22

- Char Aznable's team attacks Luna II the crew and refugees escape and manage to defeat Char and force him to retreat.
- Captain Paolo Cassius dies.

UC 0079.09.23

13:40 -
Char Aznable's continues to pursue White Base towards the Earth. The RX-78-2 is forced to make an atmospheric re-entry. Due to Char Aznable's interference White Base is thrown of course from their destination, Jaburo and lands in Zeon controlled territory in North America. Char Aznable using the Komusai capsule enters the Earth.
14:10 - Zeon ground forces troops commanded by Garma Zabi engages White Base at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
- Dr. Chlust Morses creator of the EXAM system defects to the Earth Federation.

UC 0079.10

- The Federal Forces begin production of the RGM-79 GM and allows more people to qualify as mobile suit pilots. The Duchy of Zeon counter by a creating new prototypes.
- The Flanagan Agency at Side 6 complete a prototype psycho-communicator (psycommu) system.
- Zeon's Black Trinary in their new Dom suits are transferred to Odessa.
- Zeon's Ian Greydon is promoted and given a Zaku Cannon team.
- Operation Cactus fails. It was the second attempt to destroy Zeon's orbital supply routes.
- Earth Federal Forces third Solomon attack consisting of the 23rd battle group unsuccessfully attempts to attack Solomon.

UC 0079.10.01

- White Base receives and aid shipment consisting of supplies sent by General Revil, deliver by Matilda Ajan. The White Bases injured civilians are also taken off the ship.
Zeon forces launch a new offensive in Asia.
- Degwin Zabi attends a war memorial service at Side 3's 9 Bunch Colony.

UC 0079.10.03

- The EXAM system is initialized in the RGM-79BD Blue Destiny.

UC 0079.10.04

 - The 136th Terrestrial Mobile Squadron led by Garma attacks White Base.

UC 0079.10.05

- White Base arrives in New York city and a Zeon attack is started against them right away using a Gaw and some Zakus. Char Aznable discovers White Base hidden in a sports dome and relays false information to Garma Zabi. The Gaw is attacked from behind by White Base, Guncannon and Guntank, Garma decides to kamikaze into the ship but fails and is killed.

                                                                 Start of Gundam 08th MS Team


UC 0079.10.06

 - On route to earth Shiro Amada destroys a Zaku II prototype using a ball and befriends Aina.
- Garma Zabi's funeral is held at Side 3, in which Giren Zabi makes the "Turn your grief to anger!” speech and ends with first ever use of "Sieg Zeon". The speech is seen worldwide.
- A Zanzibar class ship led by Ramba Ral attack the White Base on a small Island in the North Pacific Ocean.


UC 0079.10.07

- White Base arrives at San-in Beach National Park in SW Japan.

UC 0079.10.08

- Shiro Amada assumes command of the 08th MS Team, part of the Kojima Battalion.
The Duchy of Zeon discover a EFSF base camp in central Asia and begins planning a sneak attack.

UC 0079.10.09

- White Base receives the second aid shipment delivered by Matilda Ajan.
Bright Noah is promoted to Ensign.
- Zeon forces launch Operation Desert Dragon. Zeon's Wolf Gar team infiltrates the EFSF camp in central Asia and begins an attack from within as other Zeon troops launch and attack from the outside. EFSF evacuate the base.

UC 0079.10.10

- White Base reaches Central Asia and receives orders to participate in Operation Odessa to take back Odessa. The soldier then dies from his wounds. Ramba Ral's forces attack White Base and they lose two MS-06J Zaku II.
- The EFSF armada led by General Revil crosses Britain en Route to Central Europe.
- The Duchy of Zeon begins test on Mad Angler submarines.

UC 0079.10.11

- The EFSF armada led by General Revil passes over the Strait of Dover. General Revil orders an acceleration in preparation for Operation Odessa.

UC 0079.10.12

- Two EFSF recon fleets leave Oslo, Norway.
- White Base attacks a mine at Tarim Pendi in SW China.

UC 0079.10.15

- Kcyllia Zabi descends to earth in the Zanzibar Class ship Chimera, in order to conduct battle field inspections.
- Zeon's Primus Fleet commanded by Johnny Ridden is ordered for blockade duty. Johnny Ridden and his two wingmen Mason and Brooks using their new MS-06R-2 High Mobility Zaku II, intercept a transport of RGM-79's heading for Luna II and destroy them.

UC 0079.10.20

- In preparation for Operation Odessa the EFSF create a field base near Warsaw, Poland.

UC 0079.10.25

- In preparation for Operation Odessa the EFSF launch reconnaissance units in all directions and makes the final preparation.

UC 0079.10.25

- The Ace Corps are established on the Zanzibar class ship Chimera. It includes 30 of Zeon's best aces including Johnny Ridden and Thomas Klutz. They are given 24 YMS-14 preproduction Gelgoog's for test flights and training manuvers.

UC 0079.10.28

- General Elran hears word of Operation Odessa then he immediately sells the information to Zeon.

UC 0079.10.30

- The first ever Man Angler submarine squadron is launched commanded by Char Aznable.
- Zeon's Primus Fleet launches from Solomon to engage the EFSF at Luna 2.
- General Revil orders White Base to cross the Caspian Sea.

UC 0079.11

- The EFSF establishes a battle unit to collect battle data from the RGM-79 GM.
- The Primus Fleet is destroyed at Luna 2 by the EFSF.
- The EFSF take over Tehran, Iran and manages to destroy Zeon's Tien Shan headquarters.
- Zeon's Cyclops Team deals a decisive blow against a EFSF command center on the moon.

UC 0079.11.02

General Revil orders White Base on a decoy mission without cover, drawing an attack from Central Asia.
The Earth Federal Forces receives reinforcements, mostly air units.

UC 0079.11.03

- While Kcyllia Zabi is inspecting the 102nd  Mining Base. Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 Gundam appears and attacks the base. The MAX-03 Adzam is destroyed by the Gundam, M'Quve orders the destruction of the base and flees with Kcyllia Zabi.

UC 0079.11.04

- Using a Cui, Ramba Ral's forces overtakes the White Base. Ramba Ral runs into Sayla Masse and discover her true identity, he then jumps out of the White Base with a grenade and is killed. Ryu Jose was severely injured.


UC 0079.11.05

- An EFSF reconnaissance group blocks construction of a base named Thorn's Garden at the Shoal Zone of the former Side 5.
Harmon Crowley attacks the White Base in a desperate attempt to destroy the ship and take revenge for the death of Garma Zabi and Ramba Ral, using a hovercraft will with explosives. Ryu Jose takes a core fighter and kamikazes into Harmon Crowley's magella top which was attacking the Gundam. This kills Harmon Crowley, Ryu Jose, but allows the Gundam to destroy the hovercraft and save White Base.


UC 0079.11.06

- Matilda arrives at White Base and delivers the upgrade parts including the G-Armor and improvements to the core booster.
- The Black Trinary using their new MS-09 Dom mobile suits attack White Base. Matilda launches in the Medea to help out White Base but is killed by the Black Trinary's Jetstream attack, in rage Amuro destroys one of the Dom's and kills Mash of the Black Trinary. Gaia and Ortega of the Black Trinary retreat.


UC 0079.11.07

- Operation Odessa starts. The Earth Federal Forces commit 30% of their ground forces into this operation.
06:00: Start of Operation Odessa. Each division begins their independent movements.
06:30: White Base arrives at Odessa from the rear.
09:00: Amuro Ray meets with General Elron, he is discovered to be a traitor and is taken away to be court martial.
13:40: The Earth Federations main force led by General Revil breaks through Zeon's defence.
20:00: General Revil's main force is attacked by Zeon. Zeon submarine forces move north and establish a blockade.
- Amy Bauer-Meister is nicknamed "Eagle of Odessa" by the Earth Federation.

UC 0079.11.08

Earth Federations 4th division outflanks Zeon forces from the north.
Earth Federations main offensive starts with the 4th divisions victory, Zeon forces are on the defence.
11:00: Earth Federations 3rd division marches in from the Carpathian Mountains, moving east through Kishinëv, Bessarabia, Moldava.

UC 0079.11.09

- Earth Federal Forces break through the final Zeon defence line.
- M'quve contacts General Revil and tells him to flee Odessa or he will launch a nuclear missile. Revil denies this and continues advancing, M'quve orders the launch of the missile. Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 with the G-Sky piloted by Hyato Koybashi attempt to disarm the missile. The RX-78-2 disarms the missile and Amuro also kills the final two members of the Black Trinary, Gaia and Ortega. M'quve then escapes Odessa in a Zanzibar.
- Operation Odessa is completed with total victory for the Earth Federation. From Europe through Asia Zeon forces begin to lose.
- The 08th MS Team intercepts the Apsaras II at a test firing site in the desert. Shiro Amada attacks and holds on to the Apsaras II. He and Aina the pilot of the Apsaras II eventually crash into the Himalayan mountain range.

UC 0079.11.10

- The Earth Federal Forces hold a naval review, but they don't reveal that they now have mobile suits.
- The Earth Federal Forces at Odessa stand down but remain on the alert.

UC 0079.11.11

- The MA-08 Big Zam is completed.

UC 0079.11.14

- The Earth Federal Forces receive the RX-78-3 and it's magnetic coating technology.

UC 0079.11.16

- The MAN-03 Braw Bro is completed.

UC 0079.11.17

- Giren Zabi declares that supplying Zeon's space fleet is the top priority.

UC 0079.11.18

Char Aznable arrives at Belfast and meets with Flanagan Boone and learns White Base is docked there.
- Anaheim Electronics announces it's new MS linear seat system.
- The Earth Federal Forces launch Operation Velvet, an offensive in the Lepanto district of North Africa.


UC 0079.11.20

- The Duchy of Zeon begins consolidating all it's ongoing mobile suits projects.
- The Duchy of Zeon begins construction of it's Pezun Asteroid base near Side 2.

UC 0079.11.21

- Zeon's 26th amphibious assault team launches a missile barrage against the Earth Federations Belfast Base, where the White Base is docked.
- Miharu Ratokie (Agent 107) boards the White Base in order to find out it's destination.
- White Base leaves Belfast and heads for the Earth Federations base at Jaburo, South America.

UC 0079.11.22

- Zeon's Mad Angler sub begins tailing White Base.
- Flanagan Boone acts like a plane in distress in order to find out where White Base is heading from Miharu.
- The RX-78-2 Gundam fights the MAM-07 and kills Flanagan Boone who was piloting it.
- Miharu tries to protect the White Base but dies in the progress of doing so.

UC 0079.11.23

- The Earth Federal Forces start a large offensive to take back Australia. The White Dingo team launches Operation Rainbow Valley from Perth.

UC 0079.11.24

- White Base arrives at Jaburo and enters via a camouflaged space port..

UC 0079.11.25

- The White Dingo team takes Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia back from the Zeon. The commander of the city Visch Donahue surrenders the city in order to reduce casualties.

UC 0079.11.28

- The Earth Federal Forces prepare to recapture the California Base back from Zeon.

UC 0079.11.29

- Zeon forces  launch a night attack against the RX-79BD GM Blue Destiny battle data collection unit as it ranges too far from base. Yu Kajima repels the attackers.

UC 0079.11.30

03:20 - Zeon launches a drop operation against the Earth Federations Jaburo base. The vanguard is an MSM-03 Gogg amphibious MS team from the Mad Angler submarine squadron in the Amazon River.
05:40 - The Earth Federal forces detect the attack at the hidden opening and sounds a red alert.
06:30 - 18 Gaw's arrive from the California Base and begin carpet bombing the hidden space port.
07:20 - An air battle begins over the skies of Jaburo, Zeon forces start dropping mobile suits and the Earth Federal Forces launch their own air units.
07:30 - Zeon mobile suits divide into groups of two and 3 and begin searching for hidden entrances to Jaburo.
07:50 - Char Aznable in his MSM-07S Z’Gok engages the RX-78-2 Gundam but is forced to retreat.
08:20 - The Earth Federal Forces destroy 50% of Zeon's ground forces
08:30 - Zeon forces begin to retreat.
09:00 -
Zeon forces are in full retreat, with the Earth Federal Forces in pursuit.


UC 0079.12

- Zeon rolls out it's MS-19N Katral stealth mobile suit prototype.
- Gerald Sakai and Thomas Kurtz are transferred to the Ace Corps at Granada.

UC 0079.12.01

- The Earth Federal Forces White Dingo team launches a mission to capture Simpson’s Gap, at the junction of the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia.
- Char Aznable attempts to destroy the Earth Federal Forces GM manufacturing plant in Jaburo but fails due to Katz, Kika, and Letzu.

UC 0079.12.02

- Four decoy ships launch from Jaburo including White Base, all in different directions.
21:00 - - The Earth Federal Forces Tianem Fleet launches from Jaburo.
- White Base is attacked by the mobile armor MA-05 Bigro, but it is defeated, the pilot Tokwan is killed.
- The Earth Federal Forces 17th Armored Marine Division lands at Takaran, Borneo (Malaysia).

UC 0079.12.04

- White Base runs into Zeon's Camel Fleet, Dren the leader of the fleet is killed by Amuro Ray and the fleet is destroyed. Also the MA-04X Zakerello is destroyed while fighting the Gundam, it's pilot Dmitri is killed in action.

UC 0079.12.05

- The Federal Forces launch operations in North America and Africa to retake the land seized by the Duchy of Zeon. Zeon forces flee abandoning bases and escaping into space.
- Zeon pilot Ian Greydon in a MS-06K Zaku Cannon destroys 34 Planes, 71 tanks and 2 mobile suits before escaping into space from the Cape Canaveral Base, Florida, USA.
- The Earth Federal Forces launches Operation Tycoon, an offensive in Asia.
- Just before dawn while White Base is fleeing from the neutral area of Side 6, the Conscon Fleet attacks. Amuro Ray in the Gundam, destroys nine Rick Dom's in under 3 minutes, all broadcasted on TV, and the remained for the Conscon Fleet, including Conscon.
- The Earth Federal Space Forces Fleet at Luna 2 prepares for an attack against Zeon's Space Fortress Solomon. 

UC 0079.12.06

- Mass production of the MS-14 Gelgoog started.
- Zeon's Cyclops team arrives at Novaya Zemlya Island, north of Siberia, Russia.

UC 0079.12.07

- The remnants of Zeon's Africa's force retreats.
- Earth Federal Forces ace Heinz Bain leads a Reconnaissance in Force from Luna 2 against Solomon.

UC 0079.12.08

- Zeon's Cyclops Team launches from Novaya Zemlya aboard a Jukon class submarine.

                                       Start of Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket


UC 0079.12.09

 - Duchy of Zeon's elite Cyclops Team attacks the Earth Federal Forces Arctic Base in Augustus Island, Nunavut, Canada, with three MSM-03C Hygogg's and one MSM-07E Z'Gok-E. They attempt to prevent to launch of RX-78 NT-1 Gundam Alex's parts into space is unsuccessful. Andy Strauss is killed in action.


UC 0079.12.12

 - An Federal Forces shuttle docks at Side 6's 35 Bunch Colony containing the Gundam RX-78 NT-1 that launched from Antarctica. Recorded by Al Izuruha.


UC 0079.12.13

 - Bernard Wiseman gets shot down in a Duchy of Zeon attack on Side 6's 35 Bunch Colony Libot. Bernard gets Al's video and he abandons his MS-06FZ Zaku II Kai.


UC 0079.12.14

 - Bernard Wiseman assigned to Cyclops team to replace Andy Strauss for Operation Rubicon.
- Cyclops Team infiltrates Side 6's 35 Bunch Colony Libot.
- The Duchy's Cyclops team infiltrates Side 6's Libot colony in order to destroy the Gundam NT-1 (Alex). Bernie enters as Walter Peterson part of the Aqua Verde transportation group, carrying the MS-18E Kämpfer with him.

UC 0079.12.15

 - The 11th Autonomous Mobile Suit Squadron takes back the California base from Zeon Control.
- Al Izuruha discovers the Cyclops team after a phoney police report.

UC 0079.12.16

- The Duchy of Zeon is expelled from Side 6 after breaking the neutrality treaty.
- The Cyclops Team assembles the Kämpfer.
- Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha discover the Federal Forces Gundam Alex in a factory.
- The MAN-08 Elmeth is completed.


UC 0079.12.17

- Members of the Cyclops team plants various bombs around the colony and get the equipment needed for the attack.

UC 0079.12.19

18:00 - Operation Rubicon starts. The Kämpfer starts it's advancement destroys the Scarlet Team launched from the Federal Forces Pegasus Class ship Gray Phantom. Bernard Wiseman screws up while pretending to be from Australia.  Captain Stenier is mortally wounded and dies outside the factory. Gabriel Rameriez Garcia blows himself up in the factory in an attempt to destroy the Gundam Alex.  Mischa Kaminsky is killed after a battle with the Gundam Alex using the Kämpfer. A breach forms from previously planted bombs.


UC 0079.12.21

- Commander Killing commits mutiny and then orders a nuclear strike after hearing of the Cyclops Team failure.

UC 0079.12.22

- Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha begin repairs on Bernard's damaged Zaku II.

UC 0079.12.23

- Bernard Wiseman and Al Izuruha collect one of the Cyclops weapon caches, containing a heat hawk and some crackers.

UC 0079.12.24

- The Battle of Solomon. The Earth Federal Forces fleet attacks the space fortress Solomon. The only reinforcements that arrive is the prototype MA-08 Big Zam mobile armor, piloted by Dozul Zabi. The Federation fires the Solar Ray for the first time. While fighting the Big Zam Sleggar Law is killed, Amuro Ray then destroys the mobile armor and kills Dozul Zabi.
- Anavel Gato is nicknamed the "Nightmare of Solomon".


UC 0078.12.25

- Start of Operation Star One.
- A Zeon ship carrying illegal nuclear warheads surrenders to Zeon forces.
- The surviving member of the Cyclops Team, Bernard Wiseman decides in order to save the colony he will destroy the Gundam NT-1 his attempt fails.
- Bernard Wiseman killed in action, Christina Mackenzie wounded, Al Izuruha in shock

UC 0079.12.26

The Earth Federal Forces White Dingo team defends the Torrington base in New South Wales, Australia. Zeon forces unsuccessfully attempts to steal the nukes at the base.
- White Base arrives at the Texas Colony of Side 5, Amuro Ray in the Gundam duels M'quve in the prototype YMS-15 Gyan, M'quve is killed.

UC 0079.12.27

- Amuro Ray destroys the MAN-03 Braw Bro and kills the pilot Challia Bull.


UC 0079.12.28

- The RX-78-2 Gundam receives the magnetic coating technology, developed by Mosh Han.

UC 0079.12.30

- Duke Degin heads towards the Earth Federal Forces Revil Fleet for peace negotiations, in his ship the Great Degwin.
- Under the leader ship of Giren Zabi the Solar Ray is fired killing Duke Degwin Zabi, General Revil and annihilating the Earth Federal Forces Revil fleet.
- While fighting the MAN-08 Amuro Ray ends up killing the pilot Lalah Sune who was protecting Char in his Gelgoog.


UC 0079.12.31

- The Battle of A Bao A Qu.
- Kcyllia Zabi kills Giren Zabi after finding about her fathers death and takes control over A Bao A Qu.
- The Ace Team Chimera arrives at the battle, Thomas Kurtz is killed in action, Gabby Hazzard, Johnny Ridden, and Gerald Sakai are missing action.
- Amuro Ray fights the MSN-02 Zeong piloted by Char Aznable, the RX-78-2 Gundam is destroyed as with the Zeong. Both pilots live.
- The RX-77-2 Guncannon is destroyed, the RX-75 Guntank is destroyed, the Pegasus Class Ship White Base is destroyed.
- Kcyllia Zabi orders A Bao A Qu to be surrendered 15 minutes after she leaves, while trying to flee in a Zanzibar Ship she is killed by Char Aznable.
- Aguille Delaz and his followers including the Nightmare of Solomon Anavel Gato flee A Bao A Qu.


                                                End of Mobile Suit Gundam