DEICIDE Interview with Eric Hoffman. Interview and All Live Photos by JOSH ANXT

"Glen just thought David had a little sugar in his tank. from death metal to a dress"

Not too long ago I made the drive to Cleveland to check out Deicide and Behemoth. After the show I ended up outside smoking herbal remedies with none other then Eric Hoffman. A few days later contact was made with him through email and this interview was arranged. Deicide at one point in my life was one of my absolute favorite bands. So of course it made my day to do this interview. I’m also happy to mention it is with a member who is rarely interviewed. And now ladies and gentleman, my interview with Mr. Eric Hoffman.......

Deicide has just signed with Earache records following the end of your Roadrunner contract. How did the new deal come to surface?

photo credit: JOSH ANXT Earache contacted us. and the rest is history.

Has any of the new material been written yet?

9 songs so far.

Has the band ever considered using another studio besides Morrisound?

Another studio would be cool, it all comes down to money and convenience.

Deicide has been together since 1987, that is 16 years now. In 16 years you have never replaced a member and never lost one. That may be a worlds record for any band. What is your secret?

Being a family is the only way. Having respect.

You, Brian and Steve were already together before Amon. Then Glen came into the picture. Can you tell us how the 3 of you came together, what you were doing as a group before Glen, and how you eventually brought Glen into the fold? I know this question may seem a bit outdated, but I think few people out there actually know the detailed start of the band.....

photo credit: JOSH ANXT Carnage consisted of 5 members the 2 members were let go. Glen was found in a local music magazine. We had him play bass. And another singer was hired. He could not phrase properly so he was let go. Then we decided have Glen sing. Amon was born.

Up until not too long ago, I read many interviews with Deicide where it was mentioned that there was a strong distaste for Morbid Angel. More specifically I think Glen would mention Trey. Next thing we know, Deicide is on a full blown tour with M.A. Are you guys all friends now and how did you end up on friendly terms after all these years?

They are friends and are very talented musicians. Glen just thought David had a little sugar in his tank. from death metal to a dress.

You are one of the only, if not the only, brother guitar teams in the scene. Which of you has played longer and did the one who has played longest help the other to learn? Also, how long have you played for?

I have played a bit longer that Brian.I show him harmonic minor riffs arpeggios, then he does his thing with what he learns.

How do you feel your styles differ as guitar players?

photo credit: JOSH ANXT I do more exotic riffs he is more tremble oriented.

All the music on Deicide albums is credited as ‘Deicide’. Which member brings the most material to the table or is it really a collaborative effort?

Collaboration works best, it has variety.

Who are some of you favorite guitarists, people you look up to as players?

Andres Segovia.

What bands are you into these days?

The new death metal is very excellent. I still listen to all the old stuff as well.

Any chance of an official DVD/homevideo release? I know a lot of people would love to see a properly recorded Deicide video of a live show....

photo credit: JOSH ANXT Yes, there will be a DVD soon.

Eric, at the ‘92 Milwaukee fest, El Duce of the Mentors walked on your stage and you gave him a full force shoulder from behind knocking him into the monitor. I have that show on video and I used to watch that over and over again laughing my ass off. He got up and turned quickly to become a gutless coward after realizing it was you hovering over him. Were any words ever exchanged between you two about this?

No, he died.

Everyone knows what Glens opinions about Christianity are in his own words, but no one has ever heard your personal opinions on the subject. How do you feel about it? Are you into the Satanism too or just totally against Christianity?

Glen has covered all aspects of that question. (josh’s note: well like I said, Glen covers his points of view, that doesn’t mean its all their points of view. Anyone ever notice Steve has NEVER worn a satanic symbol around his neck except for the Deicide made one’s like the trifixion?)

I was curious if you wouldn’t mind answering something on a personal level. Which non-vocalist members of Deicide are married and/or have kids?

photo credit: JOSH ANXT No one is married we all need pussy.

Lots of people assume that since you are in Deicide and since your beliefs go against the norm of society, that as people, your these evil monsters or whatever. What they don’t realize is that if they were to meet you face to face, that they would find your actually very down to Earth, smiling friendly people who are easy to talk to. How does it make you feel that people are so quick to jump to the wrong conclusion?

I am an evil monster, and only smile after a nice blowjob.

Thank you very much for doing this interview. We shall smoke the magic greens together again next tour. As always, my last question is an open one for you to just tell the people reading this anything you’ve ever wanted to say. Anything you may want to get off your chest. Its up to you what to say, any last words for our readers?

I would like to thank the fans for there endless support, you rule this world!

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Deicide photos from 4-3-03 in Cleveland,Ohio
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