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One day the King was troubled and called all the wise men to his court (the wise women were busy running the country).
"I have several important questions," began the King, "All my astrologers, augury experts and other men of science give me different advice. What should I believe?"
The wisest of the wise men stepped forward and said,
"Never think for yourself Your Majesty, if someone else is willing to do it for you. Most people have many opinions and ideas but you Dear King have the court advisers. They have the many thoughts and possibilities that the common folk have to invent for themselves."
"But who has the Truth?" the King insisted.
The holy men laughed and a senior one explained, "Nobody has the Truth, for the Truth is within and who has time to look there when so many distractions are freely available?"
"Can one know the Truth?" asked the perplexed King.
A helpful wise man laughingly assured the confused King, "No, no your Majesty, anything called 'the Truth' can be contradicted. As King you may insist that your beliefs are obeyed as 'the Truth'."
"So is there a God?" asked the king in exasperation.
One of the wise men assured him, "What difference does it make Dear King? You don't even know all the possibilities of your own magnificence. Why bother with what can not be known when so much of oneself is undiscovered?"
Then the Kings youngest grandson stepped forward and said, "I too have a question."
"We would be happy to answer your question, for has it not been said, 'look to your children for the results of your wisdom'. What is your question Oh Illustrious Grandson of His Highness?"
"How long is a piece of string?" asked the young boy.
The wise men began to confer on this most difficult of questions.
"Well,"demanded the King finally, "how long is a piece of string?"
The wisest of the wise stepped forward. "Oh King and Illustrious Grandson," he said, "we unamiously agree that a piece of string is mostly three inches long. Anything less than three inches is a strand, suitable merely for knots. Most string is longer than three inches and all of that is three inches long as well.'
Everyone agreed this was an excellent answer and the Kings Court was the wisest in all history.

Long, long ago in a land far far away, there existed a kingdom of people who never thought.
‘If you do not keep your mind empty, how can you fully experience all the moments of existence?’ they would ask. ‘We have thoughts written by expert scientists, spiritual and mystical authorities and worthy pundits, these are people we employ to think on our behalf.’
Because their minds were free of distractions the people lived an idyllic life devoted to the arts, pursuit of pure science, appreciation of nature, the development of their finer qualities and full-time hedonism. As might be expected they truly were some of the happiest people that ever lived.
One day a newcomer appeared amongst their midst. Soon there was an outcry over the strangers unconventional thoughts and ways and he was brought before the King.
"Why do you disturb the tranquillity of ‘Happyland?’ Explain yourself," demanded the King.
"Your Majesty," began the stranger, "I am of the opinion that only Fools and those who have no expectations are happy."
"Ridiculous," said the King, "We should expect to be happy. We do not care for opinions; we have books for this. You are clearly mad. Wisdom should increase happiness?"
"I would expect nothing less. It is your opinion that I am mad and yet you do not care for opinions?"
"Mmm . . ." began the King thoughtlessly, "you are trying to distract me with questions. Just remember I am wise enough to be happy. As King, what I say is right. Your opinion is irrelevant. Off with his Head!"
The strangers head was removed and they all lived happily ever after.

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