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April 30, 2003

To design or not design, that is the question

Anyone can see that this webpage suffers from a total lack of design - as do all my webpages, because I'm not exactly a designer. I have a vague idea of why a crash pink background wouldn't be the best idea for bright orange textbits (and why neither crash pink nor bright orange are colors that even have good reasons for existing on this planet), but that's about it - so i try to keep it simple. I happen to like this color green, but I realize that I probably should put something else in here (like a few pictures or something) to make it less boring (I'll get around to it ... some day), but I won't stretch any further than that. (I try to stick to my own rule: If you can't design, keep the look unprovoking and focus on the content.)

The funny thing is, that while I have no problem admitting that I don't possess the infamous designer gene, this is seemingly much harder to come to terms with for the vast majority of homepage enthusiasts and bloggers out there. I keep seeing the phrase "new design" popping up everywhere, when all that has really happened is that one hideous color has been kicked out in favour of another, a font has been changed from unreadable to slightly more unreadable or the "webmaster/mistress" has shot a new picture of her kittylitter or something and used it as a background.

I don't mind ugly webpages. I make them myself, and sometimes, webpages can get so ugly that it's much more fun to browse through them than to read quality material. But I do mind clueless people claiming that they've "designed" - or, for that matter, "re-designed" - their webpages when it is obvious to anyone with a brain somewhat larger than an average pea that the "designer" has absolutely no idea of what it means to be a designer. It will come as a surprise to noone that I loathe the so-called "webdesigner courses" that you can take and learn how to ... uhm, maybe use Frontpage - if you're lucky. Being a designer is a trade, and being a good webdesigner is even harder that designing on paper, because thare are so many platforms, browsers and circumstances beyond your control to take into consideration. So please, people, please - stop saying that you've "re-designed" your webpage when all you have done is to put it into a new state of ugly and inaccessible.


Posted by lill at April 30, 2003 09:37 AM
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