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Morningside came into existence in 1949 when residents incorporated a triangular piece of suburban Prince George’s County adjacent to Andrews Air Force Base. The new municipality was without paved roads and relied on well water and septic tanks for utilities.

Initially, the majority of the residents were veterans of World War II and later of the Vietnam War. In the late 1970s, the make up of the town slowly began to change. By the end of the 20th century, only about a quarter of the residents were veterans. Many of the residents now are civilian personnel working at the various government agencies in the area.

Throughout its growth, the town has experienced change. Public water and sewage systems, storm sewers, paved roads, and street lighting have been installed. The Morningside Elementary School and the Traditional School, named after Brig. Gen. Benjamin D. Foulois, have been built within the town.

Morningside is known as the “Gateway to the Nation’s Capital.” The main access to Andrews AFB is along Suitland Road, the town’s “Main Street.” The president, vice president, members of Congress, State Department officials, kings, queens, prime ministers, and other U.S. and foreign dignitaries all use that route when traveling by road for their flights to or from Andrews AFB. The townspeople have witnessed events of portent, happiness, and sadness pass through their town. They watched the jubilant return of hostages from Iran and the somber cortège of John F. Kennedy on its progress from Dallas to Washington.