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ISSUE 39  JULY 2003

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  Updated 7/30/03

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C O M M E N T    Buying online — you win some, you lose some

  Vacation reading, Venn diagrams, and a postcard from Kelleys Island, OH... Can a thousand dollar chair possibly be worth the price? I'll get back to you on that... A real deal on a film scanner almost pays off... but doesn't. Don't make the same mistake I did.   Last month
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      TRAVEL:  My 'hood  |  Mexico  Switzerland   Barcelona
  E D U C A T I O N    News & opportunities for educators & students  
  Artists' Residencies at the Visual Studies Workshop in multimedia and digital video— apply now... Fall conference season: AIGA, UCDA, ICOGRADA, and many more... Ideas about class projects and critiques in OpenSource EDU ... New job listings in Florida, Massachusetts...   Jobs
OpenSource EDU

      FUN:  Valentine  |  Smackdown
  R E S O U R C E S    Inspiring (and sometimes annoying) look at designing experiences  
  Experience Design by Nathan Shedroff is one of the best books I've seen recently on interactive design (or experience design as he calls it). Yet its design and layout can be an obstacle to enjoying the experience. Still, it's worth the effort...   Design
Web construction
  B E S T  O F    Websites that are worth your time  
  The influential "Swiss Style" is on display 24/7 in an online poster collection from 1971 to the present, searchable by title, designer, year, keyword, etc... A blog for visual communicators with lots to offer ... Choosing the right typeface ... Short, snappy, & to the point: picking a slogan for your company...   Web stuff
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