Care bears

This was written by the player of a character called Elawyn. This is the strategy we use with "doodz" who try to disrupt Deepwater by killing, stealing, killing horses or shouting obscenities. It is used if they refuse to listen to reason, and banning them from buildings is not enough.

"Operation Care Bear", the philosophy and ideals.

1. Why are we doing this?.

Mahatma Ghandi once said "Freedom is, 'I won't'". That, in a nutshell sums up the 'Care Bear' philosophy. "I won't play the game their way". "I won't be forced into playing the game their way". "I won't be driven from the shard.". "I won't roll over and give up."

In this case, "I" is me, a roleplayer. "They" is the exploiting, cheating, harassing mass killers that insist on raiding roleplayer establishments and attempting to 'force' us to play the game their way. Since we do not raid them and try to force them to roleplay, and, for the most part, wish only to be left alone, we are going to fight back.

"Operation Care Bear" is a concept and experiment in fighting back. Passively. Without resistance. Without combat (well, mostly).

2. What we are not.

We are not attempting to prevent PvP, or even player killing. PvP enthusiasts are free to use the in game mechanisms (guild wars and order/chaos) however they wish. Killers are free to do what they like to do anywhere except the player run taverns that do not wish to be bothered with them. What happens at, say, the Britain/Vesper crossroads, or in the dungeons, bears no relevance to "Operation Care Bear".

We will not harass, target, or interfere with any group that respect the wishes of the owners and patrons of a player run establishment.

We will not knowingly cheat, exploit or use third party programs.

We will not verbally harass, cuss, or otherwise violate OSI's terms and conditions of service.

3. Who and what we are.

We're the roleplayers. The creative, imaginative, immersive and vocal minority who view UO as a kind of 'stage' upon which we can exist as if we actually lived and died in the land once called 'Sosaria', We're the story-writers, the actors, the poets, the bards, the merchants, the comedians, the virtuous (and not so virtuous) who understand a different potential for this shared environment. We're the people who play for various reasons, but mostly we play because of the friends we make both in game and elsewhere. We're the people who have discovered something special, something wonderful, and something that keeps us playing. We're the people who organise our own fun, organise our own player luncheons, our own parties.

We're the folks who never, ever, get bored in UO. We're the people who do not expect to be spoon-fed entertainment, we entertain each other.

While some of us freely choose not to get involved in PvP battles, some of us love it, but when done 'in character', for the entertainment of those around us. We're also the people that have been overlooked as far as the current in-game mechanics go. (We understand that, and we understand the priority list.)

4. Statement of intent.

To convince the mass killers that leaving player run taverns alone is a good thing to consider doing. Given that OSI, and particularly DD, wish the players to "police" themselves, yet, not giving us the tools we need to manage that in an effective manner, we're going to do just that. Passively, silently, with humor, caring, sharing, and being 'nice' to our 'enemies'.

However, the humor is most definetely one sided. Our side. We're going to be the ones laughing as the 'Care Bears' drive away the hordes of player killers from those few small locations that we like to think of as 'ours'. We don't ask much, just stay away from the roleplayer establishments. The rest of Brittania and the New lands are open to you.

5. How we do it.

Mostly, we die. We die a lot. We throw our passive selves underneath your tanks. But each time we die, we WILL file a murder count. When we die, you gain nothing, since we carry nothing. We're newbie characters.

We drive you away by spoiling your fun. Just as you spoil our 'fun' by forcing your playstyle on us, by destroying that which we've built, and by ruining the events that we put in a great deal of time an effort to organise and run.

We spoil your fun by not giving you that which you crave. Loot. A fight. A battle.

We spoil your fun by no longer being a 'human spawning ground'.

We spoil your fun by ridiculing you, by laughing at you as we die.

We spoil your fun by keeping you occupied dealing with us instead of you going out there and fighting with those that wish to fight you back.

We spoil your fun by taunting you, by making you look stupid, and by goading you into killing us.

We spoil your fun by getting you flustered, to the point where you make a mistake. For example, killing us, turning 'red' and getting kicked out of your order/chaos guild, or by turning 'red' and chasing us into a guard zone. By giving you stat loss when you die. By making you waste supplies and reagents to kill us for no gain.

We spoil your fun by stealing everything you carry should you turn 'criminal' next to us.

6. How far we are prepared to go.

Within the limitations of point #2 above. As far as we have to.

We'll start small, and gradual, with a handful of newbies, who will simply wait for you to come attack us. We'll start to escalate it. If you are prepared to discuss things in a responsible and adult manner then we will respond in the same way.

Each time you raid us, we will be back with more. If you continue to raid and harass us, we will start to come looking for you, constantly, never-ending, in increasing numbers.

Eventually, we will start to congregate at your homes, your towers, your castles, and most especially, your guildstone. (We assume that if you raid us, you have 'invited' us to come play with you.)

We'll never stop coming until you accept that there's one small area that we claim for our own. Until you leave us alone, permanently, in that one small area. (The rest of the lands, dungeons and wilds are open to you to play however you want.)

Each time we come, there will be more of us, and you will stop having fun. Some of your guild will quit, because it's no fun, because they made a mistake and died, and had to suffer stat loss. Some will quit because they can't take the constant pressure. Meanwhile, we'll be laughing and making you look 'silly', as we die.

Eventually, if you continue to raid us, there won't be anywhere in the lands that you can go without finding some of us. There won't be anywhere you will find peace, there won't be anywhere that you won't be ridiculed, taunted and made fun of.

We can and will destroy your guild, drive you from the shard, if not the game. Passively, caringly, sharingly, by being 'nice' to you. Or, if we see you breaking the terms and conditions, by reporting you.

You can stop us at any time, simply by agreeing to leave the player establishment alone. But break your word, and we will be back, in larger numbers, and more often.

7. So, you want to be a "Care Bear"?

This is for the roleplayers that would like to get in on the fun.

Firstly, let me explain that 'passive resistance' is not something that everyone is suited for. It takes a certain frame of mind, a certain level of "self-restraint" and a certain sense of humor to be a successful 'Care Bear'. You need to be able to laugh at yourself, to cast aside 'ego', and to be able to maintain a calm mind and an even temperament. I'd also strongly recommend that you be able to keep a civil 'tongue' under pressure. (You will, most likely, end up meeting with a counsellor or GM in game because the killers will start to complain and whine about being 'harassed'.)

Above all, you need to be willing to die. Don't carry anything you don't want to lose. Newbies lose nothing, experienced characters will lose fame. (If you think that 'fame' is anything more than a joke, a 'potential' tool for roleplaying, and truly 'worthless', then you might not make a good 'Care Bear').

Having a few experienced and skilled characters hiding in the midst of the newbie swarms can be very entertaining, especially when the newbies manage to get the killers to go grey or red. ("u suk, damn newbies! I own U!"… "In Por Ylem", "An Ex Por", "Kal Vas Flam", "Vas Ort Flam", "Corp Por", Twang, twang twang…. OooOoo ooOo!) It's doubly entertaining when that killer already had a hundred murder counts. (plus the bounty as a bonus!) Remember, the idea is to make it 'not fun' for them. Stat loss is 'not fun', it eliminates another killer for a while, annoys them to no end, and makes for something
to laugh about.

Secondly. Passive resistance. The 'killers' must make the first move. They must be the ones who start it. They must be the ones to go 'grey' or red. If one or two two turn up and start to 'negotiate' or talk, leave them alone, let the tavern owners/representatives talk to them. Not all of the 'killers' are unreasonable people, and talking and negotiating is more important. Remember, the objective is to get them to agree to leave the taverns alone.

Thirdly. Rules of engagement. Passive. Reactive. Not invasive and pro-active until the initial negotations fail. You have to be prepared to sit and wait for them to come to you. After that, you can start to chase them. It's a delicate balance, don't be like them, but simply make them suffer the consequences of their own actions.

Give them enough of a taste of being 'hugged' by 'Care Bears' (and/or Barney the Dinosaur, and so on) that they begin to get the idea. If they won't stop, do it more. Slowly, escalate it. The idea is to slowly make life more and more 'not fun' for them, sooner or later they'll get fed up with it. Be prepared for lots of confusion, angry people, and quite likely, some out of game problems.

(Make sure you've got Nukenabber installed and running.)

Did I forget to mention you die a lot?

As a newbie, a rogue, bard, healer or vet is always fun. Having a few people 'snooping' seems to annoy the killers. If there's a 'ringer' in the midst so much the better.

The occasional 'taunt' also helps, but for the most part, give them the silent treatment. (You do NOT want to cross the line into 'spamming' or 'harassment'.)

The idea is to rack up murder counts, annoy them, keep them from killing and looting other people, make them waste time, resources and murder counts for no reward. To confuse, irritate and laugh at them, to get them flustered so that they start to make mistakes. If they happen to go grey or red, start stealing, or attacking. If they get disconnected, poke them to death with that newbie dagger, especially if they are red. Lure them into making mistakes. But, above all, keep them 'occupied'. If they're 'playing' with us, they aren't out killing.

(hey, they never hesitate to kill someone disconnected!)

Current 'Care Bear Operations' are taking place on Chesapeake, centered at 'The Oasis Tavern'. Only two people are 'authorized' to state policy there. Firstly, 'Chaos Lord', the current tavern owner and secondly, 'Araminda' the waitress. (Who happens to be played by 'Elawyn'.) I'll follow Chaos Lord's lead, but if he's not there, I can negotiate. (I'll also acquiesce to Taragon or Kim, since they're the original owners/founders/funders of the tavern.)

Future operations will be at the request of the players who run the establishments, and all 'Care Bears' should, nay, MUST, follow their wishes and requests.