'Aasai Vachen Unmele'

On Location

'Aasai Vachen Unmele'
(Prabhu, Sanghavi)

After films like 'Budget Padmanabhan', 'Middle Class Madhavan' and 'Bandha Paramasivam', the Prabhu-Gajendran team join together in yet another light family entertainer titled 'Aasai Vachen Unmele'. This time the heroine is Sanghavi, the set-up is rural, and the backdrop is a marriage hall where most of the story takes place.

Some scenes were shot at Karaikudi, and actors Prabhu, Sanghavi and Vadivelu were present among others. The women of the village decide to observe 'Avvaiyar Viratham', and among them is Ammu. Ammu's uncle Selvam, and his friends including Ambuli are curious to know what the women are doing, for the men have been asked to stay indoors as the women observe the rituals. Selvam and his friends climb the roof of Ammu's house in the dark of the night, remove the tiles, and try to peep in. A tile breaks and falls into the house alerting the women, and they chase away the guys. Prabhu, Sanghavi and Vadivelu took part in the scene.

Yet another scene was of Ammu returning from college in the city, and the parents informing her of the impending marriage with her uncle. Thinking it was Selvam they were talking of, Ammu lost in her dreams, rushes to the temple pond, near which Selvam is sitting. She slips and falls, and Selvam does the rescue act, much to the amusement of those around.

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With Prabhu and Sanghavi were Rajesh and Fathima Babu, playing Sanghavi's parents. Some comedy scenes were also shot with Prabhu and Vadivelu. The film has cinematography by Kasi Vishwa, music by Deva, sets designed by Mohan Rajendran, stunts by Rambo Rajkumar and editing by Rajakirthi, and it is produced by Sivagangai Karuppaiah for Raji Films.

The supporting cast has Pyramid Natarajan, R. Sundarajan, Balu Anand, Crane Manohar, K R Vatsala, Neethu, Srikamu, Kalairani, Shilpa & Shyam Ganesh.

Malini Mannath
Published on 12th July 2003

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