Line Dance Fun ©2003 Doris Volz CA,USA  Sept 26; Oct 3 - Saratoga Social playlists
Come Dance With Me - Monday 2pm Oct 13 at the Cupertino Senior Center - playlist.
Neil Hale is the guest instructor at the Palo Alto Friday nite social teaching his newest - Chabella

just an AMERICAN salute to an adopted 'son' ... A glimpse of The Fremont Street Experience that greeted Australian Simon Ward as he danced w/US in Las Vegas, NV on a warm September Summer nite! A large crowd of Vegas merry makers gathered to watch as Terri Slemmons lead 40+ line dancers in a scripted outdoor social (one of the dancers was able to lead us in Kate Sala's Bye, Bye ...THRILLLING!) But the crowd swelled and ALL eyes were on Simon as they watched Larger Than Life and Mr. President ...the enthusiastic applause, reward enough! Earlier in the day Simon taught 3 dances One Heart (Chris Watson), Yeeee Haaaaa (S.Ward) and Father & Son (Ward/Dunn) to nearly 100 dancers from CA, AZ and NV. Thank YOU Irene Shiroma (along w/her ladies who provided us with a delightful luncheon buffet) for this line dance workshop experience. What a MEMORY!
A 'hip hop' dance hit w/the crowd on Fremont Street ...was
No Parking Baby (Jeremy Oldham) ...Simon's Sacramento friends Jodee & Jeremy have their photos and report up detailing the wonderful weekend ...

In order to get ready for the Golden Gate Classic, Keep On Dancin' will be reviewing the most recent dances taught in the Los Gatos intermediate class: Whatever Happens, Bye, Bye, Feel the Rush and Never Gonna Leave. We’ll be practicing dances by Jackie & Doug Miranda, JP Potter, Peter Metelnick, Michele Perron and Simon Ward so we’ll be able to enjoy dancing with them! Bring snacks, and come for dancing the next THREE Wednesdays! BOB (Finally Friday) promises to be in a GOOD mood as he re re-views the hard ones!!

Scott Blevins demos his new Cold Blooded ...steps at Scott's website clip courtesy of CJ
Eve Yeaton & Mark Cosenza demo his new Start Walking
- video clip courtesy of CJ

Neil Hale demos his: Curtain Call ( step sheet) and Las Pistolas ( step sheet)

Line Dance Fun - Current Top 20 line dances: Cowboys Don't Cry - Irresistible - Long Train Running - Chase The Sun - Sweet, Sweet Smile - Palisades Park (demo ) - Las Pistolas (demo ) - West Texas Waltz - Neutron Dance - Sorrento - One Mississippi - Southern Cross Cha Cha - Miss Lizzy - Another Quickie - Sweet Little Dangerous - Mama Jazz - Mr. President - Indigo Moon - Basha - Swing Your Chains

A Wind Up - Robbie McGowan Hickie
Another Quickie - Joanne Brady She will be teaching us at Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii
Basha - Michele Perron (signed sheet) next review Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Brokenheartsville - Peter Metelnick He will be teaching us at GGC
Bye, Bye - Kate Sala next review Sept 30w/John Bowen next teach Oct 20 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Chabella - Neil Hale
Chase The Sun - Yvonne Anderson She will be teaching us at Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii
Cold Blooded - Scott Blevins He will be teaching us at Cool Country and Windy City.
8 Days A Week - Metelnick/Biggs next review happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters or John Bowen
Everywhere - Metelnick/Biggs next review happens Sept 29w/ John Bowen
Feel The Rush - Dee Musk next teach happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Hey Good Lookin' - Charyle Hartje/Gary Clayton -fabulous sing along to easy steps!
Indigo Moon - Hickie/Hunn next review happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Never Gonna Leave - Neville Fitzgerald intermediate floor filler at Branding Iron Event
Miss Lizzy - (new signed sheet) Michele Perron She will be teaching us at GGC
Mr. President - Ward/Jenkins/Dunn next review happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters or John Bowen
Start Walking - Mark Cosenza He will be teaching us at Cool Country and Windy City.
Walking The Floor - Terry Hogan next teach happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Whatever Happens - Liz Bogan/Ron Kline next review happens Sept 29 w/Charlotte Skeeters
Winter Waltz - Terry Hogn (Danville Dancers STILL rule the floor on this one!)
Just when I needed a country music fix w/great sing along country lyrics!!
Honky Tonk - Terry Hogan (true beginner ...grins!) w/George Strait singin' Honk, if YOU Honkytonk!!!
Suds in the Bucket - Yvonne Anderson - intermediate w/Sara Evans music moving at 162 bpm

GGC - Oct 3-5  registration - w/C Skeeters at the San Mateo Marriott. Inquires: Charlotte
Windy City - Oct
10-12 w/Mark Cosenza, Eve Yeaton & Glen Pospieszny
Fall Fling - Nov 14-16 in Ventura, CA w/JP Potter
2004 Dancin' In Waikiki in Hawaii Jan 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Dancin' in the Desert - Feb 20-21 w/Netty's Line Dancing
Aloha with Ohana in Hawaii April 14-21 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Phoenix Dance Festival April 30 - May 2 - Event DJ will be Californias own JP Potter!
2004 Line Dance Cruise October 17-24 San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas & back Inquires: Heart Dance

Line Dance Lessons? San Francisco Bay area line dance instructors listed by their TEACH Cities
Gary Clayton's website - line dances taught in the S F Bay area + instructors' comments
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Bay Area Socials: Afternoons w/Shirley & Gary Keller -> EVERY Friday AM w/Doris Volz -> Heart Dance w/Gina Mello & John Bowen -> Keep on Dancin'
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