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Welcome to the University of Bridgeport's College of Naturopathic Medicine. Although I am fairly certain that this is going to be an exciting journey for you, there may be many questions you may have regarding the admission process and the academic program here at the University of Bridgeport. Rest assured, we are here to see you succeed in our program and that you should feel free to contact the office of admissions with any questions or concerns you may have.

The University of Bridgeport is pleased to offer all of our naturopathic students the opportunity to learn within a physically beautiful setting along with an academic environment that will both stimulate and advance your professional career.

Naturopathic physicians (N.D.s) are the highest trained practitioners in the broadest scope of naturopathic medicine. In addition to the basic medical sciences
and conventional diagnostics, naturopathic education includes therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, classical Chinese medicine,
hydrotherapy, pre-natal and post-natal care, naturopathic manipulative therapy, pharmacology and minor surgery.

A licensed naturopathic physician (N.D.) attends a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an M.D. but also studies holistic and nontoxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and the optimizing of wellness. In addition to a basic medical curriculum, the naturopathic physician completes training in clinical nutrition, oriental medicine, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine, psychology, and counseling (to encourage people to make lifestyle changes in support of their personal health). A naturopathic physician takes rigorous professional board exams so that he or she may be licensed by a state or jurisdiction
as a primary care naturopathic physician.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you through the academic and admissions process. Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Office of Admissions.


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