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  Bea's Buzz:
Bea Youngs
Bea�s Buzz� is the place to come for a woman's perspective on the sport of paintball. Once a month, this forum will highlight the people, places and faces on the cutting edge of paintball. Who is Bea? Bea Youngs has been in the sport for several years as both an industry rep and a player for Extreme Rage, Dye, JT USA, and Smart Parts. Now, she's just Bea, check out her buzz and for more information about Bea check out her website at

California, USA
by Bea Youngs

Bunker Babes
Have you ever seen anything about paintball when channel surfing in front of your TV? When you did, did you call someone into the room and said, �Hey! Paintball�s on TV!� This past June when I was home in Florida, my brother called me on the phone and said, �Bea! Turn the channel to TLC!� I quickly changed the channel and Junkyard Wars was on again! It was a re-run of last year�s episode of Extreme Paintball Tanks that I appeared on (my 2 minutes of fame)! I didn�t even know it was going to air again. I got a few more phone calls and emails from people saying that they, too, had seen me on TV.

More and more TV shows are featuring paintball like the way TLC�s Junkyard Wars did. Northern California�s Team Bunker Babe female paintballer, Leslie Thurman, from Grass Valley recently had the chance to be on TV. She, too, shared paintball with millions of other viewers. It was on the ABC show Switched where she �switched� lives with another 15-year-old girl, Sagen Isdale from Harker Heights, Texas, for four days.

Blending In
I got a chance to talk to both girls about the show and their paintball experience on TV and here�s what they had to say.

Bea: How did they find out about you?! And did they inquire about the entire team or did they approach only you?

Leslie: I saw a post on the maddawg message board called "a TV show wants you!" I was totally excited when I saw that because it�s definitely my dream to be on TV! So I read it and went to a link that had a form to download,
Honorary Bunker Babe
print, fill out and send in. It asked me questions about my every day life, friends, family, hobbies etc. I sent in my form and I got a call maybe a week later from people at the production company. There were a few calls after that asking the same questions over and over again. Then I got a call and an e- mail saying I was in the semi-finals. But it wasn�t a for sure thing. They were just asking about me, at first, but as it got down to the wire, they wanted to know more about my team.

Bea: When did you get the call that you were on the show?

Nice Shot
Leslie: I found out I was on the show for sure three days before my plane left.

Bea: How often did you get to explain your paintball hobby? What did you say about it?

Leslie: I mostly talked about paintball to family and friends. I told them about my team and how the game works. They had the usual questions like, "Does it hurt?" Of course I would answer by saying, �At first, but you get over it," or something along those lines. I did get to talk to Sagen�s little brother, Spane, about paintball because he has a gun� but I have no idea how that went over because I didn�t know a thing about his gun!

Bunker Babe Leslie
Bea : Was this your first time playing paintball, Sagen?

Sagen: The paintball experience was new to me in that I had never worn that type of gear to play a competitive sport; the equipment was heavy at times and cumbersome and I felt a little restricted when trying to move, but I realized it was for the safety of the players and necessary.

Bea: Did you like playing paintball?

Ready... break!
Sagen: I was somewhat apprehensive about playing; because of my fear of being shot was real. My dad had played before and he told me it could sting when you get hit and leave a mark or bruise; so I kinda was gun-shy about the game, but as it progressed, I began to loosen up a little and the thrill of bunkering someone lifted me up.

Bea: Would you ever play paintball again?

Sagen: I probably would play paintball again with people I knew; I'd have to brush up on the rules, though.

Bea: What was the best part about the whole experience?

Leslie: The best part of the experience was being able to bond so close to a family that big. I had no idea I would get so close to everyone, but I was glad I did. It�s like having another family in Texas. They were all so supportive of everyone, and since I don�t have siblings close to my age�it was awesome to be thrown into a family with four others.

Bea: What did you expect?

Leslie: Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, and I didn�t want to make anything up in my mind - just in case I was going to be let down. (I�m weird like that!) I liked the idea of a total adventurous surprise. It was way better than what I would ever think it to be! I did things I never thought I would do in a million years.

Both Leslie and Sagen still keep in touch via email and through instant messaging with the occasional phone call. They are planning a holiday gathering over their school break.

You can see other shows like the one Leslie and Sagen were on at the ABC Family channel, weekdays at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. The show aired July 3 with episodes that reran again starting on July 18.

See Leslie & Sagen�s profile on the ABC Family Web site.

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Bea "DJBea", submitted 09/30/2003 - New pics of the BunkerBabes can be found at my site - thanks for all of your responses! ;)
Brian "8-)", submitted 09/23/2003 - Wow a little late. It aired months ago lol. Also i think the angel and mask were Leslies cuz i think shes got the green angel and they pretty much all have invisions.
"The-Redneck", submitted 09/23/2003 - Great article ! It was really cool to see on TV.
Erica "blink21", submitted 09/23/2003 - hey, i recognize those pics... lol.. :)
Jim "CodeMA", submitted 09/23/2003 - Great Artical as always Bea! I think its ausome that the paintball community gets some face time in a positive light, I dont think they could have made to many choices that would have been better then one of the Babes....and well... got a Texas gir... MORE
michael "dynastyfan", submitted 09/23/2003 - woohh thats the chick who statrted crying when she got shot thats funny but when she bukerd that dude she hit him in the foot also in the show she had a green angel and and invision
"TRIMBLE", submitted 09/23/2003 - I always thought you were...
"KingBarthA", submitted 09/23/2003 - Wouldnt it be kool if i was a paint chick...
"kickit", submitted 09/23/2003 - yeah! i agree people. theres nothing better than girls in extreme sports. especially paintball! hehe...ssseeeexay
"diddo", submitted 09/23/2003 - *ahhhh* nothin better than girls playin pb.... especially virgin paintballers :)umm.....yea
Daniel "since1988", submitted 09/23/2003 - when do we get to see you in MAXIM!!? You go girl>>>
"jmp5us", submitted 09/23/2003 - i think i saw that show where these to switched...good article.. first!

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