Announcement: Red Hat Linux Merging with Fedora Linux

September 22, 2003

* Red Hat Linux Project is merging with the Fedora Linux Project,
and the resulting combined project will be named the Fedora Project. 

* During the next few months, Fedora and Red Hat will work toward
integrating our packages, infrastructure, policies, and procedures with
the goal of creating a much larger community based Linux distribution
project.  Until this new infrastructure is ready, Fedora will continue to
publish packages using the old infrastructure at, while the
new project infrastructure, policies and documentation will be formed at

* This merger necessitates the removal of certain problematic packages
due to licensing issues.

* There is a lot of work to be done, so please join us in 
#fedora at and subscribe to the Fedora 
mailing lists at

Founded December 2002 by University of Hawaii Computer Science student 
Warren Togami, the previous Fedora Linux Project is an international 
team of volunteer software developers united for the development of high 
quality 3rd party RPM packages for the Red Hat Linux platform.

The new combined project will bring these benefits of open collaborative 
development to a larger mainstream audience, with much greater community 
involvement in the development process.

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