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Here is an important message from Prasanthinilayam. Please read it carefully and pass it on to others who have not seen this.


Dear Devotees!

During the last couple of days a lot of rumours have been flying across the world relating to our beloved Swami. All these rumours are based on the fact that Swami has been giving darshan during the last two days moving in a golf cart. People seem to forget that ever since He came back from Brindavan, Swami has in fact been using the golf cart; only He is now using it a bit more, as many requested.

Yes, the darshan style has changed temporarily but otherwise, Swami is attending to work as usual. In fact, He is meeting Ashram staff, Hospital staff and University staff as always, receiving reports and giving guidance as required. What is more important, Bhagavan is looking remarkably cheerful and is continuing to receive letters. And, as if this is not enough He is reassuring everyone including doctors that He is just fine! In fact, last Sunday, Swami Himself narrated how there was a rumour that He had suffered a heart attack and how doctors rushed from Bangalore to see Him. As Bhagavan narrated this incident, He laughed heartily.

Dear Devotee! Please do not believe in rumours. The are spread by people who mistakenly think they are doing service but are in fact doing dis-service by creating unwarranted anxiety, something that Swami totally disapproves of. Many things happen in the life of an Avatar that we mortals simply cannot fathom. But this we must always remember :

He who has come with a mission will not handicap Himself. And, if He can control the Universe, He surely can manage Himself.

Instead of spreading unwanted anxiety, let us spread Swami’s love.

If we shower love on Swami as He showers it on us, there never can be an occasion for Him to have any problem. The recent hip fracture shows that our love is not adequate. The need of the hour is to strengthen that love of ours, instead of wasting time on spreading gossip and unfounded rumours.

God is here to fill us with ananda and not anxiety. Let us remember that please!

Jai Sai Ram.