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:.where the pretty girls are.:

:.where the pretty girls are.:

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Welcome to my cartoon doll site. Since this area of my interest has grown beyond the boundaries of my personal/kisekae site, I have decided to post my dolls for adoption, my cartoon doll bases, and my kisekae templates here.

Cartoon dolls are all the rage these days. The vast majority of cartoon dolls use a style created by an artist known as innocents. These dolls were originally designed to be avatars for the Palace graphical chat system, and are still in use today.

me as an "innocents" type cartoon doll

Besides the usual type of cartoon dolls, I've also created several styles of my own. I'm also offering a number of blank doll bases for people to use.

Navigate the links below to access the dolls I have for adoption, as well as the bases I use to create my dolls, which are free for anyone's use. All I ask in return is a link back to my page, for which you can use the banner below if you wish (but an eensy text link will do just as well). The dolls are organized 40 to a page for ease of loading (for those like me who are stuck in the Stone Age of dial-up). Literally hundreds of dolls await your viewing pleasure.

Web Dolls 1 | Web Dolls 2
Bishoujo 1 | Bishoujo 2
Divas 1
Silents 1
Innocents 1
Doll Bases 1 | Doll Bases 2
Diva Bases 1

Other places you might want to visit on this site:

hair tutorial
A fully illustrated tutorial for making "pixel-shaded" cartoon doll hair using just four shades.

Free-to-use black and white textures for use with Jasc Software's excellent Paint Shop Pro graphics program.

Faerie/butterfly wings, 25 sets of them, free for use by anyone.

silent doll maker
A silent online drag and drop with all original props.

kiss templates
My original kisekae set doll bases, male and female (no bits), for download and use.
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