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Created by Adam D'Angelo. I'm a student at Caltech living in Lloyd, majoring in computer science and/or math. Contact for more information. Please read the FAQ before asking a question.

Thanks to Arthur Kougias for the original idea.

Press Coverage

BuddyZoo was covered by the New York Times on May 8th in the Circuits section: Everyday Moguls and Popularity Contests.

The site was on TechTV on April 28th. Print summary.

We were on Slashdot on April 14th: AIM Meets Social Network Theory


Hardware: 1Ghz Athlon processor, 1GB RAM.

Software: Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) Debian GNU/Linux mod_perl/1.27.

MySQL 3.23 for data storage.

Most of the site is written in Perl. The cliques and BuddyRank features are optimized in C and C++. AT&T; Graphviz generates the visual graph.

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