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AMSA Certified Mover Program

The AMSA Certified Mover Program® is a registered trademark that designates professional movers who have agreed to follow an industry Code Of Conduct by performing quality moves and responding to customer complaints in a timely and ethical manner.

The program is made up of an elite group of 100 movers who have voluntarily agreed to participate by committing to provide their customers with efficient and reliable interstate household goods transportation and storage, a professional level of service, and prompt complaint handling and dispute resolution (arbitration).

AMSA Certified Movers have agreed to provide complete disclosure of moving information, written estimates of charges, timely service, and prompt response to claims and complaints from their customers. Movers who do not respond to complaints or who fail to meet the other requirements of the program are removed from our web site, and if they fail to improve their performance, removed from the program entirely.

The two different types of movers that participate in the program operate differently but follow the same Code of Conduct. "Certified Movers" are regional or national carriers that operate independently under their own interstate operating authority. "Certified Van Lines" are national and international carriers that operate through a network of agents located across the country - each agent is certified by virtue of its affiliation with their Certified Van Line.

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