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2003 FMARS Field Season Completes!

FMARS 2003 Mission Patch designed by R.D.'Gus' Frederick - Click for larger imageAll crew members for the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station (FMARS) for the summer of 2003 left Devon Island on Wednesday, July 29, and have returned to Resolute on the mainland! Commander's Steve McDaniel's extensive Summary Report is now posted. Also, you can Click Here to read the daily dispatches from this past field season.

The Crew:
The crew, chosen from volunteers from around the world, will served a 4-week rotation in the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station on Devon Island beginning in early July. During this time they will employ the Mars-like polar desert of Canada's Devon Island to experiment with techniques for the human exploration of Mars. The following is the crew roster:

(Click on a Crew Member's Name for their Biography) What Happened Last Year? Be sure to check out the archives for the 2002 Field Season! You can relive the excitement with images and reports From Here. Whats it like on Devon Island the rest of the year? It can get mighty cold in the Arctic desert! Click Here to see just how cold it got the last year near the FMARS outpost. At the end of the 2001 Field Season, a Hobo datalogger was setup to record a temperature reading every two hours. This year's crew downloaded the data 11 months later, and we have posted line graphs broken out by month.

The Mars Society thanks all those who volunteered. Additional crew slots will be available in the Mars Desert Research Station, which will initiate its third field season near Hanksville Utah this fall.

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