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Sunni Schulz Pieschala - Profile Member is Offline  

Full Name:   Sunni Schulz Pieschala

My Autobiography:
I am currently a copywriter for Omega Studios Chicago. I love to read, write and surf the net.

My favorite sports are cheerleading, taekwondo and gymnastics. I have been in gymnastics since I could walk, and I have been a cheerleader for 7 years in high school and college. Our college team even made it to the UCA nationals where we placed third. I was also a camp counselor for Universal Cheerleader's Association, one of the largest cheerleading organizations in the world. I traveled all over the midwest to work with junior high and high school squads. I've judged tryouts and competitions, so I know what's out there. I am also certified in safety. One of my big goals is to play a part in the cheerleading revolution. Cheerleaders no longer stand on the sidelines, looking pretty and waving pom pons. We jump, stunt and get the crowd moving! Because cheerleading is becoming more athletic, it is imperative that we change the stereotypes. Too many school administrators have the wrong idea about cheerleaders. They don't give us experienced coaches, proper practice areas or any funding to buy safety equipment. They also form silly rules like "no tryout" (everyone makes the team) or "new girls every year." Imagine a high school saying everyone makes the football team–and everyone gets to play! Or the basketball team has to choose a whole new team every year! We need to get cheerleading recognized for what it is...a lot of hard work and dedication. Won't you help me?

When I'm not working, I coach a high school competition teams and teach gymnastics to young children.

If you send me an email, please put "cheerleading" in the subject so I know it's not junkmail. Feel free to ask me anything!


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