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 JFK Assassination General Info

bluebulJFK research materials: Multi Media

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bluebulReasons For JFK Assassination

bluebulThe Investigations

  • Dallas Police Department
  • Warren Commission
  • FBI
  • Secret Service
  • Jim Garrison/Clay Shaw Trial
  • CIA
  • HSCA

bluebulHSCA Conclusion

bluebulDallas Police Department Document Scans

bluebulFritz Documents

bluebulWarren Commission Narrative

bluebulWarren Commission Recommendations

bluebulKatzenbach Memo

bluebulAngelton advises McCone and Hoover on answers to Warren Commission

bluebulGerald Ford/Single Bullet Theory False, Evica

bluebulMcCloy-Rankin Document

bluebulBullet Fragment Testing, Backes and Conway

bluebulHoover Memo to Tolson 12-12-63

bluebulCol. Robert Jones- Army Intelligence on the Knoll? Conway

bluebulHSCA Memo on Dr. Burkely, Griffith

bluebulFour Faces of Harry Holmes, Dallas Post Office Inspector, Griggs

bluebulWhich Side Would Have Called Ronald B. Fischer and Ronald Edwin Edwards?, Griggs

bluebulFirearms, Photographs, & Lee Harvey Oswald, Griggs

bluebulFBI Agent Hosty's Notes

bluebulClint Hill before the Warren Commission


bluebulArthur Krock Article on the CIA 10-3-63

bluebulCIA Instructions on Defending the Warren Report

bluebulChief Counsel Richard Sprague on the HSCA, Fonzi

bluebulLee Harvey Oswald

bluebulOswald Tax Records, Horne

bluebulDid Oswald Talk?, Burr (pdf)

bluebulHoover Memo to Tolson 12-12-63

bluebulLHO Sightings, Courtwright

bluebulAnd We Are Still All Mortal, Evica

bluebulThis Dirty Rumor, Evica

bluebulBolton Ford Incident, Bochan

bluebulWilcott Testimony, Hargrove

bluebulDealey Plaza Quicktime VR Movie

bluebulZapruder Film Resources

bluebulJack Ruby

bluebulJim Garrison/Playboy Interview

bluebulJim Garrison's closing remarks at the Shaw Trial

bluebulHeritage of Stone article 1, (Garrison) Hager

bluebulConversation With Perry Russo-(Garrison) Law

bluebulClay Shaw Grand Jury Files/Gary Raymond

bluebulThe ARRB In Los Angeles

bluebulCamelot, The Theodore H. White Interview With Jackie Kennedy (pdf)


 Evidence Studies

bluebulThe Rifle

bluebulWhat The Blood Tells Us, by Sherry Gutierrez

bluebulSingle Bullet Theory Demolished

bluebulDealey Plaza Evidence Photos


bluebulThe Storm Drain, Michael Parks

bluebulBest Witness: The Limousine, Tony Marsh

bluebulPresidential Limousine Photos

bluebulPhoto Essay: The 6th Floor Window

bluebul Lab Test on JFK Evidence

 Medical Studies

bluebulThree Patients At Parkland (article from State Journal of Medicine, dated January, 1964.)

bluebulWhat Did the Parkland Doctors Really Say?, Kent

bluebulTrauma Room One: Revisited,Kent

bluebulGerald Ford's Terrible Fiction: The Ford-Rankin Document, Evica

bluebulReasonable Doubts: The McCloy-Rankin Document

bluebulAutopsy Photos

bluebulHistory of Autopsy Materials


bluebulClark-LBJ Conversation on the Autopsy Photos, Conway

bluebulTwo Brains Examined, Horne

bluebulHSCA/CIA Blahut Incident, AMKW

bluebulThe Horne Presentation, Backes

bluebulHorne Medical Illustrations/Photos

 By Author

bluebulCheck also the JFK Lancer Special Studies Forums

bluebulJoe Backes

bluebulSteve Bochan
Bolton Ford Incident

bluebulRuss Burr
Did Oswald Talk? (pdf)

bluebulDebra Conway

bluebulChris Courtwright

bluebulGeorge Michael Evica

Gaeton Fonzi
November In Dallas Keynote Speech 1998

bluebulStewart Galanor

bluebulMichael Griffith
The Man Who Wasn't There, Was There

bluebulIan Griggs


 bluebul Sherry Gutierrez
What The Blood Tells Us

bluebulDoug Horne

bluebulBarb Junkkarinen

bluebulRussell Kent

William Law

bluebulTony Marsh
Best Witness: The Limousine

bluebulJohn Newman
Mexico City: A New Analysis
(Transcript of NID'99 by Joe Backes)

bluebulRick Needham

bluebulVince Palamara

bluebulBrad Parker

bluebulMichael Parks

bluebulRoger S. Peterson
Call To Action and Justice For JFK

bluebulMartin Shackelford

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