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The Bay Area's 45 Worst Slumlords, Real Estate Speculators, Gentrification Profiteers and Other Contributors to the Housing Crisis

According to our tenant activist sources, slumlords are becoming rare in SF these days; they emerge when landlords want to make money by cutting back on expenses like repairs. But these days in San Francisco, it’s much more lucrative to be a real estate speculator in SF than to be a slumlord.

This research was developed by a team of volunteers who interviewed tenant attorneys, tenant rights activists, and tenants throughout the Bay Area and conducted background research (mostly on the web) on the landlords recommended by these people. We’re sure it’s not a complete list and would love for you to add to it—with information about other landlords or more details on the ones we already know about. A list of South and North Bay landlords is in the works, but to begin, here are our choices for the worst actors in San Francisco and the East Bay. Background articles on many of these landlords are available at Media Alliance, 814 Mission Street, Suite 205, San Francisco, CA.

Media Muzzle

O'Donoghue tries to escape media group's list of housing profiteers

Bay Guardian, August 30, 2000

Residential Builders Association president Joe O'Donoghue is trying to block an innovative media project from spreading information connecting him with the city's low-cost housing shortage.

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