The Ad Aeternum Series
Many years after leaving the X-Files, Doggett is reunited with Scully and gets a second chance at winning her heart. MSR and SkRR implied (past), eventual DSR. CHARACTER DEATHS. 2001 Spooky Finalist!

Post-ep for "The Field Where I Died." Mulder and Scully discuss what happened at the Temple of the Seven Stars. M/S UST.

All I Have to Give
What do you give the woman you love for Valentine's Day when all she wants is another man? DUA, MSR implied. 2002 Spooky Winner! Third Place, Outstanding Doggett-friendly MSR.

The Always Series
He always knew this day would come, but not who would be there to pick up the pieces of his heart. UST/romance, DUA, MSR. 2002 Spooky Finalist.

And So I Stay
Love doesn't conquer all. M/S Married.

Angel Ascendant [WIP]
In a universe where Fox Mulder married right out of college, familiar faces come together to solve the abduction of his wife. AU version of "Ascension." M/other, DSR, Reyes/Follmer. 

Barren Fields
Post-ep for "The Field Where I Died." Poem. Mulder reflects on what Melissa meant to him. Winner of the 1999 Obscurities Award: First Place, Mulder Category.

Borrowed Time
Living on borrowed time is still living if you have someone to share it with. Post-series, Doggett/Kim Cook.

Call the Man
Post-ep for "Patient X"/"The Red and the Black." Mulder struggles to find his foundation again after it is shaken for the second time.

The Christmas Child Trilogy
Post-ep for "Christmas Carol"/"Emily." Mulder and Scully come to grips with Emily's short life with a little help from the story of Mary and Joseph. MSR implied.

The Color of a Rose
Poem. Scully ponders a rose Mulder gave her.

Dante's Prayer
Post-colonization. Dante Victoria Mulder finally learns the truth about her parents and the world their choices helped to shape. MSR, Sc/Sk married. CHARACTER DEATHS.

A morning ritual--rated R for sensuality. SkRR.

Everything Changes
Post-ep for "Christmas Carol." Letter. Scully tells Mulder she's resigning to take care of Emily.

Fox Mulder
Mulder jumps to conclusions after eavesdropping. M/S UST. Humor.

Genesisco-written with Medie
God created man...but man couldn't leave well enough alone. AU, Doggett/McMahon.

A glimpse into an alternate future. DSR, MRR.

Help Me Carry On
Mulder says goodbye to someone very important to him. CHARACTER DEATH.

Holy Fraternity, Batman!
Post-ep for "Triangle." Scully reconsiders her initial reaction to Mulder's shocking confession. M/S UST.

Hot Potato
Post-ep for "Small Potatoes." Scully issues a challenge to Mulder after their last encounter with Eddie Van Blundht. M/S UST.

Keeping the Promise
After the scene faded, Byers extracted one last promise from for "Jump the Shark." Byers/Susanne. Recommended by jen at Primal Screamers Fic of the Week, week of 4/28/02.

Love and Co. / Every Heartbeat
Sillyfic. Mulder and Scully use music to express their feelings to each other. MSR.

Lover's Embrace
Shannon McMahon in 155 words. D/Mc UST. Recommended by Green Iguana.

The Mirror of Who You Are
Post-ep for "En Ami." Three reflections on Scully's actions.

Missing Person
Missing scene for "Two Fathers"/"One Son." Mulder tries to figure out when he lost his innocence. Mulder/Diana (past), M/S UST.

More than Eyes Can See
Moviefic. Rewrite of the infamous 'hallway scene' because the official novelization just didn't cut it for me at the time. M/S UST.

The Multiverse Series
Inspired by Michelle Martin's "The Witness." Mulder and Scully make several strange new friends, and it will change the direction of their lives forever. MSR. Slightly AU. Crossover with Quantum Leap, Lois and Clark , Strange Luck, Highlander and Forever Knight.

An X-Files script started for a contest, but abandoned after "All Souls" aired due to a similar premise--Mulder and Scully try to protect three young boys caught in the middle of a spiritual battle.

One Good Reason
Maggie Scully reacts to the news of her daughter's decision. Post-"William." MSR implied.

Only the Good Die Young
Post-ep for "Leonard Betts"/"Never Again." Scully listens to Billy Joel on the radio and ponders her own mortality.

The Partners Series
An alternate universe in which Fox Mulder and Dana Scully meet as children...and as figure skating partners.

The Playing Pieces Series
Vignettes exploring the minds and motives of various members of the Syndicate. MSR implied, Marita/Krycek. Recommended by Green Iguana.

The Randi Universe
Scully's college roommate, Randi, gets tangled up in the X-Files in ways no one would ever have suspected. MSR, eventually Skinner/other. Slightly AU.

Rest or Go On
Post-"Jump the Shark." In a place outside of time, the Gunmen are offered a choice. Recommended by Lara's Favorites, and jen at Primal Screamers Fic of the Week, week of 4/28/02.

She Will Be My Dulcinea
Post-ep for "Three of a Kind." Byers envies something Mulder has that he may never have--the woman he loves right there at his side. M/S UST, Byers/Suzanne.

Secret Ties
Sillyfic. A secret meeting is Mulder's closet. M/S UST.

Post-ep for "The Pine Bluff Variant." Mulder considers the man he was supposed to shoot.

An interpretation of my favorite moment from the series finale, "The Truth." Krycek/Marita.

Unimpressed if it Kills Me
Listening to Shania Twain inspires Monica to think about the men in her life. Implied MSR, implied DUA, R/F, DRF, Sk/R UST.

Post-ep for "Within"/"Without." A man loses his heart to a woman he can never have and a woman fears her lonely heart will betray the man she loves. MSR implied, D/S UST.

Post-ep for "Never Again." Mulder considers what he didn't say to Scully. M/S UST.

The View from Outside
Post-ep for "Per Manum." Skinner watches Scully slowly self-destruct under the weight of her fears. D/S UST.

The Washington Letters Series co-written with Medie
Letters. Doggett's correspondence with an old friend helps them both deal with the changes and challenges in their lives. Crossover with The Sentinel. DUA, D/other UST.

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