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Friday, Oct 5, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: Israeli military terrorists hit targets in Hebron.. six die.. houses burned, cars crushed.. one witness says a person was crushed too.. now w Greg Rollins of Christian Peacemakers.. Greg: at 3:30-4 in the morning.. Israeli troops moved into an Arab neighborhood, occupied 5 houses, one school, a boys' school.. 2- 24 year olds in the school.. the Israelis said they would be treated well.. Dennis: were the Palestinian victims attacking the soldiers? Greg: two people were attacking the Israelis.. the rest were civilians.. we (Christian Peacemakers) have been attacked by settlers.. settlers attack an old woman, click to enlarge (and) I have seen settlers attack Palestinians many times.. pretty choatic.. they are of the impression that if "you are not for them, you are against them".. call us Nazi, spit at us, stand in our way so we can not pass.. sometimes Palestinians have to wait 8-9 hours in the sun for their IDs to be checked.. Greg: I've never seen a Palestinian arrested at an ID check.. about the curfews.. not allowed to go to school.. the soldiers refuse to let them pass.. Palestinian funeral, click to enlargeforms of harrassment.. Dennis: are there enough medical supplies, care at the hospital? Greg: about a nurse he knows in the hospital.. sometimes the power goes out.. sometimes the hospital gets shot up by Israeli soldiers.. Greg: I'm from Vancouver Canada.. I wanted to do some Christian work abroad.. Dennis: Are the Palestinians being terrorized? Greg: I would have to say yes.. the world just legitimizes it because it's committed by uniformed soldiers..
-11:30 audio this segment photo of The Weavers Noelle Hanrahan: music break.. now w Ronnie Gilbert of the folksinging legend, The Weavers, blacklisted during the McCarthy Era.. Essay by Ronnie Gilbert: the FBI is threatening my second group, Women In Black.. the Jewish Women in Black of Jerusalem have stood vigil for 10 years.. joined by Palestinian women when possible.. Ronnie Gilbert Jerusalem Women in Black is nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.. if the FBI cannot differenciate.. we're in trouble.. about McCarthism.. the FBI visited my neighbors, my dentist husband's patients.. it was nasty.. every two-bit local wanna-be G-man looking for spies.. how many spies did this witchhunt uncover? nary a one.. no notable voice of reason.. not allowed a public voice.. today.. we are told.. liberties must be curtailed.. which? freedom of press? freedom of security.. McCarthism does not equal security, never will..
-18:50 audio this segment Aurora Levins Morales AUDIO LINKnow w Aurora Levins Morales (link2).. reads her new poem, Shema (Listen).. excerpts: we have been hypnotized by the fantasy that we are the freest of all people, to quietly accept the coup of the unelected, and the ravaging of the planet.. we are passengers in a car driven by men drunk with plunder, ricocheting through the world leaving trails of devastation.. we are the ones who must take the wheel, stop this hurtling death ride, downshift into decency.. right now, as the men in the soundproof rooms demand war, demand retaliation against insolent unknowns who dare to boomerang bloodshed back into their spanking clean boardrooms.. now while the networks juxtapose burning buildings and smiling Muslim faces, getting us ready to accept whichever Middle Eastern war target they choose to be their nation of expendable accomplices to crime.. this is the moment to ask these men who finance death squads around the world, and stand in the floodlights saying they will not tolerate terrorism, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN OUR NAME THAT ANYONE SHOULD WISH US SUCH HARM?
-35:20 audio this segment Barbara Kingsolver Now w Barbara Kingsolver (link2).. Essay by Barabara Kingsolver: ..patriotism seems to be falling to whomever who can yell it the loudest.. who are we calling terroists here? .. about the basis of democracy.. Barbara: it occurs to me that my patriotic duty is to recapture my flag.. about Kuwait.. about the women of Kuwait..
-43:40 now w Mumia Abu-Jamal.. Mumia's Post-911 Essay Two: about the recent UN Conference on Racism.. the media putting out the message.. the only true racism in the world is that directed at Israel.. forgetting Arabs are 'Semites' too.. then the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.. Mumia photo Islamic places of worships attacked as fear is transmuted to hate.. the UN Conference on Racism.. if the Bush Administration had attended that conference, then these racist attacks may have been deterred..
-48:00 Noelle Hanrahan: in early 1994, I took a tape of Mumia to Pacifica.. Gail Christian said 'I do not even want to listen to this'.. now w Michael Franti of Spearpoint.. Michael: as always, empowering to listen to Mumia.. he seems to cut through things with so much clarity.. about the importance of KPFA.. Michael: a very personal experience for me to listen to listener sponsored radio.. made me feel I wasn't alone in the world.. and where I hear music that inspires me.. Michael Franti playing at peace vigil, click to expand the hijacking of the network makes me very fearful.. where would we be without the network.. Noelle: tomorrow at Dolores Park in San Fransisco.. from noon until 7PM.. help Free Mumia! come to the free concert by Michael Franti and Spearhead, also there will be Julia Butterfly Hill
-55:30 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

Thursday Oct 4, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: the Knight Report from New York City, news update
-05:25 Dennis: about the open letter to the President published in Rolling Stone Magazine by Dr. Benjamin Barber, Kekst Professor of Civil Society at the University of Maryland, and the author of many books including Strong Democracy (1984), An Aristocracy of Everyone (1992), and Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World.. why Clinton did not ratify the landmine treaty.. (discussion).. if you want to make war on terrorism, don't start a war of only one front.. distributive justice.. billions of people live in poverty and despair.. they see the international marketplace as something that destroys their welfare.. their children.. until we address their concerns.. most of the world's people see us as oppressive.. 2/3 of the world's people go to bed hungry.. a war FOR democracy.. FOR social justice.. all this spending for arms, doesn't address the causes of terrorism.. the great majority of the world sees us as part of the problem.. Dr. Barber is a principal in The Democracy Collaborative.. that brings together an international consortium of the world's leading academic centers and citizen engagement organizations.
-24:10 audio this segment Noelle Hanrahan: Diana Evans and her husband Robert live in Forestville, California.. the FBI tracked them down.. Diana: I was in my classroom (she is a teacher), the last period of the day.. came in to my classroom.. "Hello, We're with the FBI".. I was thinking, "God, how could they be here for me.." they said one of my neighbors called them and told them we had a visitor.. (Miguel, from Bolivia).. they tracked Robert down at the DMV.. talked to Miguel in Robert's vehicle.. Robert: I was upset.. I confronted my neighbor.. I called the FBI, I told them I have a lot of brown people come to visit me, are you going to show up everytime I have a visitor.. Robert: I am black, from Barbados.. My wife is Puerto-Rican/Greek, dark-complexion.. Diana: my five children are all multi-racial.. Robert: they were flashing their guns at school, a (not too) subtle form of intimidation.. Diana: about the confederate flags flying down the road.. makes me want to fly a Puerto Rican flag, or Greek flag.. Robert: about the racial profiling directed at them and their kids
-46:00 music break
-46:35 Noelle Hanrahan: Pacifica Watch segment.. w dissident board member, Pete Bramson, and Sherrie Gendleman, chair of the local KPFA advisory board.. Pete: about yesterday's emergency board meeting, about Democracy Now!.. I am disappointed at the outcome of the meeting.. Amy has done really really excellent work around the tragedy in New York.. the board will not take a stand.. a telephonic meeting.. we were all blocked from speaking.. no dialogue.. a one person show.. 'this meeting is a travesty'.. not the way to run a network.. Sherrie: while the judge did let the meeting go on.. he wanted it conducted better.. Bessie Wash continues to mismanage the finances.. bills remain unpaid in all the stations.. using listerner donations to pay lawyers and spin doctors..
-55:00 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart
Wednesday, Oct 3, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: the Knight Report from New York City, news update
-04:00 Dennis: U.S. prepares for war.. now w Mr. Tariq Ali, editor of Verso Press.. Mr. Ali: yesterday's car bomb in Kashmir.. the India government wants to bomb rebel strongholds in Pakistan.. saying if the U.S. can go after terrorists, so can India.. opening a Pandora's box.. U.S. cancelled Pakistan's 36 billion dollar debt, and dropped sanctions.. a tinderbox.. India and Pakistan both have nuclear weapons.. most Pakistanis fear the religious fundamentalists.. ABC news.. Mr. Ali: if they bomb Iraq again, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will explode.. what? old fashioned imperialism, colonies again?.. all hell will break loose
-15:40 audio this segment link to National Action Committee on the Status of Women (Canada)Noelle Hanrahan with Dr. Sunera Thobani, an assistant professor of Womens Studies at the University of British Columbia, former head of the (Canadian) National Action Committee on the Status of Women and a well known feminist activist.. about a speech she gave at the Women's Resistance Conference in Ottawa on Monday.. "Today in the world, the United States is the most dangerous and the most powerful global force unleashing horrific levels of violence," Dr. Thobani said, receiving a standing ovation.. Dr. Thobani: I was making an argument against any war, against racism and hate crimes.. the first response of the Canadian government to back up George Bush.. looking at the horrific levels of violence in third world countries under U.S. influence, e.g. Nicaragua, El Salvador.. War has horrific consequences for women and children.. in Afghanistan displacement already happening.. terrible effects.. the brutalization of soldiers.. the kind of links I was trying to make.. the reaction of the government, the reaction of the opposition parties was to condemn my speech, to attack me personally.. a real demonizing of me in the media here.. a pretty devastating response.. a member of Parliment at my speech.. she was also attacked for being present at my speech.. not any criticism of Bush in Canada.. in the media no dissent is allowed.. but there are lots of people on the ground who don't like what the Canadian government is doing.. women here are writing letters to newspapers.. I basically try to .. not answer the telephone.. but this is much larger than my personal safely.. (email support for Prof. Thobani to UBC Womens Studies email facility)
-25:00 Dennis photo of Peter Dale Scott w Prof Peter Dale Scott, author of Cocaine Politics.. Dennis: about yesterday's article in the Wall Street Journal.. Prof. Scott: the U.S. is going to be embarrassed by their alliance with the Northern Alliance.. the Northern Alliance profitting from heroin trade.. the U.S. press has gone very lightly on the drug angle.. we are going to be allying with people in the drug trade.. (discussion).. about the UK Guardian story of Sept 30..
-34:00 Dennis: Some repressive governments joining the anti-terrorism 'coalition' in hopes of getting a green light (from the U.S.) to crack down on dissent in their countries.. China has even said as much.. Interviews w Sandip Roy, a native of India, host of Upfront - the Pacific News Service weekly radio program on KALW-FM, San Francisco, and with Tom of Human Rights Watch..
-44:44 Noelle Hanrahan: KPFA the only Pacifica station to air either Flashpoints or Democracy Now!.. now w Dan Coughlin: about Utrice Leid banned any news and talk that mentions the September 11 attacks.. cancelled Asian Pacific Forum at WBAI.. instead of news and talk, Utrice wants soft features and music.. on August 14 Democracy Now! removed from the air on WBAI.. about the attempt to recruit Colin Powell for the Pacifica Board.. 15 affiliates (of 60 stations) have joined the boycott of Pacifica.. call themselves, the 'Affiliates in Exile'
-54:30 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart
Tuesday, Oct 2, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: the Knight Report from New York City, news update
-04:00 Dennis w Media Beat's Norman Solomon.. Norman: mixed messages being put out by the media.. Blair saying the Taliban needs to come across or there will be hell to pay.. what's lacking? widespread media debate.. over the wisdom of escalating a cycle of violence.. the real secrets are kept from the American people.. (not the enemy, or the rest of the world).. Gulf War precedent.. tighter restrictions of the media.. mindblowing.. how do you have more resctrictive that what occurred 10 years ago.. Dennis: proof of Bin Laden's guilt.. not notified: the Taliban and U.S. public.. Norman: it is helpful to have proof first.. Alice in Wonderland.. the U.S. media.. silence.. Norman: the U.S. incubated the phenomenon now labeled the nexis of evil.. if this is war, then it's war, how can you call it terrorism.. we're being switched back and forth.. the label terrorism applied to only one side.. I THINK HISTORY HAS TO MATTER.. SEPT 11 HAS TO BE CONDEMNED IN EVERY WHICH WAY.. AND WE HAVE TO CONDEMN ALL OTHER FORMS OF MASS MURDER, NO MATTER WHO DOES IT.. Dennis: I'm finding NPR worse than the networks.. Norman: NPR coming to mean National Pentagon Radio.. these are folks that have internalized the Pentagon line..(discussion).. are we supposed to be so brainwashed, so child-like, that these standards apply only when done to us, not done by us to others? NPR clear through channel broadcasting from the government, might as well cut out the middleman
-13:30 audio this segment Dennis: the CIA wants to conduct assassinations (in the United States).. w Jennifer Harberry, civil rights attorney.. Jennifer: that actually will create a security problem for U.S. citizens, rather than protect.. Guatemala is a good example.. Chile a second case.. (long discussion)..
-22:00 the CIA lied to Jennifer, knowing her husband was dead.. an abuse of the secrecy priviledges.. it alarms me, letting the CIA operate in the U.S... the CIA blinded by their own dogma.. their viewpoint becomes distorted.. not trained to respect human rights.. if we allow them to operate domestically, we are allowing.. a secret police force.. we know the CIA tried again and again to kill Fidel Castro.. on Sept 11 many years ago, Pinochet (launched the coup against democratically elected Allende with U.S. help).. (we need to) keep the human rights standard very high.. what we inflict will be what is inflicted against us..
-25:10 music break.. 'Everywhere is War'
-25:20 Noelle Hanrahan, with Attorney Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights about the Alameda County super jail turned back by hip hop.. the longer kids held in adult-type prisons, the more crime they commit in the future.. grass roots democracy
-35:30 Noelle Hanrahan w Kitt Gage: about 'secret evidence'.. about the pending "anti-terrorist" legislation stalled in Congress.. would take away many of our hard-won freedoms, doing the terrorists' job for them.. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, YOUR SENATOR.. TELL THEM FREEDOM MATTERS, THE BILL OF RIGHTS MATTERS.. WE WILL NOT SURRENDER CALL TODAY, CALL TODAY, CALL TODAY
-47:40 Noelle w Hun Fong, from a protest in San Francisco at Senator Diane Feinstein's office.. 150 students and 75 other citizens.. against DiFi's racist bill to restrict student visas..
-52:16 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart
Monday, Oct 1, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein introduction..
-00:40 the Knight Report from New York
-06:00 Dennis w radical defence attorney Stanley Cohen.. about the anger toward Mr. Cohen.. about the press speculation that Mr. Cohen would represent Osama bin Laden in court.. represented a Imam.. attorney Stanley Cohen Mr. Cohen has represented Palestinians in U.S. court
-20:30 Dennis: George Bush I, James Baker, Frank Carluchi have business connections to Osama bin Laden parents 5 billion dollar contruction empire.. The Carlyle Group does deals with the Bin Laden Corporation.. interview w Larry Klayman, general counsel of the ultra conservative Judicial Watch Magazine.. Mr Klayman: the intersection of fighting war and politics.. here you have the president's father doing business with bin Laden's family.. I question trying to make Saudi Arabia allies.. they are no friends of the United States.. it's hypocritical.. Mr Klayman: we want the truth, nothing but the truth.. the government, Democrats and Republicans.. these bureaucrats and politicians share some responsibility..
-35:40 Noelle Hanrahan: audio excerpts from the Bar Area Youth Taking a Stand Against Terrorism, conference this past weekend at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.. real people.. real feelings
-51:00 Noelle w audio from this past Saturday's march for Afghan women in Santa Rosa, California
-55:00 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

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