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 Last updated July, 2003

City & Holbeck Division
Divisional Commander Chief Supt Sue DayWelcome to the City & Holbeck local Divisional area on the West Yorkshire Police website. Here you will find contact information, opening Police Car times, maps 
and background information for the City and Holbeck division.

Divisional Commander
Chief Supt Sue Day
Police Stations:

Police Station


Front Counter Access

Disabled Access

Telephone number


Millgarth Street

Open 24 hours
7 days a week

Full disabled access

0113 2413059


10 Burton Road
LS11 5EF

Open 24 hours
7 days a week

Full disabled access

0113 2414659


Corporation Street
LS27 9NB

Monday to Friday
8am to Midnight

10am to 6pm

Full disabled access

0113 2382017


Haigh Road
LS26 0LP

Monday to Saturday
10am to 6pm


No disabled

0113 2382095



You can contact the police at any time by telephone:
Telephone 999 in an emergency where there is a danger to life, or a crime is in progress.

Telephone 0845 6060606 for non-emergencies where police attendance is required, to report a crime or to report any other incidents.



Commenting on service and division-wide initiatives:
Local representation about policing problems can be made through local councillors, or by contacting your local police station as above.



To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch:
Please ring 01924 292386 for details of how to contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.



To find out the details of the next public meeting to discuss policing issues in your area:
Please ring the Police Authority Consultation Team on 01924 292051



Community Policing:
The Division has a great deal of active groups who are encouraged and supported by the Community Policing Teams for each area.

The Community Team is managed by the Sector Commander (Inspector) at Morley and has 5 Sergeants who manage four community Policing Teams - Millgarth, Rothwell, Holbeck and Morley.

Each Community Policing Team (CPT) has a Youth and Schools PC and a Crime Prevention Officer.

The CPTs are also Tutor units and all probationary officers spend their first 22 weeks in the Division on a CPT, this increases foot patrol and visibility.

The Community Safety Department also has a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, Anti-Social Behaviour officers and a vulnerable victims unit based at Holbeck.



Community Forums / Partnerships:
Local Housing Action Forums at Holbeck, Morley and Rothwell share info with all housing providers, Action Planning Problems.

We have seen a massive growth in Neighbourhood Watch groups thanks to our full time dedicated member of support staff, moving towards groups that are involved in driving activity in communities. e.g. Proactive target Hardening

There is structured Police presence at Forums, and Tenants and Resident Associations. We acknowledge the need of such groups to have a Police presence but ask for the officers’ participation to be an early agenda item. This enables the officer to return to patrol as early as possible and the community to value their contribution.

Ethnic minorities Forum (Beeston) - these take place every six weeks and all major faiths and minority groups are represented.

Race Panel - one is held at Millgarth and one at Holbeck, lay panel to examine all Racial Incidents.

Hate Panel - one panel is held at Millgarth, all Leeds area Homophobic or hate Incidents are examined.

Four active Youth Services Officers who have good links in to schools and Youth Inclusion Programme, creating and maintaining links with Young People.

Crime Prevention officers maintain links with charities for vulnerable groups, such as Care and Repair and Help the Aged providing advice, reassurance and positive action. Consultation allows us to deliver suitable and relevant Help and advice.

YSO's do high visibility Policing in Hot Spots where Young People have been Identified as victims working with youth service to inform young people and discover what service they feel they need.

We have three Active Crime Prevention Panels. In the past members have highlighted local community concerns regarding crimes such as burglary of sheds, which causes a great amount of distress but are not Priority Crimes. Through working together, local solutions are established. eg. Shed Bar Scheme and Disc lock Project.

Millgarth has a 'NightNet' Scheme linking all Nightclubs. This has led to the formation of the Leeds Night Life Association which allows for improved consultation and communication with those involved in the night time Economy.

The Safer City Team work with the Leeds Retailer Crime Initiative to run an effective day time City Watch Radio Linked scheme, this allows for a constant flow of information and allows us to pick up on trends and concerns of the retailers.

We have 12 Local Authority Wardens and 30 Police Community Safety Officers at Millgarth who work from a shared office at Millgarth Police Station. We have four local authority Wardens in Beeston working with the Holbeck CPT. Future PCSOs are planned for both Rothwell and Morley sectors.

Whilst this is a list of formal meetings and contacts the most useful consultation takes place on a one to one with members of the Public. The Division's investment in the CPTs and their efforts in improving visibility by targeting their patrols in hot spots have a major impact.