Is There A Word In The Dictionary That I Actually Know?

I subscribe to the dictionary website "Word of the Day". Here are the last five days....
I know you don't need it, but here are the meanings.
Maybe I should have just been a drop-out of Birmingham Southern College and declare...


"I'm not interested in making money, anymore!"

So how much would you be worth to say, 'I've got enough'?

Well, the magic number for David Geffen was 4 billion dollars.

And you ask, what does your resume have to look like to attain that much wealth?
60 years old, single, no children, college drop out

Congratulations, your mother would be proud!

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38 Year Old Man Who Had Sex In St. Patrick's Cathedral

For Radio Stunt......DIES

Thirteen months later......


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Two #1 Google Results Today

Call it beginner's luck since I have never blogged or mobblogged before, but today I was the #1 result in Google for 'jewelry with digital pictures'.
Rest assured, I have no desire to buy it....just a link....
and 'spiritual journey ..chimayo" for
Ummm, do you think that I can put that on my resume'?

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Tonight Is Rare Chance To See Uranus

Although headline is stolen...I couldn''t pass that one up.

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Capuchin Monkeys, Ultimatum Game, Strong Reciprocity

What do these all have in common?
Well Dick Grasso, of course!
Poor, poor ever will he get by on a mere $180 million for ringing the bell?

P.S. I know this is not a capuchin monkey

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Found: Afganistan's Bactrian hoard of 20,000 gold objects

Last seen in 1982 and only once in 25 years by an archaeologist and thought to be destroyed, stolen, or melted down by the Taliban, the country's most valuable treasure, comparable to the treasures of King Tutankhamuns tomb, has been discovered.

Click here for article

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Possessed By Wanderlust

Well, I was doing it last night, were you?
Watching Martin Scorsese's PBS Special The Blues:A Musical Journey There is a different director each night culminating with Clint Eastwood. Check here for your local channel's schedule. Two quotes, in particular, stood out to me during this special:
1) When the whole world is bored with automated mass-distributed video-music, our descendants
will despise us for having thrown away the best of our culture.
2)Robert Johnson ..a high haunting voice with a perfect balance on the razor's edge of joy and blues.
So I researched it a little more and came across this fascinating article about the author of the first quote.
NASA, Guggenheim, Ku Klux Klan, O Brother Where Art Thou....lots of interesting tidbits. Take some time and read it and watch the special.

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Female Prison Guard

Read the last line of this article, if nothing else.

Something's Amiss

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Zagat's and The New Yorker Agree......

Wi-Fi has moved beyond geekery to reach the mainstream.

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Wisconsin Quarter

New Designs

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