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President ICCIA – Acad. Dr. Borovkov E.

International Academy of Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature & Society (ICCIA) awards international accredited Academician of the Russian Academy of Science honours and membership of the Academy. President of the Russian Academy of Science and ICCIA president Academician Dr. Borovkov E. will explain how to be elected to membership.


The program:     Preservation of mankind's gene found


The contents substantiation of the program
The purposes and tasks and the theoretical base of the program

The basic part:

Section 1. Educational
Section 2. Ecological
Section 3. Medical
Section 4. Space safety
Section 5. Problems of small nationalities and ethnic groups
Section 6. Problems of the big cities
Section 7. Legislative
Section 8. The organizational - methodical and research center


The person on the Earth is one of the kinds occupying our Planet. He has created potent means of life-support during relative short historical term; his life has ceased to depend on a state of environment in many respects (a cold, heat, a rain, a thunder-storm etc.). But, educing means of production not depending from whims of the Nature in the existence, the person has come off from them. He began not only the consumer of natural resources, but also an intensive pollutant of environment. It appeared pernicious for the person.
Vice President of the Programme Prof. Jayasekara can be contacted at:


  • President ICCIA - Academician Dr. Borovkov Evgeny
  • Vice President - Academician Dr. Galtsev Yuri
  • Vice President - Academician Dr. Lukoyanov Victor
  • Vice President - Academician Dr. Shiyaev Grigory
  • Vice President – Academician Dr. Shanti P. Jayasekara
  • Vice President - Academician Dr. Vysochine Yuri
  • Vice President – Academician Dr. Chief Swift Eagle
  • Vice President – Academician Dr. Richard J. Hoyer
  • Academic Secretary – Academician Dr. Saloviev Yuri

Russian Academy of Science Academicians

  • Dr. Christopher R. Campbell (USA)
  • Dr. James E. Beal (USA)
  • Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart (USA)
  • Dr. Borovkov Evgeny (Russia)
  • Dr. Galtsev Yuri (Russia)
  • Dr. Kyle E. Daniels (USA)
  • Dr. Lukoyanov Victor (Russia)
  • Dr. Henry A. Harbuck (USA)
  • Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz (USA)
  • Dr. Richard J. Hoyer (USA)
  • Dr. Shanti P. Jayasekara (Russia)
  • Dr. Hans J. Kempe (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Sally Lagaspi-Kempe (Philippines)
  • Dr. Saloviev Yuri (Russia)
  • Dr, Shiyaev Grigory (Russia)
  • Dr. Chief Alexander Swift Eagle (USA)
  • Dr. Ralph Thomas (London)
  • Dr. Vysochine Yuri (Russia)