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Week 2 Highlights

Sept 8, 2003
Find any and all stupid media, coaches, players, and statistical highlights from the past week and (if it is funny enough) beyond.

Stat of the Week:
LSU 38
UA 0

I've got no jokes here.

Stupidest Media Quote:
"The LSU Tigers routed Arizona 59-13 and had the Wildcats wondering: Are we that bad or are they that good? The answers are 'not really' and 'yes.'" "Put a Corky in it" Simpson Tucson Citizen September 8, 2003.

Final Score

Total Yards
LSU 642-UA 265

LSU Passing

LSU Rushing
182yds 5 TD

"Put a Corky in it", what exactly makes you think UA is not that bad?

Frank's Note:
Who’s to blame? Players vs. Coaches

I have read, heard, and watched a lot of debate questioning who is to blame for the current state of the University of Arizona Football Program. Some are passionately on the side of the Coaches. Some say the players aren't good enough. I'm not a football coach, I not a collegiate player (or a non-collegiate player not counting the Equis-box) but I know one thing, Mackovic is paid to win. $800,000 year with bonuses if he does well. God knows he hasn't seen a sniff of that scratch. The players are decent. Everyone complains about our players versus other schools. The players are not paid unless you are The Ohio State. They are compensated with an education and housing but not one of the players are making close to $800,000 a year even if they are playing for The Ohio State. If you are paid to do a job then you are completely responsible for the results. No excuses.

Last night I got dinner at a fast food establishment (who will remain unnamed unless they want to pay me big advertising $$). I ordered a hamburger sans pickles. When I got my order I took a huge bite and got a mouth full of delicious hamburger. The only problem was that there were pickles on my otherwise delicious hamburger. When I returned it to the counter and politely asked for a properly prepared replacement the manager looked at me and lamented about the lack of a motivated, intelligent staff. Did I sympathize? NO, I was hungry.

Mackovic needs to stop complaining about hardships (real or exaggerated), roll up his sleeves and win some games. That is what he is paid for.

Best Hit of the Week:
A fan ran onto the field from the Arizona student section. He walked past security, officials and players, picked up the ball and began to shuffle toward the end zone. It took a few seconds for police to read the offense. When they did they laid him out and took him away in cuffs.

Please help me God. I need to lose by less than 35 points.

When your opponent feels really bad for you:
"Toward the end of the first quarter, Arizona's effort dropped off. They could be a great team but they need to stay in the whole game." LSU quarterback Matt Mauck

Weeks Best Shot at UA:
"Ryan O'Hara overthrew a wide-open Lance Relford about three minutes before halftime.
As O'Hara's attempt sailed away, Mackovic tossed his clipboard into the air.
Nobody caught it, either."
Norm Frauenheim The Arizona Republic Sept. 7, 2003

Stupidest predictions:
"Just like the good ‘ole days, Arizona wins Saturday night thanks to a solid and opportunistic defense that forces turnovers, and feeds off the energy of the capacity crowd when it senses that the upset is within reach.
Cats 27, LSU 24."

Ben Hansen

Close but no C-E-GAR Ben "I wish I was Greg" Hansen!

Third worst just won't do it for this team. Let's see what we can do about that:
LSU's 59-13 victory was Arizona's third-worst loss in the 74-year history of Arizona Stadium.

Someone showed some class:
By the end of the 2nd quarter the UA scoreboard operator had given up keeping track of the yardage. Instead of the stats, Arizona started flashing the names of its sponsors on the message board.

Number of times Dick Tomey has been blamed for Arizona Football:
365 days x 486,699
people in Tucson x 33 months =

Geez… If I'd known I would still be being blamed for everything I would have stayed and at least got paid for it.

Dick Tomey Did it:

The TV cameras focused on a stewing John Mackovic, but what might've been more appropriate would've been to flash a graphic of Dick Tomey's recruiting class of February 1999." Greg "Blame Tomey" Hansen September 9, 2003 AZ Daily Star

I got a speeding ticket on Saturday… damn Tomey.

Win of the Week:
The Wildcats won the coin toss before choosing to kickoff to LSU leading to an 80 yard scoring drive. It was the only thing that they won and they chose to give away their advantage. Now that is what I call coaching.

The UA's 11 straight Pac-10 home losses
2000 __________________
UCLA 27-24
Oregon St. 33-9
ASU 30-17
2001 __________________
Wash. St. 48-21
Oregon 63-28
USC 41-34
Stanford 51-37
2002 __________________
Oregon 31-14
Wash. St. 21-13
UCLA 37-7
ASU 34-20

… and counting …

Player's Quote of the Week:
"This just can't happen. It just can't happen." Defensive Back Zeonte Sherman referring to the UA-LSU defeat.

Next week's outlook:
"We are going to find out how our team reacts to some adversity. I think we will come back and fight, and I believe we are going to win." Offensive Tackle Brandon Phillips referring to Next week's game versus Oregon.

You are the only one Brandon.

…if I don't win, I’ll be in it this deep.

From Mack's Tenure:

AR'RRRRR. Mutiny… isn't that just in the movies.
Head football coach John Mackovic apologized at a press conference yesterday afternoon for his inappropriate conduct, after a series of comments he directed at his team led a large contingent of players to meet with President Pete Likins."

Connor Doyle Arizona Daily Wildcat Wednesday November 13, 2002

Mackovic experienced a player revolt (Not anything like the French one from high school history class.) in November 2002. For once last year the UA Football Program made the national media. Something to be really proud of. In response to more that 40 players going to UA Pres. Peter Likins he said, "I'm terribly sorry for my part in this turmoil and unrest. I accept full responsibility for my actions, and pledge to work tirelessly to mend fences." Cornerback Michael Jolivette response to Mackovic's apology was, "(The apology) is all a joke, a joke. It is hard for a person to change. That is his personality; that is him. He can't change his ways; he is a grown man. That is Mackovic." That says it all!

Another small note about Mackovic the Profiteer.
Further in his apology Mackovic said,
"The Monday following the game (Wis-UA 2002), I said many things that were inappropriate. Most importantly, I allowed my emotions to get control of me." I was unaware that he had emotions.


Not a University of Arizona website unless they want Mackovic gone as bad as I do.
Site created, paid for, and maintained by U of A Alumnus and Fan in pain. September 8, 2003

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