Resseguie Relics
Resseguie Family Relics
There are many items pictured on this page so make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see them.
Close up of the inscription of J.A. Resseguie
There is a branch of the Resseguie
 family that changed the spelling
of the name to Ressegieu. Edwin J.
Ressegieu was born in Cincinnatus
NY in 1849. He moved to Sioux City
Iowa and married there. He was a
wholesale merchant there. I found
a victorian scrap book on Ebay which
had this trade card pasted in it. I don't
think that the rooster was original to
the card. The book once  belonged to an
Effie May Rodden.
This Railroad style Pocketwatch was made about 1880.
It has the inscripion J.A. Resseguie engraved on the
 inside cover. It belonged to Joseph Alexander Resseguie.
Joseph was an engineer on the Central Pacific Railroad
during the 1880s.

Shaving mug with the name I. C. Resseguie.According to the antique dealer from whom I bought this the design on the mug was often used by undertakers or actors. There were some Resseguies in the undertaking business. This item dates to about 1900 or so.
I finally learned more about this calender. Cousin Jane McMahon told me (through her friend Joan Canella) what she knew about it.
The owner of Mill was Bert V. Resseguie. He was the son of Avery Resseguie who was Jane's gr-grandfather.  Bert had a son Arthur who took over the mill after Bert died. After Arthur died Arthur's son Leon took over the mill and renamed it the Resseguie Flour Mill, in Newfame, N.Y. (Western part of N.Y.) Bert was born August 18, 1865 and died October 3, 1928.  He was married to Lura (Winchell). I believe that they lived in Orleans Co. N.Y.
Close up of the top of the calender.
This sheet music is a song from 1901 and was composed by Addison J Ressegue. He was born Addison James Resseguie in Springvale Wisconsin in 1861. He started  out as a clerk in the shoe business. He then removed to Rochester NY and was employed as a traveling salesman. I wonder if he ever made it to Coney island?
Here's something I found on ebay. This charcoal drawing was done by a Florence Ressegue (her spelling on the drawing) in 1884. The Resseguie manuscript has only one Florence Resseguie alive in 1884 and she was 16 at the time. Certainly old enough to have executed this drawing if she was artistically inclined. The Dogs name was Nero and its written on has collar tag. See the close up of her signature and date of March 11 1884.
Diary and objects that belonged to Ruth B. Resseguie Puffer. to Learn more about her and the Items click on the photo.  


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