Intention in Action™
"Loving kindness becomes skillful action through service to others"


Deep Field Relaxation (DFR)

Deep Field Relaxation (DFR)

The purpose of Deep Field Relaxation (DFR) Trainings is to discover, experience and make practical use of the subtle energies of the Universal Field.

Deep Field Relaxation training comprises several separate units which blend into a unified practice.

Different stages of trainings present us with a chance to align ourselves with new directions in life. DFR could become the answer for some and a tool of finding clarity within yourself.  Also it could turn into a profession, which brings total satisfaction.

During the different units we familiarize ourselves with the paradox of "letting go of the mind".  At the same time we learn how to tap into the Field, which is the source of effective changes for people who are ill.  This includes different exercises based on observation of physical sensations and thought patterns, which help to remove any form of resistance.

Each seminar is a unique chance to experience unity with others and the world.


 Students complete the separate units. For full recognition of their skills, at least 12 hours must be spent during sessions conducted by trained practitioners.  Written and oral presentations of case histories is also expected.

 Intention In Action

 During the Intention in Action trainings we explore the meaning and energy of intention, compassion and service to others.

They are necessary for us to heal our personal traumas and become effective in bringing positive change into the world.

With proper intention, we can not only heal physical problems but also affect relationships, financial difficulties and understand ourselves better.  Through meditation, discussion and writing we learn how to form that clear intention and apply it to different situations for ourselves and others.

 Death and Dying, and Spirit Release

Future DFR practitioners have to be comfortable with the idea of their own death. Ideally they will have to spend some time assisting dying people.

In this case they are introduced to different approaches towards dying in Eastern and Western cultures.

One of those approaches is a concept of spirit attachment during or after death.

This long-time existing concept has been recently accepted by the international community of progressive psychiatrists and medical practitioners.

And it is now being applied in cases of schizophrenia, multiple personalities, alcoholism, depression and many drug dependencies.

 Family Patterns – Whakapapa

 As individuals we all are trying to resolve problems which repeat constantly.

Many of us are torn apart by conflicts with our parents, children or partners and puzzled why we fail to achieve certain goals in professional and private life…the answer can lie in tendencies prevailing in our family of origin.

We tend to be haunted by old fears, ideas and reactions, which create our present psychological upsets and health problems.  They could be not our own, but, according to the Polynesian view, they are inherited along the line from our ancestors on both sides of the family.  

Different world cultures - Chinese, Native American, Indonesian, Polynesian – talk about one person’s life as if a thread being woven in the family or tribal tapestry, about responsibility given to each generation in preserving the flow of life.

Unlike Bert Hellinger’s psychotherapy ‘Family Constellation’ work, Whakapapa uses mystical and spiritual means for re-connecting ourselves with the places and community we belong to. 

Feng Shui

 The depth of the science and art of Feng Shui is defined by the psychological impact on one’s external environment.

The aspect of using intention and the effect of subtle energy on the living environment and personal health are the focal points of interest to DFR practitioners.

An important part of this unit is the philosophical background of Asian culture.

Clif follows the teachings passed to him by the practitioners in Hongkong and Singapore.

Flying Bird Qigong Exercises

Flying Bird Exercises are essential for maintaining optimum health, both for DFR practitioners and their clients. Regularly practiced, these exercises encourage awareness of internal environment (energy) and our ever- present connection with the Field.

From the source of more than 2000 known forms of qigong, Flying Bird has evolved as a specific preventative tool for personal use and as an additional therapy for patients to use between DFR sessions.

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