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Mike age 3 
[click for complete image with his brother Jim]
Mike Farrell.

Born: February 6, 1939 in St. Paul Minnesota.

One of four children.

At the age of two Mike's family moved to Hollywood where his father's work as studio carpenter provided Mike's first glimpse of the world behind the studio walls and his fascination with the "movies" began. A fascination that he has never fully lost.


After graduating from Hollywood High School Mike joined the Marines. After being discharged from the Marines and having worked as private investigator for a couple of years, Mike decided to pursue a career as an actor. He began with small parts in films like "The Graduate" and "The Americanization of Emily".
His bit parts on TV-shows landed him in the soap "Days of Our Lives", where he starred as Scott Banning for two years. His part in "Days" was followed by leading roles in two series: "The Interns" and "The Man and The City". A four-year contract with Universal Pictures followed.
Mike Farrell is most famous for his part as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the ever popular TV-series M*A*S*H. His eight years with the series encouraged him both to write and direct several episodes, earning him nominations for the Director's Guild and Emmy Awards.

His first production experience was on "Memorial Day", in which he also starred.

On he documentary front, among many others, Farrell co-hosted the show: "Saving the Wildlife" for PBS, hosted "The Best of the National Geographic Specials" and had a great adventure scuba diving among hundreds of sharks in French Polynesia for "The World of Audubon".

In 1984 Mike married actress Shelley Fabares (starring in the ABC TV-series "Coach" and co-starring in the film "Memorial Day")

Mike has two grown children from a previous marriage.

Together with partner Marvin Minoff he formed 'Farrell/Minoff productions'. Farrell/Minoff's first production was "Dominick and Eugene", a film starring Tom Hulce and Ray Liotta. One of the more recent productions of Farrell/Minoff is "Patch Adams".

Mike Farrell is also president of Family Motion Pictures which purpose is: "to make family motion pictures, movies that encourage adults to bring their children with them to the theatre"

Not only is Mike active in the film industry. He's become a very outspoken political and social activist. Over the years he has worked to make a real difference in many ways, earning him several awards and a lot of respect.

Opposition against the death penalty is one of Farrell's focal points. He's a regular lecturer to interested audiences all over the US. [see Calender for dates]

In 1996 Mike received the Valentine Davies Award. An award presented by the Writers Guild of America to: "those whose contribution to the entertainment industry and the community-at-large have brought dignity and honor to writers everywhere."

In February 1998 Farrell was appointed to the Commission on Judicial Performance, which is and 11 member California State Commission which hears and adjudicates complaints against judges in the state.

1998 also brought him a part in a new TV-series "Providence" where he plays veterinarian Jim Hansen alongside Melina Kanakaredes, Concetta Tomei, Paula Cale and Seth Peterson. Providence can be viewed every Friday evening on NBC.

In 2002 Mike was elected First Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles. 

In his spare time Mike likes to read, spend time with his wife and kids and enjoys crosscountry motorbiking. [one of his trips was crosscountry through Australia].

Mike Farrell is represented by Paradigm talent and Literary Agency.

[young Mike [left] "fighting" with his brother Jim. 
Sis Sally plays referee.]

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