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Updated: photo albums - Singapore in Oct 2003
mon 06/10/03

After spending just four full days in Singapore, I found myself cringing at the spitting masses as though I've just got here (the jaded, two whole months in China Andrea says, "Oh, that's just lovely."). It's bloody disgusting, it truly is. Especially since most of the saliva was being ejected within earshot of my dinner (sweet, sweet ba kueh, I'd feel more greedy for home cooking if it wasn't for your fat, noodly goodness).

Yes, my food could hear it and it felt grossed out, too.

Does anyone have a problem with that?

I ingested a large carbohydrate dinner in order to have the energy to trot away (say it with me, to nooooowhere) on the treadmill this evening. I must accept that the state of my joints dictates I will never jog any faster than seven or so kilometres an hour. Meanwhile, Mobile Phone Permanently Attached To Waist Bloke seemed quite impatient with me. Methinks he was practising his goose stepping and other military-like moves to intimidate me, The Tattooed Wonder Who Runs and Leaves, into vacating the, er, station (?) much sooner than I intended.

(You don't scare me, Mister. Our security guards have a uniform — with a beret! — I see you didn't wear anything that official to the gym. That was your fatal mistake.)

Is there some sort of gym etiquette? Am I committing sweaty social suicide by not hopping off the treadmill the moment someone starts snorting impatiently? Can I let my sweat drip on their heads when they come over and stick their heads over the display to see how long I've got left?

Of course I was done a mere ten minutes later, so any imagined scenarios of a tense confrontation were cut rather short. Also I used my brand spankin' new MP3 player today (are they sweat-proof?), and the time just flew by (relative to it going backwards).

This weekend I... was in Singapore.

  • carrot cake and barbequed chicken wings at Newton Hawker Centre (mmmm)
  • a boogie at China Jump (they played an Underworld track, my feet just started moving on their own accord, I swear)
  • prawn noodles in Chinatown (*slurp*)
  • Saucony trainers on sale (Neil got Adidas trainers on sale, too. Bargain!)
  • CDs at HMV (Fun Lovin' Criminals, Sting, and Dave Matthews)
  • a cheap MP3 player for my runs to noooowhere (not made in China)
  • escargot at The French Stall
  • neil and mark
  • the photo above proves that alcohol in the hands (down the throats?) of the wrong people can only end in sheer folly
  • carrot cake, roti john, and oyster omelette at Newton Hawker Centre
  • prata (who could ever forget that?)
  • cabbage, potato, and bacon soup and Eggs Benedict at Father Flanagan's
  • (turns out Ian Rankin was in Singapore recently. Distraught that I missed him.)
  • a book at Borders (1421: The Year China Discovered America)
  • books from Kristen (Why Girls are Weird, How to be Good, and The Lovely Bones)
  • (finished Why Girls are Weird on the plane, 'twas good and just slightly disturbing, thanks Kristen.)

"Consume less, consume better and exercise more isn't about to become a mass-market trend anytime soon." (source: Big business.)

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tue 30/09/03

Band of Brothers. Watched Band of Brothers. Got depressed.

I'd like a house named after me, too. This bloke is putting his artwork up for barter. Mighty fine-lookin' art, too.

I got the link from Collision Detection.

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