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Thanks for the BloggerCon!

Sadly, Bob Hope died earlier this year, so his signature song, Thanks for the Memory, is a tune many of us know to hum, at the right time, of course. Now is one of those times.

At one point during Day 1, the enthusiasm so great, I had to shout loudly, "BloggerCon come to order please." Luckily I have a loud voice, and everyone had good humor, so we kept to the schedule.

We were able to do spontaneous things, and most people who had something to say got a chance to say it.

Did we figure out what weblogs are? Probably not -- but we came closer.

Did every connection get made? Sadly not, but many did.

Will there be a BloggerCon baby? We'll be watching out for that in nine months or so. ;->

This last weekend we met face to face and did a great barn-raising for a thing called a virtual community. Now we reap the benefits, of new friendships, new ideas, new flow, new new.

The purpose of this email is to thank you for exceeding my wildest dreams of what a BloggerCon would be. Thank you thank you. You're all such sweet people, I look forward to seeing you all again, very soon, Murphy-willing of course.

Finally, we're going to keep sending out bulletins, as we do the post-meeting work, we'll see where it goes. If you want to be sure to receive the bulletins, check your membership on the BloggerCon weblog and choose to receive bulletins. If you'd rather not, follow that path by unchecking the option. Either way please accept our gratitude for helping make this Con such a great event.


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A few reminders

  • Kickoff party is tonight, the Hong Kong, 1236 Massachusetts Avenue, 7-9pm.  Mention BloggerCon and they'll point you to the right room - it's on the right as you go up the stairs.
  • Day 1 begins at 7am with breakfast and check-in (program begins at 8am) tomorrow in Langdell North.
  • If you are not sure of your registration status, please contact Wendy immediately.
  • Day 2 is open; please join us!  There will be sign-in when you arrive.

Thanks, and see you soon.

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What if you were blogger-in-chief for the NY Times?

On Saturday, one of the questions we'll consider is if the NY Times should have a weblog.

Let's say you got the job -- you're blogger in chief for the NY Times. What's the first post? How would you work with the reporters? How much writing would you do? How much editing? How much independence would you have? At what point would it no longer be a weblog? Is it enough for it to follow the form, or is there more to it? What would it look like in Year Two? Year Three?

We'll have several experts on the subject, including Len Apcar, editor in chief of New York Times on the Web, to discuss this interesting subject. Who knows, maybe the future BIC of the NYT will be in the room on Saturday.

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If you're travelling to get to BloggerCon..

If you're travelling to get to BloggerCon please, if you have the time, post a comment or Trackback to this post, so we can karmically (is that a word?) wish you a safe trip. We're all totally looking forward to seeing your smiling face on Saturday or Sunday or both days. Sing a song while you're traveling. When you stop, tell someone about your blog. It's a little chilly at the other end of your trip. We'll save a hot cup of coffee for you.

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Kickoff Party - Rock the Blogosphere - Friday, Oct. 3rd, 7pm

BloggerCon Pre-Conference Party
Friday, October 3, 2003
7:00 - 9:00 pm
The Hong Kong Restaurant
2nd Floor
Harvard Square
1236 Mass Ave (a very short walk from the Harvard MBTA stop)
Cambridge, MA 02138-3820

Free admission and snacks, cash bar.  See you there!  All BloggerCon participants welcome!

Update, 10/1, 6:10pm: We will have free drink tickets, 1 per person to start, for those who arrive in a timely fashion - cash bar when those run out.

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Weather report for BloggerCon

Currently, is reporting for the Harvard area:

Friday, Oct. 3: Partly Cloudy, High 59, Low 48, 20% chance of rain

Saturday, Oct. 4: AM Clouds/PM Sun, High 66, Low 47, 20% chance of rain

Sunday, Oct. 5:  A Few Showers, High 66, Low 47, 30% chance of rain

Bring a sweater and an umbrella, because if you don't it'll be cold and rainy.  :)

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Clark campaign opens weblog, will participate in BloggerCon

The Clark campaign just opened their new weblog. More announcements from Clark at BloggerCon on Saturday. One of the editors of the weblog is Cameron Barrett, who I've known and respected since 1997. It's very cool that they've got his experience as part of their campaign.

Earlier, the Dean campaign made a series of announcements about the Internet, covered on David Weinberger's weblog. The Dean campaign is participating in BloggerCon as well. The Graham campaign and the Democratic National Committee are also participating on Saturday.

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IRC at BloggerCon

If you are an experienced IRC user, join the #bloggerCon channel at

If you're a newbie.. On Windows, install a shareware app called mIRC (of course there are others). Enter the information into the configuration dialog.

On Macintosh, try X-Chat Aqua.

If you need help, look for Kevin Marks. He's the official IRC list-mom for BloggerCon.

You can read the IRC channel in a Web browser on this page.

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Beat the rush: Sign up for Saturday dinner now

For dinner on Day 1, we're doing what I described in this DaveNet piece, borrowing a tradition from the World Economic Forum conference at Davos, which also, it turns out, is a tradition at Berkman.

On Saturday night, after the reception at the American Academy, we'll have dinner at one of several local restaurants, each one a discussion hosted by one of the presenters at the conference. So you get a chance to follow up and meet others who find the subject interesting.

Wendy has a sign up form for Saturday night dinners. If the experience at Davos is any guide, you must do this quickly because some of the dinners will fill up. It's first-come-first-serve.

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An adhocratic conference

In December of last year I wrote up some ideas for a conference, which turned out to be BloggerCon. One especially important idea, which guided the development of both days of the program was the notion of Adhocracy, which is explained thus:
Adhocracy: "The key is to decentralize so that every attendee has a good chance of meeting and talking with all the people they want to talk with, and so that stars can rise, so if the planners don't know who has the most interesting things to say, the users can still find them. There's got to be an element of adhocracy to it."
Unlike many conferences, we expect juicy stuff to happen in the hallways and on walks, and over meals; and therefore have put considerable energy to making sure there are many opportunities for such.

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