The state Duma Committee on Foreign Relations
5 March 2003


Officially the Russian Federation state Duma has established and ordered that the Committee on Foreign Relations be promulgated to foster improvement in country relations.

The Committee consists of the following:


State Duma Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations

he Rector IUFS International University of Fundamental Studies, St. Petersburg, Russia Dr. Shanti is the organizer of the International University of Fundamental Studies, working on University of London programs. Besides he is the co-author " the International program Health of the Nations " and Chairman to the Committee of State DUMA – National Security Council at Sport Council. He is the Vice Chairman of the World Scientific Association

Rector, Dr. Jayasekara hold a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), doctor of jurisprudence, theology (J.D) and has a holy orders of the priests of USA. In 2001 he completed his doctor of education degree in international educational systems (Ed. D), and in 2002 the doctor of science in Space Television Systems (D.Sc.). Since 2000 Rector Jayasekara is the professor and the Vice-President of the “International Academy, Information, Communication, Control in Engineering, Nature, and Society" (ICCIA).

Dr. Shanti is awarded for special merits medal of "300 years to the Russian Fleet," awarded medal of honor "Yu. A. Gagarin" and an award "Star Tsialkovsky.”

Now with the purpose of attraction of foreign investments at university Informative-analytical centre (IAC) was created as its direct management. IAC works together with RF committees on economy and investments of the Government of the Leningrad Region and the Department of Investments of the Russian Federation at Administration of the President and the State DUMA.

Alongside with it, the rector Dr Jayasekara actively introduces modern methods of development of mass sports systems, being a member of the coordination council of the program of the Russian Federation " Health of the Nation " and " the International program Health of the Nations ".

State Duma Vice Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations-EU

he internationally renowned scientist, Professor Dr. Hans J. Kempe is the President of PRIME International AG, in Switzerland, a Research Institute of modulated energies in the field of biophysics.

He obtained a Doctor of Medicine in Immunology from IUFS and MMC M.D. honours; M.S. in Mechanical Engineering; B.S. in Physics; M.S. in Physics; PhD in Biophysics; an N.D. in Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health; and Board Certified by the AAMA.

Dr. Kempe has spent 10 years with the US-Aerospace Program/NASA, as one of the lead scientists of K&A Engineering, design specialist by the DEUTSCH Company, chief engineer of Aero Electric Connector Inc. and technical consultant to companies like General Dynamics and G&H Technology. This experience and studies in the field of Biophysics, paved the way for his 20 years in research of the modulation of the genetic-biophysical characteristics of the human cell.

The discovery of the 62 frequencies as cell-building blocks and the decoding of the energetic hereditary substance formula (ME) C2 of organic matter, led him to the development and invention of the therapeutic GKA-System. Under his leadership, medical therapy devises, named PXL-100, was designed, built and later used to treat thousands of cancer patients and other diseases worldwide.

Inspired by the success of the PXL-100, he traveled to over 40 countries educating over 80,000 people on the use of his invention through seminars. He has been a staff member of leading Universities such as Stanford, Humboldt and Mindanao State University and organized full-scale studies for AIDS, Diabetes, MS and ALS. The Foundation of Alternative Medicine, Washington, has recently listed Professor Dr. Kempe and his GKA-System as guideline of Alternative Cancer Treatments.

ost recently Dr. Kempe was appointed as a Coordinator of the Russian Federation President’s Nation Health Program. As well as The State Duma of The Russian Federation Sports Committee as an Expert-Advisor on the Council on Problems of National Safety.

State Duma Vice Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations-USA

has a B.S. in Applied Psychology; B.A. (Criminal Justice Administration); Master of Public Administration; M.S. (Environmental Safety and Health); Ph.D. (Public Safety Education); Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology); Doctor of Business Administration; a Doctor of Education (Educational Administration and Psychology); Doctor of Medicine (Russian Academy of Science, Medical Faculty); Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry and Immunology (IAME, International Interacademic Union); he holds the highest educational honor of “Academician of the Russian Academy of Science,” and he was Awarded the Highest Medal of Honor, Federation of Astronauts Russia (Yuri Gagarin) and the “TSIOLKOVSKI's Star”. Dr. Hoyer was appointed to the Russian Federation President’s National Health Program as a Coordinator. He has been appointed to the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on Sports Medicine and National Safety and the Russian Federation State Duma Committee on Foreign Relations-USA. Dr. Hoyer is a an internationally recognized scientist and life member of the World Scientific Association; International Higher Examination Counsel Member  and the Vice President of the IAICC 

Since 1972, he has been employed in such diverse areas as law enforcement where he managed a criminal investigative unit; safety and health administration; environmental management; safety and security management; and chief of an industrial fire department and hazardous materials emergency response team. He has designed and developed and implemented 26 separate injury reduction, safety and environmental compliance training programs for eleven (11) industrial facilities in three states; conducted safety and environmental regulatory audits; was the project manager of a five year, 752 rail transit car, asbestos abatement project for the New York City Transit Authority; and developed and managed an armed proprietary security force consisting of 48 employees.

He has worked in the area of criminal justice client behavioral health management. From managing the behavior modification and accountability of persons on probation, parole, and work release programs, to working with county, state, and federal inmates at community based correctional facilities. He has been on the Community Advisory Board for a County Drug Court program for six years.

Dr. Hoyer designed and developed all of the Occupational Safety and Health; Industrial Hygiene; Safety Engineering; Environmental Engineering; and Health Science curriculum for Columbia Southern University. He is the North American Educational Accreditation Commissioner for the Educational Quality Accreditation Commission and Chief Educational Accreditation Commissioner for the Accreditation Governing Commission of the United States.  He is an international known author with his best selling book titled: “A College Degree in Your Spare Time Through Distance Learning”  now in its tenth edition.

His work in the area of community-based corrections with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and New York State Parole, has afforded him the opportunity to receive professional credentials in that arena through the National Association of Forensic Counselors. He holds the Certified Criminal Justice Specialist designation; the Master Addictions Counselor designation; Diplomat status, and the coveted nationally Certified Clinical Psychopathologist credential.  Dr. Hoyer is Board certified by the AAMA. Most recently Dr. Hoyer has been appointed as the Vice President of World Programs for the World Security Organization.

State Duma Vice Chairman of Foreign Relations – Asia

is the Founder and President of Compumedic Laboratory Inc. in California/USA. Born in the Philippines, after High school she studied Dentistry and immigrated to the United States of America in 1974. After working in major Silicon Valley Computer companies as a Planner and Production Manager, she owned and managed several Mortgage Financing Firms and Petroleum companies.

In 1988, she began her second professional career of choice – Health Care and earned a B.S. in Healthcare Management; an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.). She serves at a major University with Full Professorship in Health Care Management. After successfully finishing her medical internship at the Charite of Berlin, the Barby Rehabilitations Center and the Neue Wicker Kliniken, Bad Nauheim, Dr Legaspi graduate in 2003 from the Russian Medical Military Academy with honors as a Doctor of Medicine, specializing in Clinical Psychology. Most recently, she has been appointed to the Russian Academy of Science and awarded the rank of “Academician” with high honors.

Recently, she signed a 15 years diplomatic term as the High Commissioner of Economical Development with the United Humanitarian Organization (U.H.O.) an Organization of the United Nations Association based in Geneva/Basel, Switzerland.

Dr. Legaspi-Kempe is President of the Philippine Institute RIPEM, Inc., a Research Institute of Preventive and Energy Medicine, based under the umbrella of the Mindanao State University and was appointed as Vice-President of the internationally renowned Medical Institute of PRIME International AG in Basel, Switzerland in 2001

State Duma Vice Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations-Latin America

has a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Administration; M.S. in Security, Technology & Management; Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice; Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology and a Diploma in Electronics Technology. He also holds the highest educational honor of “Academician of the Russian Academy of Science.” Dr. Barnhart’s past and current positions include; Police Officer; Sheriffs Deputy; State Licensed Investigator, Fireman, Bonded Locksmith, Countermeasures Technician; Certified Alarm Technician; Law Enforcement Press Photographer; as well as an internationally recognized Security Consultant.

Dr. Barnhart is also a member of The Presidential Business Commission, and has been invited to The President's Dinner in Washington, D.C., was voted Businessman of the Year, as seen in the Wall Street Journal, is presently the International Educational Advisor for IAPPA. The International Association of Personal Protection Agents; former Director of World Programs, for the World Security Organization; Educational Consultant for Mondial Police Department; and works with a number of other organizations on a local and international level. Dr. Barnhart is also the Chancellor of The International University and President of Barnhart International.  Dr. Barnhart and associates have been awarded a contract in Centro America, to provide physical and electronic security for the largest housing project in the Country, consisting of 25,000 homes.