Raid the North Extreme is the pinnacle of adventure racing in Canada. This six-day, non-stop challenge is designed to give teams a true expedition-style race experience. The course will be technical, with very challenging navigation, long stretches of remote wilderness and plenty of decision-making.

Each racecourse is designed and tested by internationally experienced adventure racers, with the goal of testing competitors' mental and physical limits. Teams will never cross the same terrain twice and will be challenged only by what the rugged Canadian wilderness has to offer. Much of the course travels through untracked terrain and there is often more than one route possible. Although the organization and infrastructure around the event is thorough and the media coverage extensive, Raid the North Extreme remains a true wilderness challenge.

August 17-22, 2003
Atikokan, Ontario.

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Trekking, mountain biking, canoeing, Voyageur canoe paddling and fixed ropes.
Total cash purse of $30,000 CDN!
1st = $15,000 CDN plus entry in the World Championship Adventure Race
2nd = $8,000 CDN
3rd = $4,000 CDN
4th = $2,000 CDN
5th = $1,000 CDN


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