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Welcome to the Virginia Club for Growth. We are an organization of Virginia citizens and taxpayers dedicated to fighting for lower taxes, reduced regulatory burdens, controlled government spending, and other policies that will expand overall economic growth and prosperity for the working people of Virginia.

Virginia enjoys the heritage of a low tax, fiscally conservative state. But the forces of Big Government and Big Business seem to have joined together in Northern Virginia to change that. They have been trying to raise taxes in the state at every level for almost 20 years now. A recent report of the Northern Virginia Roundtable calls for increasing the state’s individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and sales and use taxes on cars. This would be on top of the double digit increases in property taxes throughout Northern Virginia over the last several years.

If these people have their way, they will turn Virginia into a high tax, big government state like New York or Massachusetts. In the process, their tax increases will devastate the economy of the state, causing working people to lose their jobs and suffer lower wages.

The Virginia Club for Growth is dedicated to stopping these tax grabs and moving the state in the opposite direction, towards lower taxes, controlled spending and greater prosperity for all. The state income tax in Virginia is 30% above the national average. That needs to be reduced. The state capital gains tax should be abolished to promote high tech development. Virginia also needs a Taxpayer Bill of Rights like the one adopted in Colorado, where taxpayers have enjoyed over $3 billion in tax rebates over the past 5 years as a result, state spending is under control, and personal income and economic growth have been booming. More on that inside.

This year the Virginia Club for Growth will focus on defeating the referendum to increase sales taxes by 11%. That proposed tax increase for transportation is a con game, because we already pay plenty of taxes to finance a basic government function like roads and highways. The state needs to control runaway spending on other lesser priority items and devote more of the taxes we are already paying to essential transportation projects.

But the state has been doing just the opposite. In the prior 2 state budgets, spending increased a whopping 40%, with little new funding for transportation. In the new budget adopted this year supposedly in the middle of a budget crisis, state spending rose 7%, yet transportation was cut. Now, after this wild spending spree, they come and tell us if we want to address the transportation problem, we will just have to raise our taxes.

Moreover, according to the University of Virginia, for every dollar Northern Virginia sends to Richmond, the region receives back only 46 cents. With this referendum the state is essentially telling Northern Virginia that they are going to continue to rip off the taxpayers of the region and if we need more money for transportation, we can just raise our taxes.

The tax grabbers also don’t want you to know that their proposed sales tax increase for transportation was already tried, in 1986, and it didn’t work. The state at that time raised the sales tax by one-half percent to be devoted to transportation. They told us then that the tax increase would solve the transportation problem. That sure didn’t work. Now they are back asking for more of the same big government.

The Virginia Club for Growth is a political action committee. Our focus this year is fighting the sales tax increase. In future years we will be endorsing candidates who support lower taxes and other policies to improve the economy and economic opportunity and prosperity for working people. We will raise funds among our members for such candidates.

Please join the Virginia Club for Growth and make a difference for Virginia and all the working people of this state. For additional information, please send an email message to Peter Ferrarra.




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