New News is Good News!!

I have lots to tell, but its only in the my secret URL page for now...I'll let the rest of you in on it soon, well maybe...and a big thanks to those of you entered my Gift and Gab Giveaway contest.  Can't wait to see who wins!


First Day of School

This is me and one of my good friends on the first day of school - isn't she such a true friend to wear bee wear on the most important fashion day of the year!


It Wasn't Fixed!


So this is one of my closest friends who happened to win the Gift & Gab Giveaway.  I gave her a little mini version of the basket the winner in New Jersey won.  Please ignore the bad picture of me, I just got home from my first day as a Freshman (and I hated it)!

Brie Gets Mean!

Brie will be playing a viscous popular girl in the MGM feature film called "Sleepover."  She'll be part of an ensemble cast that includes Alexa Vega.  The story is about a group of graduating junior high school girls who have an all night scavenger hunt to determine who will get the cool lunch spot when they start high school.

Brie Says Adios to ABC

Brie will not be in the new ABC series, Hope & Faith.  ABC has decided to make a lot of changes after filming the pilot.  First they replaced the actor that played the dad, then they got rid of the wonderful Grandpa.  Next they replaced the little boy  who played Brie's young brother.  He was the most talented little boy you could meet.  Finally, after ABC extended their option on Brie, they decided to change her character as well.  So they cast a 25-year-old to play the part of the14-year-old  niece to the 32-year-old Kelly Ripa....It is completely ludicrous but Brie has moved onto something much better!  Brie wishes her original castmates the best of luck!

The Video Has Dropped!

Yes, can buy Brie's first music video, "Not a Freak."  You'll get to see Brie like you have never seen before plus you will get her unbelievable single.  You can find it online at


Photos, Autographs and Stuff is now selling personally autographed photos.  You can get never before seen pics, authentically signed by Authentic Brie!

No Losers Here!

Congratulations to Lisa from Mullica Hills, New Jersey.  She won the Brie Basket Giveaway and has been a great fan.  There were no losers however....everyone who entered is receiving an autographed 4 x 6 and the first edition of the Brie Fanzine!  If you want to get on the mailing list for the next one just sign up by opening an account on - it's completely free!  There is also going to be a new contest coming soon...I wonder what it will be?....Don't bother wondering cuz you'll never guess, you'll just have to wait until you hear from!

Beans Update

Beans is now barking like Brie's dog, Roxy.  It drives the dog nuts and it's totally hilarious!  Beans also says "Come on."  Her little baby is getting so big!  Check out new photos of the canine parrot.

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