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Club Service Awards -- the Helping Hand


Helping Hand Award
by Don Hamblin

One of the most unique aspects of the BMW motorcycle family is their unselfish reaction to fellow riders who have encountered problems. Stories of these selfless acts are told and retold whenever BMW motorcyclists gather. Usually their reply to thanks is something like, “you would do the same thing for me, wouldn’t you?”

As BMW MOA’s way of showing appreciation for this cornerstone of our community, we have established a Helping Hand Award. It is awarded to any individuals who have gone out of their way to aid a BMW MOA member. This could be aid to the victim of an accident, break down, unforeseen incident in the middle of the night, or any other mishaps that occur while on the road. Taking care of each other is one of the things that make us what we are; saying thank you is the right response. 

When you see somebody wearing a BMW MOA Helping Hand Award pin you know that you have found a true hero of motorcycling!

Recent Recipients are:
Don Kramber
Dick Beckman
Don Price
Brian Robinson
Martin Jones
Robert Banis
RJ and Michelle Hayden
Burnsville, MN
Roslyn Heights, NY
Holiday, FL
Edwards, CO
Bozeman, MT
Shores, MI
Past Recipients are:
Jim Linker
Neal Duffy 
David Clark 
Dale's Harley Davidson 
Jimmy & Jane Prentice 
Gary Scott 
Thomas "Porkchopp" O'Leary 
Chris Franke 
Steve Kolseth 
Bob Clement 
Ed & Ellen Barton 
Russ Batson 
David Levine
Steve Glascock
Keith Jenkins
Will Beers
Lee Eckhart
Paul Davin
Maria Davin
Karen Burdette
Brian Burdette
Tina Hollander
Rob Hollander
Keith Jenkins 
Julie Manley 
Chuck Manley 
Gary Scott 
Howard & Diane Hoff 
Steve Johns 
Jerry Beem
Jeff Dunkle 
David & Natalie Treat 
Lou Shinnamon 
John Simmons
Grass Roots BMW
Phil Sulfstede
Ed Gunderson
Steve Terrien
Kevin Osha
Robert Hicks
Edwina Hicks
Richard Conrad
Ozzie’s BMW Center
Gene Kautz
Ed and Shari Gunderson
Steve Glascock
Bozeman, MT
Plattsburg, NY
Wildwood, MO
Mt. Vernon, IL
Jonesville, LA
San Antonio, TX
Trenton, ON
Little Rock, AR
Albany, OR
Butte, MT
La Grande, OR
Standish, ME
Port Orchard, WA
Elsberry, MO
Bloomington, IL
Meadows of Dan, VA
Assonet, MA
Sequim, WA
Sequim, WA
Pleasant Hill, MO
Pleasant Hill, MO
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH
Bloomington, IL
Bloomington, IL
Bloomington, IL
San Antonio, TX
Sidney, MT
Birmingham, AL
Edmonds, WA
Monroeville, PA
Eureka, CA
Cumberland, MD
Cape Girardeau, MO
Cape Girardeau, MO
Florissant, MO
Creswell, OR
Easthampton, MA
Randolph, VT
Sand Point, MI
Sand Point, MI
Lone Pine, CA
Chico, CA
St. Louis, MO
Creswell, OR
Elsberry, MO

To recommend someone for the BMW MOA Helping Hand Award, along with your name and membership number, we will need their name, address, and a description of the assistance provided. Recommendations can be sent to  Approved recommendations receive the distinctive pewter Helping Hand Award pin and a personal letter of thanks from the BMW MOA President.

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