Boycott of all Israeli Art Institutions

We appeal to all artists of good conscience around the world to cancel all exhibitions and other cultural events that are scheduled to occur in Israel, to mobilize immediately and not allow the continuation of the Israeli offensive to breed complacency. Like the boycott of South African art institutions during apartheid, and the boycott of Austrian art institutions when Haider was elected, the art world must speak out against the current Israeli war crimes and atrocities.

We reach out our hand in support of all Israeli artists who are active against the occupation. We support them and their work. It is especially important at this time to extend all our support to those brave Israeli artists who are against the current Israeli offensive and are speaking out against their own government.*

We, members of the international art community are calling on Israel for a complete withdrawal back to the 1967 borders as well as a dismantlement of all West Bank settlements. We will boycott all Israeli art institutions and cultural events until that time.

We appeal for an end of the current military offensive in which Apache helicopter gunships, tanks,
F-16s, M-16s, and anti-aircraft missiles are terrorizing an entire civilian population who were already living under the hardships of occupation.

We urgently appeal for food and drinking water, and for the general access of all humanitarian agencies. The situation is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

We appeal for the safety of all individuals.

We appeal for medical supplies and access to medical treatment, electricity, water, phone lines and other necessary facilities.

We appeal for freedom of movement within all cities and outside all Palestinian cities. Before the current military offensive, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were denied freedom of movement due to over 300 Israeli checkpoints. It is unforgivable that in the 21st century, people are killed just trying to get to work, deliver babies, or visit a relative in a neighboring village...

We appeal for the immediate end to vandalism, looting, humiliation, and gratuitous violence and destruction.

We appeal for access of humanitarian agencies, including the ICRC, Red Cross, and the Red Crescent to all detainees, prisoners and hostages, including Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, to ensure their well-being.

Emily Jacir, Anton Sinkewich, Oz Shelach
7th April 2002

*Following a comment that naming 5 Israeli artists active against the occupation risks acting as a reverse "blacklist", we removed those names from the appeal. We nominate no one to compile lists of politically good or bad artists.

To endorse the above appeal send an email to the address below. Please include your full name, field of activity/institutional affiliation, and city:

The list of signers is kept online at:

In Support for Boycotting Israel
Yehudit Harel - A letter sent to an export company in Texas

Dear Mr. Harris,

I am an Israeli citizen living in Israel and struggling against the oppressive steps my Government is engaged in against the Palestinian People's legitimate struggle for Liberation and Independence.

I heard about your courageous step to refrain from selling goods to an Israeli customer and I wish to support your decision. It's not at all easy for me to do so, as I am an Israeli citizen, Israel is my
home and my country and I wish I didn't have to do so. However, I am compelled to act in this extreme way so as to express not only my total indignation and resentment of my Government's policies and the crimes committed against the Palestinians, but also as a result of a deep frustration and desperation.

I am afraid that we, Israeli Peace activists have exhausted our means for an effective internal struggle against our Government and it seems to me that the legitimate civil struggle inside the Israeli Society is leading us nowhere. The prevailing state of extreme imbalance of power in every respect, both political, military and public relations wise is making our situation even more hopeless. The weak and the oppressed - i.e. the Palestinian side - is successfully being portrayed in the local and international arena as a "Terrorist" entity - while the usurper, the occupier and the aggressive oppressor - i.e. Israel - manages to get the World's and mainly US's sympathy, military and political backing to carry out it's unjust and cruel policy towards the victims.

The Israeli public opinion is biased against the Palestinians as a result of many years of propaganda and brainwashing, and more recently also due to unacceptable means used by the Palestinian
resistance, such as targeting of innocent civilians by suicide bombers. The much these acts are repelling and immoral - they should not avert one's mind from their root causes which are the 54 years old oppression and total dispossession of all their rights, their land, their identity, their human dignity, their continuous humiliation in various forms of abuse and degradation. In addition to all this - in this recent Intifada, Israel applied extreme military power such as targeting populated areas with Apaches and F16's, using extra-judiciary executions, imposing hermetic closure on large civil populations, causing starvation and prevention of medical aid and food supply to hundreds of thousands of innocent people. These are the root causes that drive some Palestinians to such depths of utter despair, frustration, anger and revenge that eventually trigger the suicide bombings.

Israel under Sharon, backed by the US administration is not at all in the direction of revoking its oppressive policies. On the contrary - I am afraid that Mr. Sharon has not yet finished his scheme to
effectively annihilate the Palestinian Authority and render the establishment of a free and viable Palestinian state impossible. Sharon is now waiting for the right opportunity to continue the assault.

Therefore - the only way to change this dangerous tide is by exerting effective external pressure on Israel. As American and UN pressure seem unlikely - what remains is the mobilization of the International Civil society of which the economic community is an important component. Therefore I wish once again to congratulate you and strengthen your decision to boycott Israel. Please do not give in to the Jewish Lobby's pressure and remember that what you are doing is also for my benefit as an Israeli, and for my children's benefit and their future. We Israelis and Palestinians want to live here in Peace, so it is us whom you have to listen to and not to the corrupt American Jewish Holocaust mercenaries.