Earthstar began making public notice in 1973 performing in theaters, college venues and rented halls. Originally a solo project directed by composer, keyboardist Craig Wuest, shortly it expanded with additional musicians collaborating and co-writing. In 1974 Earthstar radio broadcasted "music sifted from the clouds" live on New York state radio FM96.WOUR. Earthstar had begun to make a presence in the electronic music market, continuing to play local halls and theaters and forming a partnership with musical trio ZUIR and collaborating with ZUIR's members for gigs as well as the studio sessions. In 1976 after a radio concert, a subsidiary label on GRT Records Moontower released the Earthstar LP Salterbarty Tales.

In spring of 1978 Wuest moved to Europe to work on the next album. While in Germany, Wuest met with German recording artist Klaus Schulze (formerly of Tangerine Dream) and during 1978 and 1979 Klaus Schulze and Craig Wuest co-produced the second Earthstar record, French Skyline, released by Sky Records.

During 1979 the composers/musicians Dennis Rea, Dan Zongrone, percussion and keyboards, Tim Finnegan, flute, and a nine piece string section recorded several tracks at Klaus Schulze ICS Studios in West Germany. Earthstar's third LP, Atom Kraft Nein Danke, was released in 1980. Earthstar's fourth LP titled Humans Only took the band in a new direction, co-written and produced by Wuest and composer/guitarist Dan Happ and released in 1982 on Sky Records. Other recordings:

Axiom recorded in Germany and the United States in 1980 and 1984.

Big Blue Piano, a collection of piano works composed during 1980 - 1992.

Eve, a collection of studio tracks and previously unreleased recordings.

Earthstar's music has also appeared on three of the Sky Records Label sampler LP and CD's with other electronic and new age composers such as Eno and Cluster, Moebius, Harald Grosskopf, Roedelius. Picture Music Instrumental Vol. III, Schwingungen I New Age Music, Schwingungen II New Age Music.

The music of Earthstar has been labeled everything from electronic, german space rock, new age, to head music and now to techno.

A "soundtrack for your dreams"!