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  Extendable Economics Simulation Software

EconSim™ is an extendable framework for Economics Simulation. It is very strongly based on the Object Oriented approach. It is profoundly extendable in Java™.
EconSim™ has reached version 0.60a today 9/Oct/2003. ie its probably 60% of the way to a profitable version. There is much to learn, so the version at right lasts until June 2005!

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EconSim's 'Objects' are different kinds of EconomicEntity. (Firm, consumer, employee, tax payer, patient etc)

Even the free 'Basic' edition is extendable in Java. You use normal Java Tools to do this. (Most are free).

EconSim™ is an application, a fully compiled *.exe for MS-Windows 98 and above.

EconSim™ is also an Application Framework, you can write your own firms, consumers, banks etc, load them dynamically and have them interact. You introduce them to each other using, the built in, and extendable EconScript™ scripting language. Such extensions can then be built on by others, you just distribute the ".class" files your java compiler has produced. In principle this process is more productive than neo-classical analysis, there being so much virgin territory to colonise. Start a book or training course today!

Consumers of product. Aggregate their consumption to give Demand. Once an entity has had its random turn, its state is printed here. Name of currently executing EconEnt. Intermediary which tries different prices until supply is near demand. Firms which manufacture the product. Aggregate their production to give Supply. Realworld time elapsed running the simulation. Number of EconEnts which exist. Max number of EconEnts which can exist. This stops the simulation and removes the Windows from the screen. However the EconEnts still exist and can be queried and changed. Then Go! again. Click to Pause/Restart the simulation. Date & Time being executed. Simulations tend to start at 9am 1/1/2000. Timeperiod type currently executing. EconEnts all execute in this timeperiod type, but in random order. EconSim version number - Name of scripting file, which was run, to give initial position.

In the screenshot above, EconSim™ is running a "Perfect Competition" simulation.

Demon1 'sends a message to' Firm1 of a £7.20 priceOffer.

Demon1 had previously offered £6.40 to all the Consumers and Firms it knows about.
Demand, at £6.40, was substantially higher than Supply.

So Demon1 has now increased its priceOffer to £7.20.

Demon1 is sending its new priceOffer, in sequence, to each of the Consumers and Firms.

The story continues...

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