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Here are the results of ESPN's extreme games. Because of their really odd setup (4 rounds, 3 rounds, prelims, whatever), I really couldn't figure out who was ahead in the intermediate rounds. However, the results I do have speak for themselves-- The people who qualified for the finals...

Extreme Vert Prelim's: The top 8 advance to the finals
1. Tom Fry 92.59 (Out of 100)
2. Manuel Billiris 87.78
3. Arlo Eisenberg 83.70
4. Scott Bentley 82.59
5. Eddie Campos 81.85
6. Cesar Mora 80.00
7. Matt Salerno 77.78
8. Rene Holgreen 77.77

Chris Edwards 75.55
Eitan Kramer 75.18
Chris Garrett 72.59
Ivano Gagliardo 72.00
Ichi Komori 70.74

After the "adjustment" of the scores, Chris Edwards was moved into 4th place, which displaced Eddie Campos and Tim Ward from the comp.

Items of note: The Austrialians really kicked our asses.. Tom Fry pulled a 540 followed by an unnatural 540. Arlo basically only did backsides on the coping. Chris Edwards did a McTwist followed by a double Ore-Ida (inverted 720), and rocked the house! NOTE: Chris Edwards was admitted to the finals because of a "judging flaw" that involved having some heats in the morning and some in the evening- he is now in 4th.

Vert Finals
1. Tom Fry
2. Cesar Mora
3. Manuel billiris
4. Chris Edwards
5. Scott Bently
6. Matt Salerno
7. Arlo Eisenberg
8. Alan Vano

Extreme Street Prelims: Top 8 advance to the finals
1. Matt Salerno
2. Arlo Eisenberg
3. Chris Edwards
4. Ryan Jacklone
5. Chris Hines
6. Tom Fry
7. Scott Bently
8. Dayton Cooper-Smith

Items of interest include Chris's AWESOME air over the elbow, and the misty flips performed by the Aussie's. Chris also attempted to jump the 15 stairs, but fell twice.

Extreme Street Finals:
1. Matt Salerno 89.58
2. Scott Bentley 89.17
3. Ryan Jacklone 88.75
4. Tom Fry 88.33
5. Dayton Cooper-Smith 86.67
6? Chris Hines? (I didn't write it down :)
7. Arlo Eisenberg 83.75
8. Chris Edwards 82.08

After a rain delay, the results are in...
Ryan Jacklone was pulling some nice 720 and fakie 720's off of the 'pyramid', but he just looks too awkard out there so the judges penalized him. Matt ripped another great run, with solid flips and grinds. Chris and Arlo both just had bad days, with both falling off of easy grinds and souls. I guess it just wasn't their day.

Best Trick Finals
1. B Hardin
2. Ryan Jacklone
3. Brooke Howard Smith
4. Steve Kyrou
5. Dayton Cooper-Smith

B won with a farside soul to switchstance natural soul down the 25 foot rail. VERY nice..

Women's Half Pipe
1. Tasha Hodgeson
2. Angie Walton
3. Laura Connery
4. Judy Eilms

High Air
1. Chris Edwards
2. Manuel Billiris
3. Ichi Komori
4. Cesar Mora
5. Eitan Kramer
6. Eddie Campos

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