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"we love chidori"

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These rules should be common sense, however I'll just jot a few down for some of our slower members.

1. In mature threads, be mature, in retarded threads, be a retard! It's quite simple, and yes you can all tell the difference (thanks for that idea handy <3).

2. Do NOT star flame wars with other boards. Everyone is intitled to their opinion, I just don't want this board being crapped up by 12 year old losers going on anti-4chan jihads. Before you link on another site, think to yourself, "Is this post provoking? I guess I could take out 'EAT SHIT LOSERS 4CHAN4LIEF!' part...".

3. Post images in the appropriate boards. All off-topic posts will be removed, and repeated offenders will also be removed. It's not hard folks; thanks!

"4chan Oekaki BBS" drawing board
Rules for the Oekaki board haven't been thought up yet, if you have suggestions, please e-mail moot.

1. Don't draw stupid things like goatse, we've all seen it. HURR HURR!

2. Oekaki BBS is a place to improve your skills as an artist, and show off your work to others. All works are welcome, however if possible try to keep the stick figure type stuff to a minimum. Have a slight degree of artistic talent or motive before you keep posting.

3. Don't bash other people's work (unless it's something like goatse). Constructive criticism is always welcome, however "HAHA THAT LOOKS LIKE CRAP" is not. Use discretion.

If you have talent and would like to moderate this board, shoot me an e-mail with a sample work and any information you think would help you land the job.

"/b/ - Anime/Random" image board
This board is actually up for testing phase right now. It will later be changed to an anime and related board, however until that time fill it with as much wacky hijinks and yaoi pictures as you'd like.

1. ZOMG NONE!!!1

"/c/ - Anime/Cute" image board
This board is meant for the posting of cute anime/hentai pictures. Example: moeboard.

1. Keep the images quality. As always, quality is better than quantity.

2. This won't be moderated alot, so keep things in order. Keep your random crap on /b/, and alternative crap on /d/, etc.

3. Pedo-rific pictures are perfectly fine. I don't care what you post here, as long as it is "cute".

4. Before posting ask yourself, "Should this go on /c/... or maybe /h/?", as there has been an influx of posts that could have gone either way. Use your own judgement.

NOTE: Nudity is PERFECTLY okay on this board. If it is cute and nude, post it here, and not on /h/. Pictures like this and this are fine for /c/. Maybe I should split /c/ into two boards, one for nudity and one for no nudity. You can e-mail me with advice.

"/d/ - Hentai/Alternative" image board
This board was created to appease all those who thought the restrictions on /h/ were too Nazi-ish. Note: We now have a GURO board, users should think before posting now...

1. This board is for your dickgirls/bondage/tentacle (MILD)/other crap. If you migrate over to /h/, I will have to hurt you.

3. Don't post "extreme" stuff. This is NOT for suitcasegirl, mutilation, horrid dismemberment, snuff, uziga, etc. These types of images should all go on the /g/ board.

4. By user request, no furries allowed.

"/g/ - Anime/Guro" image board
This board is meant for all of the nasty images that shouldn't be posted elsewhere. Guro is the place for the grotesque/extreme pictures, and was created to clean up the /d/ board.

1. No real images, this is meant for animated content only.

2. Keep ALL grotesque content on this board, even if it's yaoi, it should go here and not on /y/.

This is a user created board, Portable591 will be managing it. All e-mails should be forwarded to Port concerning this board, unless it is something I (moot) must look at. I made this board because enough people complained that /d/ needed to be cleaned up. If there is not enough traffic here, it will be removed--so if you have a comment, POST it!

"/h/ - Hentai" image board
This board is meant for the posting of quality erotic anime and hentai pictures.

1. The images should be quality pictures. Please do not post 100x100 pixel, 6KB headshots of random hot anime girls. You've got 2MB to play with!

2. Just like /w/, this will be moderated. Do not post about your Saturday vacation plans here, as it will be promptly removed.

3. Sadly there will be no dickgirlz (except Bridget) or yaoi allowed in this forum. Keep the pedo-rific content to a minimum as well, and make sure the images portray someone noticably in their teens. See /c/ and /d/ for alternatives to this board.

4. Keep drama off of this board, and on /b/. Debates as to who is the perdiest girl around is okay, but no stupid "USASUX AND SO DOES 4CHAN~~" junk here. I believe this is a reasonable request.

5. Try to include as much information as possible about a picture. If you know the girl's name, artist's name, manga name, anime name, etc., post it so that others may find more!

"/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women" image board
The /s/ board is a place to post all of your hot real life women pictures. This includes cosplay/J-pop/models/etc. Post *unique* content, not the same Aria Giovanni sets we've all seen! /s/ is NOT meant to be your run of the mill porn board.

1. Beautiful or sexy women only please!

2. Try to post high quality/resolution images.

3. If you know the name of the girl, post it! If the name is unknown, make a request--people should try to help out with this.

4. Know a good website to find more of a particular person? Link to it, it's much appreciated.

5. Try to keep the penis count down. Hardcore is alright at times (artsy preferred, no gaping holes), however this board is focussed towards females.

6. ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE CONTENT. As long as the underaged person is clothed (no visable pink), it is fine to post, however all nudity must be of persons 18+. Violations will be promptly deleted, and other more severe action will be taken if necessary.

/s/ is the third user created board. The managers of this board are Boco_T and PotatoSan. Comments, complaints, and suggestions should be forwarded to them. Because this board is new, it will have to maintain a good traffic flow to stay alive... inactive boards will be deleted.

"/w/ - Anime/Wallpapers" image board
This board is meant for the posting of high quality anime related wallpapers.

1. Wallpapers must be of high quality. Please do not post your 640x480 pixel wallpapers at 15KB a piece. There is nothing wrong with the size being small, it's just the actual image quality should be high, and the wallpaper should be appealing.

2. This board will be moderated to a degree higher than the other boards. Do not post off-topic or stupid posts here. It is meant for wallpapers, and will be used accordingly. Replies are perfectly okay, just don't post pictures of yourself stuffing your mouth with McDonald's food; we don't want to see it.

3. Wallpapers should be distinctly anime or J-pop related. They can be real world pictures, just make sure they're noticably tied to Japanese culture. A seperate "anything goes" wallpaper may be added at a later date and time if this one is recieved well.

"/y/ - Yaoi" image board
This board is meant for the posting of hot hot man on man action. The rules are pretty much the same as the other boards just with a dash of something special. <3

1. Image quality is a must. If the image is nice and usable, post it please.

2. NO DICKGIRLS! Dickgirls are not yaoi. So no boobs, please.

3. I don't mind shota at all. As long as they are not kindergardeners it's fine.

4. Please post artist/series/character names/website info if possible. Anything you know that could help us find more of what you have posted is appreciated.

I (moot), will not even be touching this board. Any comments, concerns, or suggestions should be addressed to Bad Luck, not me.