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The History of Roller Derby (Page 5):

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In 1977, the International Roller Derby League organization was formed in San Francisco. This company operated until 1979, when one of the owners absorbed the company and revised it into the International Roller Skating League, (I.R.S.L.). Skating during this period of time was confined almost exclusively to Northern California. In 1985, Roller Derby reappeared on national television on the ESPN cable network. In conjunction with this, live events were scheduled in several Northeastern cities, the Midwest and Canada. During this time span, the I.R.S.L. organization formed Rollermania, under the guidance of a Buffalo, New York Promotions Company. In 1986, Rollermania acquired the ESPN contract from Roller Derby and began to branch its operations. Sporadic appearances continued on an irregular basis in the New York and Northern California areas.

The I.R.S.L. organization is now dormant; they are not producing any events in or out of the California area. Their weak performance exemplified their lack of sound financial backing and their inability to have developed strong regional markets. During the early 1980’s, there was also another "Roller Derby type" of game being seen on a major television network, Roller Games. This television extravaganza featured wild looking skaters, battling on a track that had an "Alligator pit" and a "wall of death".


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