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Here are all cheeses in the database from Germany.

Beer Cheese
A cheese which originated in Germany; the tradition is upheld with American versions, most made in Wisconsin. It is quite pungent, not unlike Limburger. It is salted and matured for seven months in highly humid conditions. Some Germans are known to dip this cheese in beer as a tasty snack. Also known as Bierkaese or Weisslacker.

Fat Content: 40%

Bergader is a study in contrasts: it is soft and uncooked, yet features very large blue veins. The texture is rather smooth, but has cracks. Bergader is strong and piquant in taste.

A class of soft, supple German cheeses made with "double the cream."

Fat Content: 60-85%

Edelpilz is a German blue vein cheese more commonly known as German Blue. Its rind is soft and dry, the paste contains cracks and a blue-green mold.

Fat Content: 22%

Klosterkaese, a surface-ripened German cheese, has a velvet-like texture and mild taste.

Fat Content: 18-20%

A German grating cheese. Light green in color.

Similar in consistency to American Colby or Cheddar, Tilsit is a strong, coarse cheese with tiny holes. It is generally made with whole milk.

Fat Content: 20%

A group of smooth, soft German cheeses with thick, smooth pastes and light, buttery taste.