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Trakanon: I Hate He . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Monday, October 30, 2000 --  tigole

With all the times we've killed the poison beast of Old Sebilis, he can still manage to whipe out even the seemingly most coordinated effort.  Translation: we got owned when the fugger gated

Never ones to give up, we quickly recovered and set about blasting Trakanon with as much whoopass as we could muster, which I must say, was quite a bit.  A hardy thanks goes out to Ronald Johnson, who was responsible for getting the raid back on its feet in record time.  Take it from me, corpse recovery and ressurection of 30-some people in the dragon's lair is not an easy task.

Hi! My name is Trakanon. . I'm dead. . .

We were pleased with the loot.  Hammyr Bonestorm walked away with a Cloak of Piety, Blurr with a Cloak of FlamesAmulek and Tork both recieved one of the mighty beast's teeth so that they can complete their quest to enter Veeshan's Peak.  Yes, even in Veeshan's Peak Tork's Mom is heavily camped.  The dragon also dropped a_blood_ember_breastplate_2432. . . thanks Verant.

Lamhfada had some fun with us after Trak was dead.  Nothing like getting terrorized by a scaled-down version of the Poison Beast.

Drops weren't nearly as good as the real thing. . . sigh

Lastly, I'd like to close today's LoS news update with this very special photo.  I tried for a while to sum up the vast array of emotions that overcome me when I see this picture but rather than spoil the moment, I'll let you, the visitor, bask in the Glory of the Dorf:

Almost brings a tear to your eye. . .

Test of Tactics Ownage and *the Kick* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sunday, October 29, 2000 --  tigole

On the Test Server, the Nameless Team -- consisting of Legacy of Steel's very own Tenaj, Ariel, Arlos, Vertulias, Magosian and Barnabuss the wonder Dorf -- won everything there was to win today.


Wow, who woulda guessed Vert is a Troll. . .

Surprisingly to some (although not us) a certain smack-talking team ended up keeping Da Mouth rather shut after getting owned by the Nameless Finest.  We wish our Pride and Joy the best of luck for tomorrow.

The Kick 

Now, I'd like to take an opportunity to relate a Halfling Interest Story. . .Normally, I try to keep these pages focused on the triumphs of a certain guild of War-Mongers, conquering Norrath from Paineel to the Emerald Jungle.  But every now and then, the story of one can be used to illustrate the cohesiveness and dominance of friendship through arms.

When we last left the Halfling Hero of this Story, let's call him. . . oh. . . um. . . Tigole Bitties. . .he was hard at work with the Minstrel Jangos and the Mighty Barbarian Leick in Mistmoore Castle.  The unlikely threesome was not after Treasure, they simply wanted to shed the blood of those who the Ring of Scale opposed.  You see, this Trio was in the business of Dragon-slaying.  Perhaps this picture from yesterday will refresh your memory of what Jangos, Leick and Tig did to right themselves in the eyes of the Ring:

Questing for Faction

When the three went their seperate ways for the night, they went to bed resting easy, knowing that they had fixed their standing with the Fiery Denizens that plagued the Land.

But then Tig went for a little stroll in the Emerald Jungle.  He had heard that there was a Dragon running loose. But Emerald Jungle, while a long and harrowed journey from Rivervale, was a relatively safe place for a Halfling who had spent some hard time righting himself in the eyes of the ring of Scale.  Everything was looking his way. . .He picked some wild flowers to give to his love, Umberlee.  He laughed as he passed the quiet young couple known as Tenaj and Winkin.  No, he told them, I don't know what this HGS is you two seek so openly.

Tigole returned to his journey, sneaking a bit more cautiously after meeting the *odd* fellows.  And then. . .out of no where. . .he got. . . kicked.


Well, anyone who knows the Halfling, knows that he doesn't take a kick to the rump in stride.  If there was one thing Tig could always count on, it was his friends.  "Kicked!?" they declared, when brought the odd news. "No, no no."  With upmost haste, the guild of friends assembled in the Emerald Jungle.  "Try that kick again," they said.  Only this time, Severilous found himself on the wrong end of the boot.

Severilous strikes a pose

Upon the stinking, dead carcass of the dragon they found some interesting loot.  Keke Dabadoo, Troll Warrior, found a Red and a Green Dragon scale. . .two items he had been questing for as they were rumored to be needed for a long and epic sword quest.  Demius the Dorf found a Treasure Hunters Satchel which greatly reduced the weight of his possessions.  Some other interesting items were found:


It's got a beat but you can't dance to it

Dragon Bracelet

This last item the adventurers let Tigole keep as a reminder of his Kick.  It was a special item to the Halfling since those of his race could not normally wear items of this sort.  I wish I could report a happy ending to this story, but unfortunately Tigole was killed shortly after this event by the infamous Cliff Monster of Emerald Jungle.  The Princess Umberlee was left Widowedand Heartbroken.  I guess since there needs to be a happy ending to this tale, we'll end this as a "Fairy" tale,  with Winkin and Tenaj, who did ultimately find what they were questing for -- HGS -- and trust me, this ending was a "happy" one.

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshan's Peak and then Some . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Saturday, October 28, 2000 --  tigole

What a day, what a day. . .

First stop: Burning Woods. . .First Victim: Ixiblat What's-His-Name

(insert picture of over-sized Fire Elemental here)

Killing this quest mob brought our very-own Demius onestep closer to completing the quest for his Cleric Epic Weapon.

The next stop on the agenda was Veeshan's Peak but as many of you know, the entrance to VP lies in Skyfire. . .well, a certain Dragon tends to hang out in Skyfire and we never are ones to leave perfectly good dragons lay around and go to waste. . .we quickly assembled the troops and gave a Legacy of Steel style beat-down to Talendor, resident dead lizard of Skyfire.

Big threat from a dead lizard

Loot was good.  The bracer went to resident kung-fu expert, Arlos, while the shield is the proud new property of Dinamas.

Phat Lewt


Dinamas does the GQ Shield pose


Welcome to Veeshan's Peak

With nothing left to kill outside. . .we zoned in.  As you can see, our fascination with the GM-free environment kept us occupied in an overwhelming display of maturity for quite some time before we got down to the actual business of Dragon-Beat-Down.

The Famous Dragon Pose -- Courtesy of LoS

As you can see, Silverwing went down quicker than a. . .well. . .I'll keep this somewhat clean. . .he went down fast and hard, with only two deaths.  Loot was very impressive:

Shaman Hammer was awarded to Mudcrush:

Shaman Hammer -- Mudcrush

(Primal Essence is a buff that stacks with almost every other buff, adding stats to all but AGI)

Druid Staves awarded to Nizzarr and Siddean:

Druid Staff

(check out the wis and mana on those)

Glubgawd was awarded the Dragon Claw Main Gauche:

Glubgawd and his new Poker

(compare the ratio to that of a Jade Mace then tak the AC:15 into consideration)

Some might consider up until this point a fairly full day.  But not us.  Arlos needed to take care of a Quest Mob up in the Plane of Sky.  So from Veeshan's Peak to Plane of Air we went.  While there, we assisted Arlos in the beat down of Gwan, some fool monk who had it coming to him.  Now Arlos is one step closer to completing his Epic quest.


Everybody was kung fu fighting. . .

What better way to end the day. . .or night. . . or morning. . .or whatever the hell it is now. . .then by fixing all that faction we ruined.  Don't think faction is a big deal?  Kill one to three dragons a day for a few months then try to take a leisurely stroll through Dreadlands past Gorenaire.  A little Mistmoore whoopass goes a long way.  Just ask Jangos and Leick, my partners in crime.


Train to zone! Booya?

Your faction with Ring of Scale just got a whole HELL of a lot better. . .