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The Free State Project

Free State Project

The Free State Project is an organization that hopes to "achieve liberty in our lifetime" by having 20,000 or more liberty-oriented people move to a single state of the U.S., where they will "work within the political system to reduce the size and scope of government."

The Free State Project held an election to choose the state that everyone will move to, and the state selected was New Hampshire. One of the most important factors in the selection was of course the number of voters, since a given number of people can have a greater influence in a state with fewer voters. And they considered many other factors as well, homeschooling laws among them.

In the Homeschool Social Register, I have about 5,600 families signed up in the U.S., and I know what states they live in. In the table below I list the ten states that were evaluated by the Free State Project, along with the population figures I have in the Register.

Rank (1)Score (2)NameCount (3)Per MillionPopulation
143New Hampshire3024.281235786
303South Dakota1418.55754844
510North Dakota57.79642200
Total: (fifty states, DC, PR, VI, and Guam)572220.04285598320


  1. Rank within the Homeschool Social Register.
  2. Score for homeschooling on the Free State Project Excel spread sheet (available here).
  3. Number of families signed up on the Homeschool Social Register. These counts can change on a daily basis.

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