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Gandhi spirit photo "WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE." Mahatma Gandhi

Nigerian Allstars: Pray for Peace (song)

Rev MLK Jr: Loving Your Enemies

Saturday Sept 29, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
SF Rally photo, big puppet of George Bush, his sign says, Terrorism? Who Me? Kill Civilians? -00:00 Dennis Bernstein at the peace rally in Delores Park, SF.. Amelia Gonzales Garcia: now w Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange.. Medea: tomorrow stand with the Afghan women, at Chabot College 2-4PM Hayward, at Hesparian and Depot, for more info call 415-255-7296.. the attacks in NY/DC.. a criminal act, by an (international) criminal group.. a crime against humanity.. Medea Benjamin we don't want them martyred in combat.. we want them brought to justice in the courts.. we feel for any child dying anywhere.. we're saying PLEASE DON'T GO INTO A MILITARY RESPONSE THAT WILL LEAD TO MORE SUFFERING AT HOME AND ABROAD.. Dennis: about the one-sided reporting even by NPR.. Medea: yes, and I'm encouraged by the change in the polls.. the majority of the public now says: DON'T KILL INNOCENT CIVILIANS.. .. SF Rally photo - woman helping hold up giant colorful puppet Dennis: the Bush administration has stepped back.. Medea: yes, in part because of the movement we are building.. also the international community.. we had a bomb threat at Global Exchange.. a bad economic state.. yesterday I met an engineer driving a cab.. afraid it's going to get worse, unless we make a stand, and say NO.. we have to act like responsible global citizens.. MEDEA: PLEASE COME AND JOIN US, BRING YOUR FAMILY.. AT CHABOT COLLEGE IN HAYWARD 2-4PM SUNDAY SEPT 30
--end this first audio file
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--start second audio file (audio not available)
Company of Prophets (music)
Penny Rosenwaller Penny Rosenwasser (Middle East Childrens Alliance) the most important thing we can do is connect with the people of the Middle East.. we don't see Afghani people.. We must refuse to be enemies.. we need to look at our fear, that keeps us from caring.. seven people SF Rally photo - guy with skateboard, signs says, Skate Not Warkilled by the Israeli military in Gaza.. Penny witnessed 150 people thrown out of their houses in the middle of the night, and their houses destroyed.. as a Jew i want to say NOT IN MY NAME.. the problem is not Arab/Jew.. it is a military occupation of another person's land.. about house demolitions.. no notice usually.. you have to get out quickly as possible.. Palestinian Child giving the peace sign mounds and mounds of rubble.. so demolished that you couldn't even tell where the homes had stood.. this is what occupation.. we have to stop it.. Palestinians are connected to us just like the Israelis.. catch Penny's Slideshow at La Pena Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck, Berkeley, 7PM Sunday Sept 30.. a benefit for the Middle East Childrens Alliance..
--end second audio file
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-00:00 --start third audio file Interview with Lee Mun Wah, filmmaker *The Color of Fear*.. of StirFrySeminars.com.. call for more info 510-420-8292..
-07:00 Dennis Bernstein reads Langston Hughes, Daybreak in Alabama
When I get to be a composer
I'm gonna write me some music about
Daybreak in Alabama
And I'm gonna put the purtiest songs in it
Rising out of the ground like a swamp mist
And falling out of heaven like soft dew.
I'm gonna put some tall tall trees in it
And the scent of pine needles
And the smell of red clay after rain
And long red necks
And poppy colored faces
And big brown arms
And the field daisy eyes
Of black and white black white black people
And I'm gonna put white hands
And black hands and brown and yellow hands
And red clay earth hands in it
Touching everybody with kind fingers

-08:50 Amelia with Noelle Hanrahan at a march and rally in Santa Rosa, in support of the women of Afghanistan.. Noelle: 350 people in attendance.. Amelia: At another Rally - a couple hold signs, saying Let US END the Violence, and Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace where are you? Noelle: We've just reached the finish point (in Santa Rosa, California).. Noelle: people in wheelchairs.. universal support.. at the Federal Building.. Amelia: any mention of hate crimes? Noelle: some women of color were afraid to come..
-14:00 Dennis Bernstein interview with a SF Arab-American father of three, whose grandson was threatened at school.. SF Rally photo, family with Hate-Free Community sign Grandson: at the bus stop a boy came up and said, 'we gonna bomb your house'.. Mom called the school.. they got mad, I think I think i still feel safe at school, the teachers are there to help me and I have lots of friends to help me.. Dennis: does this make you afraid to go to school? Grandson: Not really but it does sometimes.. he is 11 years old, in 7th grade, likes science, wants to be a doctor.. Dennis: thank you..
-17:40 Dennis now w Grandfather: Somebody attacked me about 11 years before.. in Sacramento.. (gives details, shows cut on neck to Dennis) I was falling down.. when the police came they were gone.. 2 boys, teenager and white boy, they let them go.. SF Rally photo, big colorful puppet Grandfather: about Islam.. about the Koran.. everybody scared too much.. I went to buy a gun to protect myself.. some media there.. they said why you buy a gun?.. they laughed.. read the Koran.. Islam is against terrorism.. 47 years complete in this country.. Philidelphia.. a Pakistani immigrant.. the biggest jihad is you fight for your own self.. to fight against injustice, that is (the meaning of) jihad
-25:40 interview w Esmeralda Sanchez, who works at Marshall Elementary in San Francisco.. Girl with sign, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Lets Stand Together, Once and FOR ALL about the effect that all this violence, and replication in the media, is having on the kids.. Esmeralda: one boy drawing pictures of all this violence.. giving him nightmares (Ed: although allowing children (or adults) to draw or paint anything they want to express after witnessing human tragedy or other intensity of emotion is most always a good idea, helpful for everyone's healing).. Esmeralda: TV not acting responsibly or honestly during this crisis.. let the children speak, let them do their artistic stuff.. let them know it's ok to be scared.. ask how will letting my child witness this violence on TV, how will this affect my child? Young Women March Too [ref: Kill Your TV dot com] we need to find alternative ways of finding out the truth.. turn off the idiot box.. it has never been good for us
-36:00 interview w Pakistani man, student of Gandhi, and the Buddha, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Pakistani man: we are all people who were shocked by what happened Sept 11.. we are more shocked by the belligerance.. Martin Luther King, Jr. artwork war is going to kill more innocent women and children.. we need to make sure democratic regimes remain stable.. Pakistan could be destabilized.. Dennis: what would this mean to the region? to the U.S.? Pakistani man: would make the situation worse.. push Pakistan to a greater degree of fanaticism.. we do not want that.. Let us look at the history of Afghanistan.. nobody from Alexander down to the British (and the Soviets).. has been able to conquer Afghanstan.. if we go in now, we may be repeating the blunders of the last 5000 years
-41:20 audio this segment Barbara Lubin photo Barbara Lubin of the Middle East Childrens Alliance.. Barbara: I asked the almost 15,000 people here today where they heard about this event.. Almost all said KPFA.. Thanks to KPFA.. Dennis: the alternative response to war? Barbara: about the economic crisis.. the stocks of the armament makers are skyrocketing.. Barbara: We have to have a longer memory than we have.. what has been happening with the race baiting, hate crimes.. has been going on for years.. with the Mexican community.. people who come here to do our work for us, pick our vegetables.. wash our floors.. it drives me nuts.. but this didn't just start two weeks ago.. Amelia: about the INS asking for more money..
-45:20 Barbara: We already have in place some really horrific laws.. about the LA8.. rounded up in the middle of the night, held naked for two days.. for selling a newspaper.. expressing a (different) political view about Palestine.. about the civil rights movement.. the African American man dragged to his death in Texas.. Barbara: WE HAVE TO LEARN THE HISTORY .. NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL.. Dennis: In 1997 over 300 black churches were burned down.. no culprit in 300 church burnings.. how can that be?.. Barbara: we need to be honest with ourselves.. the Palestinian issue needs to be peacefully resolved.. when all sides are heard, and honored..
-48:00 Barbara: Howard gets mad at me when I make this remark.. but I have to say.. if our peace movement here would take a real look at.. until the issue of Palestinian statehood is resolved.. there will never be peace in that region.. an opportunity we have now to address this issue.. not the whole problem, but a big piece of it.. Amelia: What is ahead of us? Barbara: For me, it's not about hope.. I am the least hopeful person in America.. I had a wonderful dinner with Allan Ginsberg, shortly before he died.. I asked him, where's about 'hope'? He jumped up in this restaurant in North Beach, almost spilled his food, and shouted "F*!& HOPE! It's not about 'hope', it's about getting up everyday and.." (audio continues)
-54:00 end this third audio file
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-00:00 start (short) fourth audio file
speech by.. (no review available. please feel free, to email us one)
-04:52 end this (short) fourth audio file
-### End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

Friday Sept 28, 2001 - Start Audio for audio FAQ, click here
-00:00Dennis Bernstein photo Dennis Bernstein: Amnesty International chides Israel.. Arafat meets Perez.. The military continues to kill children. Dennis: now w Shaki, head of Palestinian Human Rights Organization, L.A.W., from Palestine: Shaki: Everything is continuing, nothing has changed.. attacked Rafah during the meeting.. In Hebron they killed two, in Bethelehem one.. photo of Boy stopped by soldier at checkpoint Dennis: About the attack in New York and Washington, D.C... Shaki: Sharon thought this was an excellent opportunity.. The only way to have peace in the Middle East is to finish the Israeli occupation.. We resist forever.. until it is lifted.. the Israeli's shooting killing children, old people, journalists even.. no one cared.. boys look at demolished home worse than before.. clear they don't want peace, don't want a just peace.. Dennis: about the violence in the last hours, while Arafat met with Perez.. Shaki: in Bethlehem a 10 year-old shot with live ammunition, in Hebron too, in Rafah.. in Hebron they were shooting everywhere into peoples' houses.. 16 more house demolitions.. say the houses near a military installation.. Sharon wants to destroy any peaceful feelings.. in Gaza more critical.. like a prison for the Palestinians that live there.. see many families that can't find food.. soldier threatens young man Dennis: Sharon said now the Americans know how Israel feels.. Shaki: To me Sharon is a war criminal.. I'm against the killing of civilians anywhere.. Every Israeli checkpoint everyday builds suicide bombers.. they not born.. by killing children, committing massacres, they put themselves into the same box as terrorists.
-13:30 Dennis with Hiram Ruiz, of the US Committee for Refugees, about Afghanistan humanitarian needs and assistance.. Mr Ruiz: many people in Kabul.. 100,000's of people have left fearing attack.. Dennis: people fleeing over land strewn with land mines? Mr Ruiz: you have inhospitable terrain, Taliban, people already malnourished.. a recipe for disaster.. people not leaving until their food is completely gone.. fleeing War and Hunger.. Afghan people are just poor hungry people.. Dennis: just the call to arms, may drive many to their deaths.. Mr Ruiz: about the refugee situation internal to Afghanistan.. Dennis: Pakistan not kind to refugees.. Mr Ruiz: the United States poured money into the refugee camps until the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan.. donor fatigue.. Pakistan fatigue.. because of the drought and the fighting.. Pakistan has been harrassing refugees to get them to go home.. among the worst refugee camps in the world.. in the last year, Pakistan's record has been very poor.. maybe now, more generosity
-29:20 Noelle Hanrahan: about the erosion of Civil Liberties in this last few days.. w Nat Hentoff, author of Liberty is a Fragile Thing in the Village Voice.. Nat Hentoff photoHintoff: about The Alien and Sedition Act.. J. Edgar Hoover rounding up hundreds of.. during the First World War, practically extinguished the first amendment.. the McCarthy Era.. we have to fight to rescue the constitution, this time from terrorists.. the serious danger now, most Americans are unaware of their rights, the Bill of Rights.. about the fourth amendment, and probably cause.. and the person has to be named.. wholesale violated by the Ashcroft plan.. one-stop wiretapping.. roving wiretaps.. wiretaps on computers.. the internet is no longer a free zone.. find out your bank records, credit card info.. in Ashcrofts initial proposal, formal permission for "black bag jobs" (J Edgar's term), i.e. search without notification, i.e. secret searches of homes.. businesses.. get your private papers without.. in 1996 Clinton signed legislation.. let them build a circumstantial case.. in New York, a bill, you can be penalizing severely for "supporting terrorism".. most of the time Congress.. Hentoff: an unusual alliance, left and right.. Dick Armey, Bob Barr, John Conyers, Maxine Waters.. Bob Barr the only member of Congress to fight roving wiretaps in 1998.. IT DEPENDS ON US TO MONITOR WHAT'S GOING ON AND MAKE A FUSS ABOUT IT:
-41:00 Hentoff: about the internment camps for Japanese.. this supreme court (discussion).. Noelle: activists questioned in the Bay Area.. Hentoff: This is sheer intimidation.. you don't have to talk to them.. unless they have a supeana or warrant.. they are trying to create a pervasive chilling effect so that people will shut up.. Noelle: NYTimes says Americans now 'more comfortable' with racial profiling.. Hentoff: If we're ignorant about our own liberties and rights, we won't care about the liberties and rights of others.. we're close to a national ID card.. England, about to have a national ID card.. ABOUT 'NEWSPEAK'.. people have to start talking incessantly to their representatives, TALK TO EACH OTHER.. teach-ins now.. the vital subject now, we need to get our liberties, rescue the constitution..
-46:40 Hentoff: about secret evidence.. people held for years via 'secret evidence'.. even the attorneys for these people couldn't see the evidence.. now it's back again.. habeas corpus the oldest English speaking right.. like freedom of press and speech.. habeas corpus *embedded* in the constitution.. Thomas Jefferson.. if the press is going to be asleep this time.. Noelle: about racial profiling.. "neighborhood watch".. Hentoff: leads to vigilante justice.. people being held, we don't even know what the charges are.. a question of educating ourselves and other people, but any means they can.. need mass
-52:00 EVENTS: MASS RALLY at Delores Park in SF tomorrow, Saturday Sept 29; also a march at 11am tomorrow, begins at 777 Sonoma Ave in Santa Rosa.. It's a Womens March, Stop the War, Before It Starts!
-54:00 End today's audio.. today's review by john lionheart

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